's 2018 Horror Write-off:

Anybody, please!

Submitted by HareTrinity

John had been searching this town for hours, but had found no one.

“Please!” he cried, desperately. “My friend’s been injured: I need help!”

Again, he waited, hoping to hear a reply, but again none came. John was tired of yelling, but felt that he couldn’t give up – not yet.

He trudged up and down the desolate streets, peering into shadowy buildings that stood in silent rows. He hoping to catch a glimpse of someone, anyone, but still nothing. No signs of life, just the echoes of what had been a community. John called out, he searched, he pleaded, and he slowly lost hope.

At last, John gave a deep sigh. One last sniff at the ground confirmed the same message yet again: there were no humans here. John would have to rethink his dinner plans.