's 2018 Horror Write-off:

E.T.: Nocturnal Fear

Submitted by Ben Aron (email)

E.T.: Nocturnal Fear


This is a story about when I was a young lad and I had a terrible fear of aliens. I just could not stand them. They would make me sweat like crazy and give me horrifying and violent nightmares.


I had this recurring dream. In it, I would be doing something seemingly normal, but then E.T., the alien from Steven Spielberg’s classic family film, would pop up and eat me. That was some scary ass shit for a large part of my childhood.


I think I had those dreams because I saw that film quite a few times at a very young age and that character always seemed very unsettling to me.


Well, there was this one weekend that was really scary. I think I was in the First Grade and I got really sick. I stayed at my grandparents’ place because my Mom and Dad had work and did not want to get sick. One of the nights I was staying with my Grandfather and Grandmother, there was this really weird thing that happened.


I felt “okay” for someone that was supposed to be sick. I did not feel great but I did not feel like I was going to die or anything but I was really thirsty. I kept getting up, in the middle of the night, to fill up my water glass. I must have gotten out of bed three times.


The first time, everything seemed fine. I was content for someone that was sick. The second time, everything seemed fine, but as I walked back to my bed, I noticed the lights start to flicker.


I lied in bed for about an hour. The lights continued to flicker. I got up to get some water. I drank the whole glass.


As I walked back to my bed, I had an eerie feeling. I was about to walk past the kitchen, when I saw A FACELESS FUCKING E.T. THAT SNORTED LIKE A PIG!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!


I ran my 7-year old ass off to my grandparents’ room. I told them that I was scared and wanted to sleep in their room. They let me.


In the morning, I slowly approached the kitchen, but there was no alien creature inside.


Could I have dreamed it? No. It felt too real. Could it have been a hallucination? Maybe. That is what my whole family thought when I told them about that terrifying night.


I eventually had to see a psychologist because I would want to sleep in my parents’ room because I was scared that an alien was actually trying to get me.


I drew a picture of what I thought I saw for the psychologist. She thought it was pretty disturbing.

After only a few visits, I stopped seeing the psychologist. My parents just assumed I hallucinated something because I had a high fever. Maybe they were right.


A few years later, I woke up at around 2:00 am. I heard noises coming from something near my house. It sounded like it had the size of a person, but something was off.


I could hear birds chirping, but then it suddenly sounded like something was viciously killing them. I heard screeches of death. This scared me tremendously.


I eventually started hearing footsteps in the basement. I got scared and wanted to sleep in my parents’ room, so I did.


I did this for a few nights and on one of those nights, I looked through the window in my parents’ room. I saw a fucking metal disc that looked like a stereotypical alien flying saucer but much more realistic, because I think it was real. It was silver and it had a yellow aura surrounding it. It was fucking nuts.


My parents eventually forbid me from sleeping in their room and so I had to deal with sleeping in my own room.


That is my story. I don’t know what to believe.