's 2018 Horror Write-off:

Normal family

Submitted by Halcyon

A short, weird idea I had.

"We see a beautiful mowed lawn, a house surrounded by a porch, a white picket fence. A car stops and out comes a Caucasian man in a suit. "Hi Honey!" he waves, to his adoring lady. She's standing in the doorway, bouncing a baby up her left hip and clad in a lovely flower dress. She tells how busy she was with the home. Tending to the flowers, sweeping the porch, walking the dog and doing groceries. But getting their particular 'brand' of baby food was hard to come by these days.

"Honey, did Penny behave herself?"

"Penny's fine, John. It's just her hunger keeps growing."

"Don't worry Stacy, I have something that takes care of that."

"Did you pick up something to eat for Penny?"

"Yes dear. Now, hand over Penny will you? I want to hug my little one."

We see the kitchen. Stacy's cooking a simple meal and thinks about Penny. The baby's getting

hungry, she hears it in her crying. While she stirs the sauce, John enters the kitchen, carrying a crying Penny in his arms. "Stacy, Penny needs food."

"I know, John. Did you manage to obtain some food for Penny?"

"I did Stacy."

Soon, we find our lovely couple sitting in front of the television. The news is on and a woman tells in shocked tone the story: "Rumours has it that a local man going by the name of John Johnson has been breaking in to other peoples houses. Over thirty break ins have been reported the last month alone. Nothing of value has been stolen. Nor was it reported that any pets have been missing. The only odd thing that has occurred are that the shower drains are very clean all of a sudden." 

We see the lovely couple sit silently beside each other. Stacy turns to John.  "We should move soon, John. This place is no longer suitable for us."

"Yes dear, It's getting harder and harder each day."

We see the couple rise up. And walk upstairs. They enter Penny's room. John bends over and opens up his mouth. He regurgitates a clump op wet hair into Penny's mouth. She happily suckles on it for a moment, before opening her jaws wide enough to swallow it whole.

"She has been fed Stacy. What shall we do now?"

"They know what we are John. It's time to move."

"Penny will be content for a few days now."

"That should give us enough time."

We see the three of them outside. It's nighttime. Underneath a starry sky do they shed their clothes

and skins. For a short moment they turn around. Then Not-John turns to Not-Stacy and says: "I will be Stacy in the next home." Not-Stacy just nods, "Maybe we can stay longer then a month in the next town, Stacy."

"I do hope so, John." Not-John anymore mutters.

Meanwhile, Still-Penny sticks her head out of the hole she dug, "Ready?" she asks them in a voice filled with excitement. "Ready Penny. Come one, Stacy." "Coming John, Penny."

And that's why Penny, John and Stacy moved. The end.