's 2018 Horror Write-off:

Someone like me

Submitted by Hugo A Gomez

a scientist lays dead in his workshop, a strange apparatus in his head, and in his face was and expression of pure terror, this scientist was considered by many to be a genius, he was a great man that changed the world for the better, but he was also alone, for in his genius no one could truly understand him, he could not connect whit others, and found no real value in his inventions

one day he realized, that he could try to find others like him, and so he set to work, to create machine that would allow him to track someone whit a similar brain signature, he would be able to find them anywhere in the world, and so he tested it out

He found nothing

He realized that looking into this world was foolish, surely if there was someone on earth whit his level of intellect they would have already found each other, so he instead searched into the stars, for he was sure there was life in the universe outside of earth, he modified his machine, giving it far grander reach, such technology could revolutionize space travel, but he keep it all to himself, just to find someone that could connect whit him

One again, he found nothing

Desperate ,the scientist was submerged in a deep depression, but one day he realized, he dint need to find someone like himself, he just needed to find another  “him”, and so he buried himself in his work, leaving all his other projects unattended and forgotten and so ,he designed a machine that  would allow his mind to travel though another dimension, to be able to see in the eyes of his other self that surely lived there, he put the machine in his head and turned it on

Finally he had found something, and what he found terrified him

What he saw was a nightmare of color and noise, he saw shapes that were not possible in any sane universe, he saw color that defied human perception, he heard noises that would have haunted him forever, had his sad fate not occurred thereafter, and worse of all, he saw himself, he saw the other one that he had longed for, and he was unable to understand it, everything was so utterly alien to him that his mind could not even begin to fathom what it truly mean, and so his mind found more easily to just shut down completely, and so the scientist died

His death almost unraveled the world, but the cause would forever remain a mystery, for no one could understand how the strange machine in his head worked, such was his intellect that only him was able to operate it correctly

In another universe, different from our own, another scientist lays dead in his workshop, a strange apparatus in what could be considered his head, in what could be interpreted as his face there was an expression of pure terror, for he had seen another reality, and it was nightmare of flesh and bone