's 2018 Horror Write-off:

Rain man

Submitted by Anonymous

It has been raining a lot these weeks, though the water does form puddles anywhere,

day after day it still rains, will it ever stop raining? People are starting to disappear

every three days, no discernible connection or relations can be seen amongst them except for

the fact that they all went outside for a walk without an umbrella.

I go outside in the evening, carrying an umbrella for I have no raincoat to speak of,

under a streetlight i see a man wearing a long red coat holding an umbrella which hides

his face, walking past I hear him say "Wonderful weather we are having this time eh?"

I nod in agreement as I too say it is wonderful.

Yet again I walk in the rain this time the wind snatches my umbrella blowing it away,

i shrug my shoulders as this trip is not that long, the man stands under a light again

asking me if I require an umbrella, I say it would be nice having one certainly, he hands

over his umbrella showing his face, that is if he had one, there is naught there except a

void, something is swirling around in it, more and more I see things swirling around.

After receiving the umbrella I hurry on to my next location, the rain keeps falling for

another month, a few days later it rains a slight amount as I walk outside, expecting to

see the man again under any one of the lights I my expectations lead to naught for I do not

see him anywhere, I let out a sigh of relief as I will not see his facelessness again,

a whisper rides on the wind as I am about to stop "Leave the umbrella here if you would be

so kind".