's 2018 Horror Write-off:

In motion

Submitted by Vitor Lanna

A tree branched was swaying outside, until it finally hit the window, waking me up.The sound was loud, but the window was fine. But I didn’t remember that tree. Was it always there?

The lights from outside were the only source of light. The tree was moving – was it just the wind, a trick of the light?

I turned on the light switch. I looked outside. No tree. Was I still dreaming?

Then I heard a sound of glass breaking coming from the bathroom. I went there to look, and there was a branching through the window, growing rapidly, moving like an animal searching for something. I ran away, got my keys and exited my apartment. I called the elevator and waited, automatically, before thinking this was stupid and I should take the stairs. I started seeing some branches through the elevator doors and ran. Yeah, the stairs were definitely the best option.

I ran outside and didn’t see the tree - but then I tripped. I looked down at my feet – they were roots. I felt a knot in my throat. It felt like I was throwing up something big and sharp – soon I could see a branch coming out of my mouth.

As I morphed into a tree, I tried to reach for my house. One of my branches hit my window. I saw myself inside the apartment.