's 2018 Horror Write-off:

Crevice Creeper

Submitted by Crocuta Borealis

How do. Crevice Creeper be I. What I does is, I creeps crevices. Been at it a while. Not too shabby at it neither, even if I does say so Iself. I done crept crevices of every shape and size, concrete and steel, plastic, stone and meat. This be how it goes- I keeps I eye out, I does, and by and by I spies a crevice what looks like it be due a good creeping. “how do, crevice,” I says to Iself, “reckons I’ll creep ‘ee.” And then I creeps it, good and proper. And if ‘ee has a crevice what I ain't crept yet, never fret. I'll get to ‘ee by and by. Just ‘ee see if I don’t.