's 2018 Horror Write-off:

A guide to a Reward

Submitted by Jac R. B.


Maybe you have found this notebook in my home, or perhaps a yardsale, a dump, trashcan or dumpster even. I can only hope that this was salvaged and in some way found by someone.

I had no one to give it to when i was done with my tasks at hand, but I'm not finished, and thats why I left these.

Now, before you set this book down, just know that there is a great reward for helping me, i guarantee it.

If you are not convinced, i understand. there is literally no way you could verify if some books written by a stranger were truthful or not. However, if you are the adventurous type, curious, or simply desperate, know that i can help you.

Let me begin.

Due to the nature of my work, i cannot detail exactly what I do, or what is needed and why, all i can do is guide you to what you need and how to use it.


This is the only place you will learn where the others are, once you have them you will be able to complete the tasks required of you.

I have left these books in very specific locations around the state of No(Smudge this)

1: in the depths of castle (smudge)

Yes this castle is mostly for show and relatively inauthentic, very open to the public, and thats why i placed this book here.

Which book? Dont worry about it, it will become apparent when you find it.

Enter the castle During the Annual Halloween party, it may be difficult to maneuver but this night is integral. Make sure no one sees you. N o O n e.

Circle the castle corridors three times counter clockwise ONLY after midnight. During the fourth lap you will find a room that was not previously there. Do not worry if someone comes into the hall at this point, the door opens only for you.

The room will be bare, save for a single light from above, a small table, a Chair, a quill and inkwell, and the notebook.

Before you leave, you must leave something in return. You Will Not be able to leave without giving something in return.

Whatever you give does not have to be valuable, but it cannot be worthless.

Once you have what you've come for, your task for now is finished and you may continue to enjoy the rest of your night

2: in the town of Hi(Smudge), of the address (smudge)04(smudge)st ave. You will come across a small house.

It was cozy once, and perhaps still is. I knew it as home once, but times do change.

Hope that the house is empty, or that you know those who live there, for this task you need access to the basement.

Only enter after 8:00 PM, and stand just outside the door to the room im the basement.

Once exactly 20 minutes have passed-no more, no less- knock on the door in this exact sequence; 1. 3. 1. 2. Then turn out the lights and wait.

If you hear nothing Leave. Youve done all you can for the night, no need to endanger yourself.

If you hear Music, turn off the lights and keep the door to the basement and within the basement closed, facing the latter. Wait until the music is almost rattling the door by sheer volume before knocking again.

If the music continues, Leave.

If the music stops, you are free to enter the room. Regardless of how it looked before, it will now be as it was.

Inside you will find a couch, several instruments and speakers, along with several flags and curtains adorning the walls.

Do Not Under Any Circumstance take an instrument.

Do Not Under Any Circumstance Play one of the instruments.

Do not attempt to remove any of the flags from the wall, tempting as it may be.

Walk over to the couch, remove the cushions, and pull out the bed.

The book will be in the sheets.

As you leave you may hear the music again softly. Let it play, and leave with the book.

3: from the house that you retrieved the second book, stand with your back to the front door.

walk to the end of the street to your left, then take a right. Keep walking until you reach the park.

Once youre there, follow the creek to the greenway, and keep following until the road begins to decay.

After about 30 or 45 minutes, you will see a gnarled tree that seems to have been split in two and reunited, on the opposite shore of the creek from this tree, there will be a large slab of broken concrete among the stones, move this.

You will find the 3rd book inside a safe box here. You will only find it if you know the code for the lock.

The code is 3198.

D o N o t A t t e m p t A t N i g h t.

4: do not worry about this one. Once youve collected the others, it will find you.

Until we meet, Thank you