's 2018 Horror Write-off:

A Guide to Find Me

Submitted by Jac R. B.

If you are reading this book, it means you have not only collected each book, but youve collected their objects.

I cannot tell you how thankful I am.

You know as well as i do that there is no turning back once youve opened these pages and read these words, but you must be prepared by this point. You would be a fool not to be, but a fool would not make it this far.

You must know this final task comes with Grave importance, to you and all you love.

You will know the day you must go. The moon will fill half your sky, and it will be Full. The light may seem blinding, be careful.

When this night comes, it will never end until you find me. No one will help you. They cant.

You will know where to go, i need not tell you, the light of the moon will show you the path.

Take everything youve Collected. Take what Ive left. Take what Ive Held. Take what I need. And take your leave.

Your destination will be a cliff by the sea. It Does not matter where you started, you will find yourself there shortly.

When you come to the cliff face, it is simple what you must do.

Wrap what I left in the quilt that i held. Cradle it Gently. The moon will fill the horizon. It will seem to grow, as if to meet you.

Call to me. You will know my name by heart, as if you always knew.

Place What I've left in what I need. Hold them up. Cradle it gently.

Call to me.

I will hear you.

I will come to you in the light. I will be in the light.

Stay still. This is important.

I will take what you've gathered for me.

You will be rewarded.

You must wait. and you must be still.

I will reward you.

See you soon.