's 2018 Horror Write-off:

House Rules

Submitted by Shakara

Evidence found in Sector 409. 

Subject: The LDCC.

24-09-[XX], in the rural town of {REDACTED} incidences of disappearances were reported. 

Consequent shut-down of facility and questioning of all staff occurred after [X] days.



Exhibit 1:
A3 sheet of paper, laminated. Base colour FCD10E with 3500EB text and FF0498 headings.


Welcome to the Lily Day Care Centre for Teeny Tots!

18-hour care for your children, from ages of six weeks to 12 years! 

Open every day ending in ‘Y’!

We pride ourselves on our quality care for your precious children, from teaching them lessons to making sure they have their fill of play each day. If you’re just too busy to look after the kids, you can bring them here. No worries nor fuss, for our staff are perfectly trained for even the most rambunctious of babes!


Now, before you bring them here, however, we do have to lay down some rules. Be sure to read it! A mere formality, but I’m certain you’ll understand.

1.     Make sure your kid has a coat with them. Even if it’s sunny and warm when you drop them off, it might get colder later.

2.     Don’t bring snacks to the centre, for we’ll provide for you! It’ll help save on money.

3.     Be sure that you bring a medical record of your child, so we can react accordingly and appropriately if they have a medical emergency. [Diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, allergies…]

4.     If your kid is not good with social situation, it’s alright to tell us. We have a quiet-room for the shier kids, where they can read, draw and listen to music.

5.     Don’t worry about your kid getting hurt. We have plastic mats, cushioned chairs and, if anything does happen, a first-aid box. Plus, an immediate hotline to the emergency services if someone gets severely hurt.


Laminating is coated in a substance that, upon closer investigation, yielded results for enzymes present in human saliva, as well as partially dissolved corn starch and Red 40.


Exhibit 2: 

A2 sheet of paper, laminated. Base colour 43FF2D with 001073 text and 730000 headings.


House Rules!

A happy house is an orderly house! And here at the Lily Day Care Centre, we hope that all of you kids will behave and obey our set rules!

1.     No running, because you’ll trip and hurt yourself. We only have so many band-aids for the boo-boos.

2.     No keeping all the toys to yourself. Share! Sharing is caring.

3.     Eat your snacks, and don’t waste food. No food-fighting, either. It’s for eating, not for throwing!

4.     Stay within the building at all times.

5.     If you’re being teased or hit, be sure to tell one of the caregivers. We’ll be sure you’re not teased or hit ever again!

6.     No teasing or hitting. This is a rule for everybody. Even we caregivers follow it.

7.     If the toys break, then consult a caregiver. We have sewing kits and glue for any hurt teddies or dollies.

8.     No eating the arts and crafts materials.

9.     If you want to go home, then you’ll simply have to wait until Mom and Dad arrive again. 

10.  Do not attempt to open the front or back doors and try to leave. There are strangers outside who may catch you.

11.  Tissues are available on every table for nose-wiping, sweat-wiping, cleaning spills, folding into tiny paper swans, tear-wiping, etc.

12.  Wash your hands after using the bathroom.

13.  Do not eat the soap.

14.  Do not draw on the mirrors.

15.  Do not climb the cubicles to get to the bathroom window.

16.  Each kid has their own amount of snacks given to them. Don’t take snacks from another, that’s stealing.

17.  Quiet in the quiet-room. It isn’t called the ‘loud-room’. That’d be the play-room, where you can go and play as loud as you want.


At this section of the page, writing is stencilled on in an unidentifiable substance. Scans have yielded no results, yet it seems to have the same opacity and shade as dark purple ink, only thicker.

Be sure the windows are closed. They are not sound-proofed. At all. Sound travels, and people hear. They all hear. We must make them quiet.

The handwriting is also unidentifiable. Whomever wrote is a mystery.


18.  Don’t look for snacks yourself, we’ll give them to you.

19.  Don’t try and open the cupboards yourself. We open them.

20.  Don’t try and open the windows yourself. We will not open them.

21.  Those of you that are playing in the outside play-area, do not climb the walls.


At this point, the printed text seems to become more and more fuzzy, as if it had been printed several times. The colour also changes, from 001073 to FF39FF.


22.  Do not go into the kitchen.

23.  Do not go into the supply cupboard.

24.  Do not go into the basement.

25.  Do not cry.

26.  Do not hide.

27.  Do not try and break the glass

28.  Do not scream


This is all the legible text that is present on Exhibit 2 

Exhibit 3: Many kinds of shoes, from sizes 2 to 6.5. Almost too many. Some weren’t in pairs. All were stained by that same substance of saliva enzyme and Red 40. Traces of DNA [shed skin cells, hairs] concluded a match with the disappeared children.


Out of all the staff that were taken into custody, only one willingly spoke. The rest remained silent, even throughout thorough interrogation. Not even through threats and bodily harm did they talk, or even make a single sound.


Quotation from Dr. {REDACTED}

“I tried to make them talk, I seriously tried. I’ve analysed all kinds of subjects before, but these people were… I don’t think they’re even people…”

[Reference back to the last report from Sector E: {REDACTED} unnaturally pallid, chronic periorbital hyperpigmentation set in, femurs, tibiae, fibulae, ulnas, radii and humerii suddenly {REDACTED}. Sudden and drastic mutation of the entire skeleton






“Subjects refused to answer where the children were located. They laughed. They just looked at me and… laughed. One, the tallest of them, spoke. He said that they needed the children. For what, I do not know, but they were dead-set on obtaining as many children as they could get. Not in a paedophilic sense, or strange cannibalistic desire. It sounded like they truly needed groups of humans, for… some other purpose. Soldiers? Servants? Genetic experimentation or brainwashing? I still don’t know.”


BT[XX], XXXXXXX Road, XXX Street has consequently been scheduled for quarantining and thorough investigation.

Class AA workers {REDACTED} within a 5-block radius of the LDCC. Plumbing systems shall undergo rigorous decontamination {REDACTED}





Exhibit 4: 

An A4 page with a crayon drawing. Crumpled up and dotted with Red 40.

Drawing displays a large house, thought to be the LDCC, with a crowd of non-descript stick-figures standing in front. All are drawn to possess smiling faces, and the only unique one has a short brown bob of hair, green dress and a hat. [Perhaps this is one of the children?] Underneath, there is a crowd of smaller stick-figures, only with much longer limbs and {REDACTED} crania and coccyxes. Writing is on the page, as shown following:


“I like the Day Caer(sic) Centre. It is a very fun place and I have lots of friends. The care-giverz (sic) are nice and let us play lots. The snacks are very good. My favourite is the strawberry milk and raspberry jelly. It’s very sweet. I poke at the jelly, and it sqiggles(sic) and wiggles so much! It makes me laugh. I have other friends, too. They’re under the Centre, where the basement is. My friends don’t like to go near the basement. They say they’re scared, and when I try to tell them of my basement friends, they burst into tears. Why? Are they sad I have other friends? I like them both, but the basement friends are strange.” 

[Remaining text is continued overleaf]

“They don’t eat any of the snacks I give them. Maybe they aren’t hungry? I have to finish drawing now. The caretakers are lining the kids up. On Wedenssdays(sic) we do basement time. A number of other kids are made to go into the basement. Down with the friends! It must be so much fun, I hear them shouting! I wonder how far it goes down there. Maybe there’s rocks made of lollypops(sic) and rivers of soda down there! Like in the fairy-tales!!! I wonder when it’ll be my turn to go down there, with the basement friends.”

~ Fran, age 7½!!!