's 2018 Horror Write-off:

He can not see

Submitted by Anonymous

Each day I walk past the local food market to my night job I see a man standing by the

edge of the market, everything about him is normal except for his face.

Covered in eyes hanging from their stalks all over the face, his two normal eyes are not

like this though, as I walk past him I hear him say "I can not see" over and over until

I can no longer hear him.

A friend of mine saw him once and after that he started finding eyeballs in some of his

containers, one more container per week, I then stopped hearing from him eventually I

went to visit him, the front door was open there in the hallway I saw him covered from

head to toe in eyeballs, his own eyes sitting atop tree shaped eye stalks staring at me.

I keep seeing the man with eyes all over his face, one night I faintly hear him say

"I am the Nightman, I can not see I can not see I can not see I can not see I CAN not see"

in a way so chillingly my arm hair stands up, as if I got near something electric.

One week I end up sick, after some time I end up finding eyeballs in a container, all I do

is stand there thoughts racing through my mind about what this means and what happened to my

friend, I freak out dropping the container eyeballs rolling, somehow always staring at me.

After i recover I see the man who calls himself Nightman this time I hear him say

"I will not see I will not see I COULD NOT SEE YOU FOR YOU SAW ME i will not see"

chills run down my spine as I hear that one part, what does he mean I think as I walk faster

and faster away.

After the last meeting I always walk past that spot he stand even after I quit my job,

fearing what might happen if I do not go past him.

Several freak happenings similar to what happened to my friend end up in the news always

the same thing with slight differences.

All the years leading up to my deathbed I kept going there, as I lay waiting for my death

I hear someone knocking on the door followed by it being opened, I hear that familiar voice

saying "I see you I see you I see you you can not see me see me see me SEE ME! ME SEE SEE

SEE SEE ME MESEEMESEEMSEEMESEEMESEEMSEEM it seem seeme" my vision to bad to see him I

know it is that man I always walked past.

As I feel death occur I hear him say something else "See SEE see you youyou seeeeee now".