's 2018 Horror Write-off:

It Stopped

Submitted by Samsinater (email)

Time, I mean.

I don't know when, I guess it must have been sometime in the middle of the night, but it stopped. Just... Dead in its fucking tracks, man.

UPDATE: sorry, just reread that, lemme back up. So like... I woke up a few days ago, right, same as usual, and checked my phone while still laying in bed (don't judge). Opened up discord, just to check in with the usual suspects, see what the group had collectively farted out while I was asleep, and...

Nothing. x_x

The guys and gals who usually spam memes and chat about hilariously dumb shit into the night, all across this big ass globe of ours, hadn't made a peep since I went to bed. (actually, I guess maybe that means that was when it stopped? Like, right when I went to sleep. They would have probably sent things after that if it hadn't.

Fuck, dude. Didn't think I'd ever break time just by fuckin SLEEPING, lmao.)

UPDATE: so anyway, trying to play it cool, I just messaged, "slow night last night, huh?" (pretty good right? Thanks it took me like ten minutes to come up with.) but it didn't go through. Just went grey, then red, with a little spinning circle next to it. I kinda didn't get it at first, because of that. Like, my phone still worked, it just seemed like the wifi was down. Sucks, specially with a bogus service plan like mine, but I can head to a coffee shop or wherever, nbd.

You kinda can't keep telling yourself that when you head outside and see a bird floating perfectly still in the air, though. Just... hovering, wings outstretched, fucking majestic, dude, but surreal as hell. (ended up snapping a few pics for if I ever get to use instagram again, #timepocalypse2018 #survivor #worthit lmao)

Thought at first maybe I was being punked, like probably anybody who doesn't believe time gets to just up and Take A Goddamn Break, but again: when you walk down the street, scoping peeps left and right all frozen in their stride like some fuckin citywide art piece, it's hard to keep living that lie.

UPDATE: can't say I didn't try though! At first at least. Guess it was for the better, for what I learned?? Cause this one dude literally had such a spring in his step I found him completely off the ground (only an inch or two but ups is ups), and I couldn't help but swipe my hands around him to try and catch his strings, or whatever was holding him up. No dice. Not until I actually touched him.

You know that scene, in that one movie? Where it's like... Fuck, I can't remember the name of it (was probably high as fuck watchin it anyway lmao), but I touched him right, just sorta grabbing his shoulders to shake him a bit. Nothing too rough, but enough to let a dude know you're serious. And he... Slowly "came to life"? Just started speeding up from zero, you know the way. Kinda started barreling into me with his momentum, dude had no chill, but at least he had the decency to look wildly surprised when we collided.

We kinda stepped on each other tryna talk up what just happened, cept where I asked what the hell is going on, and did someone put you up to this, he was like whoa, shit that's bright, and where'd you come from?? Like I'M the weird one somehow. (although, fuck, if you're the only one who isn't frozen in a world of peepcicles, you are the weird one aren't you? #deep lmao)

UPDATE: anyway, I let go of him once he started moving, but a few seconds in he froze right back up again, so I had to grab his arms and kinda hold him in place so we could work out what was what. First order of business, like a real scientist: what time is it? (you know, like a time traveler asks what year is it, except everything was pretty obviously the same year so, not helpful lmao.) he didn't know, which, fair, but he had a sick watch on that said it was like, 11 at night, even though the sun was up now, which he said was super weird because a moment ago it wasn't that.

(seriously though, everything else froze but not the sun? What the fuck @god smh can't even end the world consistently e_e)

UPDATE: after we talked some more, like why was he so chipper and bouncy at eleven the fuck at night (said he'd just came from pilates and wouldn't elaborate), we figured it was best to stick together, see if maybe just by like, holding hands with everyone we could jumpstart the timestream or something. I mean, fuck dude, I actually kinda wanted to mess with some people first, just sorta make like improv and explore the space, nawmsayin? But he sounded really genuine about saving humanity or whatever, and had like that puppydog look in his eyes, so I just went with it. (peer pressure lmao)

First we tried seeing if I could get two people at once to "wake up" as watch dude put it (just realized I never actually got his name, whoops), and it turned out I could. It was mad awks tryna not freak people out with how, hey, suddenly it's morning instead of night and two dudes are in your whole ass business, but eventually the first girl we hit up realized we weren't robbing her. (wish she hadn't flailed so much at first though, those fake nails cut like fucking knives dude. STILL got the little red marks on my arm. #scarred lmao)

UPDATE: needless to say nails girl wasn't as cool about everything as me or watch dude, kept lowkey flipping her shit and lookin like she was gonna ask to see time's manager, like I didn't wanna say anything in the moment but now that she's gone, y i k e s dude. Like I know the end of the world is stressful and all but hasn't she seen like, literally any movie ever?? Stressing and freaking the hell out always makes everything worse, for literally everyone involved, smh. (maybe it's easier for me to be chill, since I'm pretty low energy as a rule, but still dawg.) but anyway we sussed some stuff out with her help, so I guess credit where it's due. Thanks, nails. <3

It turns out that people I touch kinda like, get A Little Bit of my miracu-lousy (like miraculous and lousy, lmao) time-unfucking power. Like, nails lady could use her phone and the apps that didn't need internet, just like I could use mine, and we were also able to make a chain with this other chick we found (props to us for maintaining some gend eq lmao), but it wasn't as strong through people further down that chain (second girl took like a whole ten seconds of contact with nails to wake up, rip), and it stopped working if they didn't have a line back to me. Watch dude compared it to like, waves of heat coming off someone who just benched a ton of weights at the gym, and I think he was tryna brag or impress the girls (lmao??) but it kinda made sense.

Like my time influence kinda only spreads like heat does, like you know how if you got a hot fry next to a cold fry, not even one on top of the other, the cold fry will get less cold? Like yeah, duh. And if you separate them it'll just get cold again. But in my case it's with time, and I guess slightly more powerful than fuckin... Convection or whatever. (not even sure if that's the word, my high school chem teacher would be so disappointed in me lmao)

UPDATE: it actually ended up being pretty legit to compare though, cause like, we found out the longer someone was in contact with me, even indirectly, the longer they'd last on their own before freezing if we let go. Nailsy had a little freakout when she realized she was slowing down (or, to her eyes, everything started speeding up), but she clammed down once we brought her back into the time circle. (haha, oh shit, and like time is a circle or whatever, like that one movie, I just thought about that. Nice lmao)

Anyway, uh... >_>

It got kinda obvious fast after that that things weren't gonna be sunshine and rainbows anytime soon. (maybe ever, rip)

See as we were doing all these tests, just like waiting around huddled up while we counted the minutes, then counting them again as different people in the group waited near us but without touching, just to see how long they'd last, it was generally a lot of, y'know, sustained contact between me and them.

(and also can I just say, before I talk about that, I get we were all strangers and it was mad awks, but nails would literally just start tapping on her phone to avoid the small talk while we waited together, like we didn't all know the internet was bust and she couldn't text literally anyone, like okay, WHATEVER dude! And I mean even if she was taking notes like I started doing (fuckin DOUBT it tho lmao), I didn't even start until later dawg! Wicked rude is all I'm sayin but that's showbiz for you I guess)

UPDATE: sustained contact, right. So like, I didn't feel anything, I guess for the same reason I was the only one who made things move again, but the people I was holding hands with (watch guy and nails girl) (oh shit that sounds like a rad superhero duo, fuck I wish I coulda told them that) kinda had to keep shifting where I'd touch them at, because it would start to sting apparently. (second girl was pretty much spared by only having contact with nails, which was also some good science I guess.)

And yeah, like after a while we saw their skin was turning red and had started peeling where I'd touched them, like a burn or rash or something, but the fucked thing was they got all chafed up in other places too. Like all up and down nails' arms, and watch bro's jacket had some handprints on it where I first grabbed him that slowly got darker as we waited -- and don't get me wrong, it was sick as hell for like a jacket print, but it also started flaking and shit like, according to the second girl, who must have been a fucking CHEMIST or something, it looked like how leather looks when it straight gets ate, chemically. Like, dissolved I guess. (where do you even PICK UP that information though, fr)

UPDATE: after that happened chemist girl tried to theorycraft some scifi mumbo jumbo for us like, maybe I had "accelerated hand oils" (what the FUCK does that mean), or friction was acting weird cause of how broken time had got, or maybe even my touch was messing with time so much it sped up things I touched (like more than just waking people up), and like I guess that last one kinda makes sense?? More so now, although it doesn't explain everything, but like, walk through some biology lessons with me (the ones I remember lmao).

I guess skin cells don't live real long, individually, and usually they get replaced lickety split (is that how you spell that?? lmao), but normally when they die you just get new ones, right, cause that's how human bodies work (or I guess most animals) (listen I'm trying ok). But let's say some dumbass who accidentally transcended the fourth dimension (like yours truly, ty ty) went and personally touched someone's cell clocks and sped em all up. Those cells could prolly age right tf up and die faster than new ones come in, so after a while if that keeps happening it just digs deeper and deeper, and like I guess...

I don't fuckin know, man. It made more sense when chem girl laid it out. (me referring someone new to my drug dealer lmao)

Either way, nails took it pretty hard, though maybe it was also cause she had the most skin showing (also, not my business but like if nothing else, it was fuckin cold the night before, what were you doin girl fr), and she was freaking out about second girl's explanation that the more she moved, the more the air around her might be rubbing past her all weird, and not speeding up in time to harmlessly brush outta the way like normal, but that just made her even more antsy and fidgety, and like just to reiterate... yikes dude.

UPDATE: I feel for her more now, though. It's been long enough for me to admit I got it entirely too easy (specially for not knowing what the actual hell I did to still walk around normal) (like was my sleep that godly that it overrode time going kaput?? far out man, lmao), and at the end of the day it was pretty... Melancholy, actually, when the group decision was that I just let them be, so all their skin didn't rub off (reasonable). I mean it was kinda funny the way like, watch guy was tryna comfort nails by hugging her close and gesturing wide, talking about how it was for the best if they stayed iced instead of awake and miserable, and I guess she was into it because even though she was crying she didn't push him away, but... Man. I can't imagine what a person thinks in that moment.

Like, the last seconds you have, probably, with total strangers who are all in the same boat as you (except one but only slightly), just stuck in a world that's stuck bein... Stuck. (I'm good at words lmao.) like, that gets even me a little squirmy, thinking about if she was just desperate for human contact, crying in the arms of a stranger, or she really thought like, maybe in another life they woulda had something...

I dunno. :I

UPDATE: second girl aka chemist girl aka probably the smartest person I ever held hands and walked around town with actually stayed with me a bit after the other two froze hugging it out, I guess to try and console me, and in hindsight I feel like kind of a shit for not turning it around and consoling her instead -- you know, the person who's actually gonna be permafroze, and can't be unfroze without the help of this one dumb schmuck who's Too Dumb to get with the program Even Now, and freeze up like everyone else.

But she was all like, You have a chance to talk with anyone you want to now, even if only for a little bit. Anyone I thought looked cool, or needed a peptalk, or whatever. I could just do it. That was something most people never really had the stones or time to do, for sure. But. Uh.

Well, I thought different stuff about that later, when I learned new stuff, but before then, like. I think she realized that I wasn't s u p e r sure about all that -- I mean, okay, picture this: You're living your best life, doin a night out on the town, maybe blasting a sudoku on your phone or whatever, and then suddenly someone's grabbing you outta nowhere, it's a different time of day (GOTTA be supes disorienting), and while this freaky serial grabber is all up ins they're raving about how, so listen, everything's totes fucked, and they decided to touch you just to alert You Specifically to all that, like the MOST unwanted apocryphal popup you ever did saw, cool? Also the more you touch the more your skin is gonna fall off. Anyway wanna chat??

Fuck, dude. That didn't end up as funny as I hoped it'd sound. Just kinda sucks. :[

UPDATE: I try not to think too much about it. Just gets me down, and again, that never really helps in the movies. So after me and chem girl split, her optin to just take a seat at a bus stop and wait it out, I just kinda ambled. Y'know, did talk to a couple people who looked interesting, but honestly it gets old fast having to explain to people that the world's like, dead now, and half the time they flip out so hard you instantly break contact, and they freeze mid freakout, just a perfect fuckin statue of confused agony, and you're not sure if it'd be worth it to touch them again to maybe try to calm them down,


We had some chill moments, me and the various peeps I briefly let on board my new hell train, passenger of one (it's you, new stranger, all aboard =(:] lmao) (that's me and my conductor hat lmao). Like this one barista, when I finally did make it to the coffee shop (wifi broke there too, figures), she was actually kinda relieved. Like I mean startled at first, like everyone, but I think she "got it", like I got it, and way faster than anyone else. She was like, "well at least I don't have to work this shitty job anymore", and straight up threw her hat and apron on the ground. Hell yeah sis, fuck it up, dismantle the establishment. (wish I had a hammer and sickle emoji lmao)

So we talked for a bit, and actually because she was the coolest about it so far, I tried something with her, where like, I went to the nearest clothing store (sorry capitalism but I stole some stuff while the world was broke, bill me later) and hooked her up with pretty much full winter gear, and we held contact by both holding the ends of a scarf. I think it helped with her skin not disintegrating, or maybe friction wasn't a huge deal since we mostly sat still in the cafe, just shooting the shit. Like, whatever lmao, if it's stupid and it works, it's not stupid.

But it was nice.

UPDATE: she actually kinda strongarmed me into doing something with my hot new power, like actually DOING something with it -- she was like, nothing big, just get a notebook or use your phone or something, and record the stories of everyone you meet. And I was like, Okay you SAY nothing big but there's A Lot Of People in the world, you do know that right?? (she said she knew that so I guess our definitions of big are just different.) but she was like, if humanity's stuck now, and you aren't, and you aren't even gonna do anything else, at least do that. So I shrugged, like sure, I'll give it a shot at least. Fuck it, lmao.

Obviously I started with her. I actually have a rough draft of what I wrote down on my phone, hold on lemme paste it.

What's up chunps its stories time. Our first human's story goes like this. Her name was Susie (no last name given, I can respect that). She was pretty cool, like I suspected when I first saw her (the tattoo of a dragon on her arm gave it away. Can't even IMAGINE how she landed a barista job with it except by being Baller As Fucking Hell). Knew how to play like three instruments because her parents wanted her to be a prodigy growing up, but she wasn't like an expert in any of them, and now they were just Things She Knew, Kinda. Rip. She was a college dropout (ayy same hat lmao) but when the world hadn't ended yet she had a rad online side hustle selling things she made, like these little dolls that were like, I guess sorta supposed to be voodoo dolls? It was pretty niche and I didn't really get it, but she had some pics on her phone (they were tight as hell) and I mean, like fuck if I'm gonna judge someone for finding something weird that they love. Rock on soul sister.

That's all I had lmao. We talked about more stuff, and like I'd say more about her, cause listen I totally did keep my promise to her, as far as her specifically went, but.

Uh. @_@

UPDATE: I'll just cut to the chase, I guess. Finally get it out of the way. Maybe it'll help me come to terms with it.

After I started on my journal quest (literally went and got some empty journals from walmart before I remembered my phone had a notepad app, even when I'm a dumbass I don't half-ass my promises you feel?), I went back to see if I could talk to those three peeps I first unfroze, to try to get their info since they were, y'know, like the first and therefore most important people I met after this all started. Obviously I'd have to be quick so they didn't lose All Of Their Skin from w h a t e v e r time bullshit, but that seemed doable. I found chemist girl first, still at the bus stop.

But. e^e

We hadn't held hands long, since we only started after ditching the new lovebirds (time is dead but romance ain't lmao), but we still HAD held hands between then and her sitting down, and it was like. I guess, in the time between me leaving her and finding Susie, and fucking around getting her clothes and shit, uh... (...)

Her hand got straight ate, man. (god there's just no way to spin that and make it funny, is there.) WAS getting ate, even, as in right now, atm, in media res. (not when I'm writing this just when I found her)

Like, the bones were still there, and the hand meat wasn't COMPLETELY ate yet, still some muscle flesh and junk there, but some of it was fuckin BLACK dude, I'm talkin rapid decomposition to the MAX, getting ALL hells of rancid, fuckin OOF my guy. YOWZA. (grody. Totally Untubular, dude. Just straight awful, no lie. Heinous)

UPDATE: and like, it looked probably painful, not really having a hand anymore, so naturally I didn't disturb her. But it got me thinking, and uh.

Well, sure enough, the flash frozen couple we'd left behind were even worse. Their whole ass arms that I'd held onto were just, C O M P L E T E L Y skeletonized, no bull. Was like a fuckin cartoon, man. I think they still had tendons and joints, or whatever? Holding them together and shit (but probably just frozen in time still).

The rest of them wasn't really any more intact. Like, it looked like if invisibility was a disease (but it didnt affect bones I guess?? sure whatever), and it worked in gross layers, like it had spread from where I touched them -- but I touched them multiple places, so like, their skin, their clothes, their hair even in nails case, all of it was just... honestly getting to be a real mess, man. (like "cleanup on aisle five" mess, lmao.) A fair amount of it all had sloughed partway off their bones and was like, either sagging or barely holdin on with some... sinew?? (wrackin my fuckin domepiece for biology words man, just give it to me ok?) and like, just seeing that, gag me with a spoon, dude. Wanted to yartz so bad when I realized what I was looking at, thought at first it was a weird giant mold growth (not that that's any better).

UPDATE: I still don't even really know why that happened. I guess like, maybe I've got fuckin Time Amoebas on my skin or some shit, and they have the same power I do?? (seriously wish I'd paid more attention in biology tbh. rip) Like I could talk about all the dumb unscientific ideas I've got rattling around up top trying, like, DESPERATELY to logic this shit out, like how maybe the reason I'm immune is I've got goddamn Time Cells in my body, or maybe I'm partly Made Of Time or some shit -- maybe there is an actual fuckin Time Virus and it can't eat me, but it STARTED with me, and it can sure eat everyone else! (can I get a CARRIER from the audience? What's up, just blindly taxied the disease that will kill everyone outta my bedroom into the world, lmao) (fuck I just realized how fucked that is, shit dude. :[)

UNDERSTANDABLY, I think, seeing that made me wanna stop touching people, and made me feel WICKED bad for all the peeps I'd already laid hands on (sorry homeless dude! I know you already had it rough ;'[). So over the next couple days (read: right before I started writing this shit down), I just sorta tried to lay low at home and see if maybe it would blow over? (like that ever fuckin works in movies lmao, but in the heat of it I was kinda too freaked to keep doin the journal thing, sorry susie.) but, fuck. It just got even worse, man.

UPDATE: I mean I walked outside earlier today (like Writing This today) and saw people I didn't even TOUCH were getting ate now, just full on chomped and turned to standing piles of bones. (seriously it was like a cartoon!! Half expected to see a tumbleweed or like, a cow skull just sitting on the ground, lmao.) even that bird I first saw! It literally became this fuckin floating bird skeleton, it was so fucking rock and roll, but I didn't even come CLOSE to touching that sucker, so like...

I guess this shit's airborne?? Super reassuring, thanks @god for the new age plague, really digging it so far.

Didn't have any reason to think Susie would be okay (magic winter jacket?? Like a new frosty the snowman (snowwoman?) but frozen for a different reason) (maybe if I had the sense to give her a tophat she woulda come to life on her own, lmao), but I checked anyway for peace of mind. Just a skull starin right back at me from her parka hood, man. (she probably would have thought that's metal as hell, though. Rock on, soul sister.)

UPDATE: been thinking about it more, and WHATEVER'S eating people, it mostly only seems to affect living stuff, or at least like... "organic" shit?? Like I don't really know what's organic in clothes (cotton's organic, right?) but not all clothes were dissolved like watch guy's jacket was, and like my phone is still a solid chunk a change, so I got that going for me. (which I actually managed to keep charged btw! Long story short even though the power grid's fucked I can kinda use cars, if I sit in them long enough, and I have this cig lighter adapter for my charger, so that's basically how I'm recording this whole time disastro manifesto, just jacking people's rides for the notepad app on my phone until they're outta gas, lmao.)

Still not sure why the sun still keeps moving (or I guess it's the earth, spinning around the sun? crazy lmao), but I guess it means whatever froze everything on the earth didn't like, completely freeze the whole universe? Kinda reassuring, I guess. Maybe not even everyone's frozen either. Maybe there's other people out there like me (would be sick to meet up and hang out and not dissolve together, hmu if anyone's reading these notes on my phone lmao), or maybe America's one of the only countries that got blasted like this. Dunno man. I can't really check the news without internet so, unless I see like a plane fly overhead I guess I'll never know, rip.

UPDATE: I've been driving around some in the meantime (taking breaks between cars sometimes to tap up what I remember), and at least this time-resistant plague isn't like, STUPIDLY fast, so far. I only drove for about a day or so and I've been seeing people who aren't ate yet, and like, I don't think it really matters at this point, but I wear a facemask I found now, so at least I won't absolutely shred people by breathing toxic time breath near them.

Everyone's gotta do their part lmao am I right?? Safety first and shit.

Fuck it's lonely out here. :[

UPDATE: I'm just gonna keep driving (and leavin a trail of empty cars behind me lmao) until I find a part of the world that isn't frozen, I guess. I don't have the heart to keep waking regular people up just so they can die faster, and more aware of their own deaths. That sucks, man. For me and them. But hey, in the meanwhile, fuckin party town USA right? Ain't no one to stop me from touring this country, raiding gas stations for hella snacks even if the pumps don't work. (used to be a childhood dream of mine to roadtrip it up so at least the end of the world isn't all bad.)

Probably gonna die of an old heart at 38 if I keep that up, lmao. But based on the past week, that's fine, honestly. Maybe

maybe I'll end up the same place as Susie. Y'know, if the afterlife's real, and not also frozen (was goofing ass earlier but if this is god's final purge or whatever, then maybe right??). Up or down, I don't care. (god lmao what am I crushing on someone I talked to for an hour?? God I'm pathetic) (she was pretty cool though okay? Wish we'd talked sooner. Before the world died, and maybe in part because of me somehow.)

We'll see I guess. I'll think about it more later. (got some fuckin baja blast to chug while I dj the three songs saved on my phone lmao)

UPDATE: dude!!! Like I mean fucking D U D E ! ! ! ! ! ! (if that's not enough exclamation points, here's some more: !!!!!!!!!!!!)

I got SUPER wigged out earlier because, okay get this right? I've been driving mostly north now for a while, partly cause I always wanted to see what Canada looks like, and outta NOWHERE I started seeing skeletons again. Nearly fucking totaled the monster machine I was driving, basically shit my pants and spit my drink like a double ended faucet.

At first I thought the Bone Disease (that's what I'm calling it now, it's an ironic name cause it affects everything except the bones lmao) had caught up with me, but I realized like, there's NO WAY that's even possible, cause of how fast I outran it and how far I've gone. Which means! (wait for it . . . . .) somebody else is out here just like me!

I don't even care what they're like, man, I'd even take someone as fuckin miserable as nails, just as long as I can talk to SOMEONE without fear of them melting in a matter of hours. I'm so fuckin psyched dude, like stoked 120%, it's probably gonna be a needle in a haystack finding this person but I ain't got shit else to do!! Let's get this bread lmao!

UPDATE: they're dead.

I could tell it was them cause he weren't all decomposed. Almost pristine, actually. Little pool of blood around him.

I'm guessing he killed himself. With a knife. (the knife in his chest, and the multiple knife holes, gave it away. Brutal, dude.) guess that's just my fucking luck.

Wish I'd got here faster.

Maybe I'll find someone else. Someone who didn't give up.

There has to be one, right?

UPDATE: drove far enough to escape the skeletons made by Dave. (got his name from his id, in his wallet. Decided not to drive his car out of solidarity, even though his keys were on him. Rest in peace, man.) fingers crossed on finding a new skeleton circle, and someone in it who's still alive.

Dunno if I could handle another near miss like Dave though. And, like... Never was super religious, but. C'mon god. Or whoever. Just one person to go through this with? One who I won't kill just by standing next to them?


UPDATE: god. It's been a month since I looked at these.

It's rfough out here, man. (why do I even keep acting like anyone'll see thgese. This is basically just for me at this point.) (cut to a year later when I'mmarried to my phone. lmao.) found two more people since Dave. That's it.

Fgirst one I found by accident. Just in a random home I crashed at for the ngiht. I'd call it fate but, what the fucks fateful about finding a corpse? Old woman who lpoked like she died in her sleep. (maybe the same sleep as the one time froze during? Wish I could actaully get some concrete answers on that for once. Maybe if I could talk to someone unfrozen and alive, HINT HINT, universe.) at least she didn't have to sfufer through all this, I guess.

Other one was. I don't even know. Looked like there was a fire.

Not even sure how that must have worked, honestly? Was all charcoal and ash, no flames frozen in time (which I know are real cxause I used a lighter once to check), but still skeletons around, so it couldn't hve happened before this.


All of me hopes it was an accident, that tgis wasn't on purpose, like Dave. It'd give me something to hope for again.

I'd take anything at this point. Even judt a dog that wasn't frozen.

(probably be too good for me, tbh.)


I'm so fuvcking tired.

Found a dfead kid. I'd saw sme small skeletons befor,e but this was just. An ijnfant. That I think probablty starged to death. Fuck,, man.

Ican't keep ffucking doin g this. I can'yt make jokes about thhis. Jt sufcks, dude.

Theres'b only one things I've learned , seeing thse dead peole. None oft hem are decomppded. Dave wasm't. Grandam wasn't. The bnaby wasn't. Probbbaly burn guy, if e wasn't brnut.

I don't knwop what if fucking means,. I dobt know why thetee always dead.

Why ro they alwsys fuvknh die.

Ii wanna fuckng die.

UPDATE: bye.