's 2018 Horror Write-off:

A guide to find what Ive held

Submitted by Jac R. B.

If youve found this book it means that youve decided to undergo the tasks given and are interested in the reward, or perhaps you are simply curious, either way, you should know that you may still put this book down and live a normal life afterwards.

You may turn back now if you so wish.

If you do wish to do so, simply hold onto the book. You will lose it, this is normal, it means that the forces that be have simply returned things as they were, no worse for ware.

However, if you wish to continue, here is what you must now do

You must acquire some old clothing. Not just any old clothing, you must choose clothing from your childhood, clothes you wore, clothes from your friends, clothes from your parents or care takers, hell even clothing made for pets will work, as long as you actually OWNED these at some point.

Make sure you obtain a pretty HEAFTY amount of them for the next step.

For the next 60 days and 60 nights, you must make a quilt from these clothes. As you sew, you must prime each thread with a drop of your blood, a single drop will do, and how you get the blood flow started is up to you, but it must be YOUR blood.

Crimson threat is advised to hide the blood, but red and black thread will work just as well.

If you use any color other than crimson, red or black, instead of sewing the quilt, you will find the stitches in your skin. This is harmless and you wont feel it, but it is nonetheless jarring.

You are to work on this quilt ONLY at the times between 12:00 AM and 8:00 AM.

You may not use a sewing machine, as it will cease functioning if you attempt to use one.

Do not worry if you finish the quilt early, or if its not the highest quality, as long as it is able to be used by a person at all it is sufficient.

When you finish the quilt, burn the scraps in the same room as the quilt.

Hang the quilt somewhere that moonlight will bathe it each night until the time is right, you will know its placement is sufficient if it groans. this will come later.

This is what You have come for, youve created the needed item.

The moon will be full, and it will be large, but for you alone.

It is at this point you are beyond the point of no return. You cannot turn back anymore.

Thank you,