's 2018 Horror Write-off:

Slippery Devils

Submitted by The Distant Suburbs

„Pretty, ain’t it“, the guide said, gesturing towards the street behind her. As far as the eye could see, there was nothing but overgrown ruins. Cars Crushed like soda cans, empty window frames glaring at us like the wide open eye sockets of screaming mummies.

„It was by far the greatest disaster our district had ever seen. Of the roughly 1100 inhabitants of New Basement, almost two hundred were killed, only a couple more were rescued, most of them… most of them were never found, unaccounted for to this very day...“

Suddenly, thunderous noise. The ground was shaking. We held on to one another, frightened to the bone.

The noise was coming from the wall of a burned out school building. Our guide, standing right next to it, pressed her hand against the bricks.

It was the sound of a stampede. Dozens of unseen hands and feet slapping against the bricks from the other side, rushing towards some unknown destination.

A wide grin appeared on the face of our guide.

„Ah, THERE you are, you little buggers! Let me see if I can just…“

She rushed towards a nearby hole in the wall, and without hesitation, she shoved her whole arm inside. Then she twitched, as if she had managed to grab on to something. She started pulling.

„C’me here you filthy little…! Oh NO you don’t… Ey! No kicking ! No kicking! Aaah… Aaah… Dammit!“

Exhausted, she retracted her arm from the hole. In her hand, she held a kid-sized sandal, covered in some black goo. The noise of the stampede was slowly fading away.

„I really thought I’d catch one this time. Slippery devils!“

She let out another exasperated groan, then she laughed.

„No matter. As you can see, we still have a lot of work to do here. But mark my words, one day, we’ll get all of them…! Let’s get on with the tour.“