's 2018 Horror Write-off:

Runner's High

Submitted by Hugo A Gomez

Even now they are still runing

The Los Andes Half marathon was all they talked about back then,it was mostly a charity thing,but it was also sponsored by a lot of of different companies,energy drinks and others sports stuff,they even managed to get some profecional athletes for it,plus,the security was extremly tight for such an open event like that,it seemed like they were prepared for anything

They were not

the Half marathon started whit all the fanfare,all the runners were in high spirits, ,a lot of different people were running,those that merely wanted to try for fun,those that had alredy done it before,and those that were in for the gold,they were all there,but one thing in common in all of them  was their smiles,almost manic at times,that energy was almost palpable,and maybe thats when it trully started

the real problema made itself apparent when the marathon ended

I remember the first runner,she looked so happy,she was gonna be the first to cross the line and lo and behold she did,but then she dint stop,she dint stop for the interview ,she dint stop to receive her Price ,she dint even stop to hug her daughter ,she just keep on runing  along the set pat

And the the second came out,and then the third and then everyone else crossed the finish line

No one stopped

At the start we tought it was some kind of stunt,but by the time the third lap round was finished  we knew something was wrong ,so we tried to stop them

Have you ever seen an stampede?, hundreds of herd animals just running over everything and anything,it kind of went like that

They tried all they could,they put barricades ,they blocked the set path,they even used those high presure wáter hoses that only come up in riots,nothing worked

They just keep on running

The next day they were still running,at lap #36 i think

And the next week they were still running ,the roadblock were useless,they just jumped them those that could not just crashed against them until the roadblock was no more

And the next month they were still runing, the loved ones begged them to stop,but they dint listen,i dont think they could

And the next year they were still runing, they were like zombies almost,but they still bleed ,running shoes filled whit blood,tendoms out in the open,and the smell of sweat and blood and grime and urine and all else was so potent normal people could not stand to be close,not that they wanted anyways,at this point they were closing to the lap# 1740

Now No one counts the laps anymore

Even now they are still runing,bodies so  wreaked by the sun and the rain and the snow that they should not be able to move ,yet they were,no one knows why,and after all these years no one trully cares anyways,they are now an atracction,they bring more money to this town that any marathon could even compare,the smell was gone now,this was who we were now

Even now they are smiling,they never trully stopped smiling ,even those that no longer had the ways to smiled were smiling,such high spirits could not belong to something living,such Happiness that could only

appear when you are a few metters away from the finish line

You just have to run a bit more and you will get there.