's 2018 Horror Write-off:

Every Night I Heard Him

Submitted by Jac R. B.

Every night i would hear him. His screams of pain, Pleas for help. How he wailed as it happened. My brother, in his room, Just across from mine, behind our closed doors,

"Id hear him, and I'd hear it start.

"The windows would rattle,

"The floors would groan,

"The squelching

"The Cracking, Shatter of Bones over and over

"My brother Howling in pain.

"Even his voice changed, but never did his cries.

""Mikal!! Please brother, Make it stop! It Hurts!! God how it hurts!!"

"He always called for me, his only brother, to help him.

"I never opened my door.

"Our parents never heard, and if you brought it up you would be met with cold, angry stares.

"He was always fine in the morning, even if he looks as if hes walking through a thousand wars.

"Every night i would hear him, and I was never brave enough to help.