's 2018 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Justin Best (email)

Ever since I was a kid, I was a fan of Cartoon Network. The
best days of my life were when I would come home from school on Fridays and
watch all the Cartoon Cartoon shows like Courage the Cowardly dog, Billy and
Mandy, and Ben 10. I stopped watching around when I was a teenager, I told
myself it was because I was getting to old to watch that kind of stuff.

 But I think it was also
because that was around the time, they started having that whole live action
phase they were going through. Remember that? when they had stuff like Unnatural
History, and Tower Prep, and all those reality game shows, and crap. Yeah most
of it sucked but I remember one good thing came out of it, and it was called

Now you probably don’t remember that in fact until recently
I forgot about it myself mostly because it was hard to watch in the sense that
it was only aired very early in the morning, and Cartoon Network didn’t have on
the streaming section of their site or on on-demand. In fact, part of the
reason I even saw it in the first place was by recording it on my DVR back in
the day.

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. The show itself was about
a boy named Johnny Sparks who one day moved to a town called Argooville. At
first it seemed like your average ordinary small town were nothing happened but
to Johnny’s horror the town was home to the titular Argoos.

I’m trying to think of how to describe them, the best way I
can is that they looked like a person’s top of on top of a giant human head
with a bunch of eyes all through out their bodies. Remember Eustace DeMonic’s
monster form from Rampage World Tour? Think something like that if his bottom
half was just a giant head, and he had eyes all over him.

I remember there were about four in all there was Dr. Arg
who was the main villain who looked like a stereotypical mad scientist. There
was Scuzz who was the dumbest one who was the comic relief, and looked like a balding
man, Glump who was the big bully strong man type, and finally there was Glooria
who was the token female one who looked like a stereotypical blond woman who
would act like she was nice but was just as mean and evil as the other Argoos.

I don’t remember if the Argoos used to be humans or if they were
always mutants or aliens or whatever they were but I remember the creepiest
thing about them was that in every episode they would grab somebody, and the
person would just melt, and sink into their body. Sometimes that would just eat
them but other times the person would be incorporated into the Argoo, and they
would get bigger, and have more eyes.

I don’t remember much about the actual plots of the episodes
other than they generally followed some kind of formula of Johnny, and his friends
trying to either stop the Argoos or warn the rest of the world about them, with
the Argoos themselves having some evil plan that often times would only get
foiled either by Johnny, and his friends or the Argoos getting into fights over
who should control the town ending with none of them winning.

The show itself lasted for about 13 episodes but I don’t
think it ever had a proper conclusion I know there was a cliffhanger where it
looked like Johnny was about to be absorbed by Dr. Arg but that was it. and afterwards
I think even I forgot about it. That was until a few nights ago.

It started off normally when I was watching tv when all of a
sudden they started showing the first episode of Argooville. Then when they got
to the part where Johnny moved to Argoovile, and the Argoos showed up for the
first time it stopped being a show, and I was actually there in Argoovile myself,
and it was real life.

I remember being freaked out the entire time because I knew
best case scenario I would probably die or worst case I’d probably be
assimilated by one of the Argoos. In fact I think the only reason that didn’t
happen was because they saw use for me as a minion to do mundane things for
them but I knew that still meant I was on borrowed time.

I don’t remember how it ended. Maybe I snuck into one of their
labs and overloaded one of their machines or maybe I just took Johnny with me,
and just got the hell out of Dodge while I could but I remember Johnny being upset
with me that we had pretty much left every one else there to whatever horrible fates
awaited them but for me I was glad I was out of there.

The rest of my dreams that night weren’t exactly good,
walking through a dark street at night with all sorts of animals on the ground,
getting in trouble with my dad, doing badly in school but I remember even then
being glad that they were just real world anxieties that I was as far away from
that place as I could get that even in my dreams that was just a tv show or

When I woke up though I couldn’t get that dream out of my head,
so I searched everywhere. I searched Youtube, and KissCartoon but couldn’t find
anything. I searched Ebay and asked about it on all the various message boards
I go to, and Tumblr.

So please I just want to know. Does anyone else remember
Argoovile? Do you remember the episodes? Does anyone have them? Please I must
see it for myself I know I saw it. Has anyone else had any weird dreams about
too. I just need to know that it’s real that it’s not just something I imagined.