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The World Of Carve: A Transcript of all the Intros and Outros

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This is wild, it’s been years but I can still hear this in his voice. Thank you so much for transcribing this.


The World of Carve: A Transcript of all the Intros and Outros.

Season 1A Intro

“Carve! It is a place of wonder, a place of danger, a place where the rules are set in stone, but only those that rule have the privilege to know them. Shine Carrelo used to be the ruler of Carve, until she was disposed by… yours truly. Now, in a last ditch effort to save her skin, she takes refuge in a world she barely remembers, a world she comes from, a world that took everything from her… your world.

With the help of a aging scientist and his skeptical nurse, the goddess from another world must regain her strength and amass the resources necessary to retake her place in Carve. Easier said than done, especially when you have it’s current leader, the handsome and effortlessly charming Lord Serotonin, sending every assassin, tough, and maniac who has a bone to pick with her straight to her doorstep. And trust me, there are alot of bone pickers.

What’s to be done? Well, her only real chance is if she somehow finds all the other outcasts of Carve, convinces them to put aside their differences, and join her to find... nah, it’s not even worth speculating about. She’ll never do it, so what will she do? How will this end, how horrible will her faith be? Well watcher, I’m just as interested as you.”

Season 1B Intro

“Carve! It is a place of wonder, a place of danger, a place where you know your enemies by who tries to kill you in the day, and your friends by who tries to kill you in your sleep. Shine Carrelo used to know who her friends and enemies were, until she was betrayed and cast out by… yours truly.

Now, stuck in your world, Carrelo continues her fight against the forces sent by the impressively clever Lord Serotonin, all while trying to help her only three allies, Professor. Peter Kallua, a brilliant man with a mind that just won’t stop dredging up the past, Nurse Rain, a world weary woman who has been around too long to give anyone the benefit of the doubt, and Maynard, poor poor Maynard. Is he just the owner of a diner, or is he one of the outcasts Shine is foolishly determined to unite? Even he doesn’t know for sure!

Either way, there’s no denying he’ll need her help, especially because one of Serotonin’s forces is widening her targets to include Carrelos buddies, and this maniacal assassin is so motivated it kind of scares me! But wouldn’t you want vengeance when the former ruler of Carve, your homeland, was responsible for… oops, almost gave it away! I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but suffice to say, watcher, things look like they’ll get interesting.”

Season 1 Outro

(This plays at the end of S1E13, just as Shine Carello has learned who Jane Nobody was)

“Earth. A place of wonder, a place of danger, a place where you can’t run from the crimes of your past. With the help of Maynard, who has realized he is one of the five Carve outcasts, Shine Carrelo, dispatched top dog of Carve, defeated her most tenacious would be killer yet, and seems to be that much closer to returning to kill the gracious and fair leader, Lord Serotonin.

But things aren’t as bright as they seemed. Charlotte Rain, world weary nurse, has been attacked and sent into a coma by Jane Nobody. And just as she finally realized that the strange woman who talked of other dimensions and mystical murderers wasn’t lying. Ironic, isn’t it? And during their battle, Shine learned that Jane Nobody was Peggy Sims, a young idyllic woman that looked up to Carrelo, until Shine “accidentally” did what she did to her family and… well, you just saw the episode, you don’t really need a recap!

If Shine Carrelo is smart, she has just been gripped by a very troubling realization. if people that used to bow at her feet would now sacrifice their own life to kill her, what does that mean for the vast majority of Carve, those who never really cared for her, and those whose lives she made even worse?

I’ll let you know what it means for yours truly: an unending supply of assassins, toughs, and maniacs, all with nothing to lose and all shipped straight to her doorstep. The future looks bright for Shine Carrelo and her compadres. Hmmm, bad choice of words? Perhaps interesting is more apt. Indeed watcher, things look like they’ll get very interesting.”

Season 2A Intro

“Carve! It’s a place of wonder, a place of danger, a place where things went from bad to worse once Shine Carrelo, that callous menace, took over. Luckily, she has been ousted by… yours truly, and is now stuck in a place she had hoped to never see again, your world! She’s trying her best, helped by the kind hearted but haunted Prof.Kallula, and Maynard, another Carve outcast who is as melancholic as Shine is loathsome. There was also Nurse Rain, but she’s in a coma right now, and is a bit preoccupied with things. She’s not much help, at least not in the waking world…

Carrelo’s plan, which is foolish and impractical, is to gather the four other Carve outcasts so they can return to their homeworld and murder the charitable, benevolent current undisputed ruler, Lord Serotonin. Of course to do that she’ll need to convince them that he’s worth murdering, which… well, that may actually be quite easy. Personally, I don’t have the best track record with the outcasts. But finding them, and getting them to put old grudges aside for a mutual goal? Now that's trouble. She should ask Lord Serotonin for pointers. After all, he just sent a disparate group of toughs, maniacs, and assassins whose only thing they have in common is their bone, which involves Carrelo, and needs picking. How will this play out, what will be the particularities of Shine’s doom? Well, watcher, I’m just as interested as you.”

Season 2B Intro

“...Okay. Let’s do this.

Carve! Place of wonder, place of danger, place of like, ten different types of slugs that can kill you.

So yeah, that’s cool.

What’s not cool is your world, which is currently being overwhelmed by more than ten different assassins, toughs, and maniacs who have very good reason to kill Shine Carrelo. After being disposed by, heh, yours truly, the megalomaniac has taken refuge in that weird industrial place of contradictions you call home. At least Carve sticks by it’s rules. True, they’re a closely guarded secret only known by the current ruler, the enigmatic, empathetic, enchantedly eccentric, Lord Serotonin, but they’re consistent! That’s worth something.

Anyway, suiting the irrationality of your home, Shine has somehow gotten a motley collection of like minded idiots together to help her in her quest. You know, the "unite her fellow outcasts of Carve and return home" quest. These include, and are limited to, a nuclear physicist bound to his wheelchair, a medical professional bound to the realm of sleep, and two moms bound to… I don’t know, I guess each other? They’re new, don’t have a lot of descriptive ammo for them yet.

Now before this, Shine’s plan just ended at uniting them, but now she has a concrete idea of HOW they’ll get home. Wow, that’s like… almost the beginning of a plan. Now they’re trying to locate, this is news to me, the Slidal Relix. Never heard of it, honest, but apparently this thingamajig has the power to send all the outcasts of Carve back to their world, but it has to be something they all agree to. So far, ones a yes, ones a very violent no, and another is a definite maybe. They still need to find two others. Without them, the whole plan is kaputt.

It surely would be a shame if someone just happened to have a group of motivated murderers. Ones who had the means and resources to make that plan go… kaput! Will I- or, uh… I mean, will this unspecified opposition succeed? Well, watcher, I’m just as interested as you.”

Season 2 Finale Intro

“Carve! A world of wonder, a world of danger, a world that APPARENTLY decided to throw away the one item that could spell doom for its residents and everything they hold dear. Cause you know, smart. Banish this dangerous object that can bring the banished back to Carve. Wow Dr. Genius, that’s a great idea, but here's a tip, maybe we don’t do that so it won’t end up with those people we, you know, BANISHED?

So this thing, the Slidal Relix, is now in the hands of Shine Carrelo, former ruler of Carve ousted by yours truly, now stuck in your world and frustratingly closer than ever to getting back. And it is just… again, this is not good. I cannot stress this enough. The Relix does need all six of the living outcasts consent for it to bring them back. But if she could get a guy who had to be reminded that he was even a outcast, and a information obsessed Librarian who hates her guts on her side, then it’s just a matter of when she’s able to wear the others down to help her.

Of course she needs to find them, and that’s where all hope is NOT lost. You see, the incredibly not panicked Lord Serotonin has gotten his remaining group of assassins, toughs, and maniacs to capture August Snow, an outcast who was at one point one of the most feared and admired men in Carve. And now? He’s nothing more than a bargaining chip. If they haven’t already, Shine’s group of agitators will soon learn the location of Snow. This will get all the outcasts into one place, a perfect opportunity to wipe them all off this blasted place you call home. And maybe Serotonins forces too. Maybe no one gets out alive. Maybe everything would be so much simpler if they all just killed each other in one final exclamation point of violence and finally allowed me to SLEEP and not worry about this nonsense. That would be quite nice, really. You may have noticed I didn’t mention the cruel Madame Laugh or the other unknown outcast with the weird mirror face. That’s because I don’t care about them. Anyway, will Shine Carello die? Will her friends die? Will the other outcasts die? Will Serotonin’s forces die? Will those two moms die? Well watcher,

the answer is yes.”

Season 2 Finale Outro

“Well, this is… was... certainly a strange turn of events. Shine Carrelo, traiter to Carve and all we hold dear, has taken the Slidal Relix and destroyed it. And with the Relix, all five of the Outcasts have seemingly gone with it.

I’m assuming they’re all dead.

I should be excited, I should be happy. But all I can feel is this all consuming emptiness. You wouldn’t think that emptiness can be all consuming, and you wouldn’t think that Shine Carrelo, Carve outcast, could somehow still win when she lost… but that’s just how life is. Stupid. Utterly, incredibly stupid. And that's how old Shine is, too! All she had to do was turn over the Relix in exchange for the well being of practically all of her friends, but instead she had to throw a tantrum and destroy it!

And that's just her, isn’t it? Classic Shine, if she can’t have it no one can. Why do you think shes in this mess? Why do you think I stabbed her in the back? Because if I didn’t she would have self-destructed. Just like this, but on a scale that I just couldn’t allow. I’m so glad no one said no to her face when she was in charge. Because I know if they did, Shine Carrelo wouldn’t waste any time destroying everything and everyone that lives in Carve purely out of spite.

I was the only one who saw this, realized the danger. A simple attendant only noticeable for his charming smile. I was no one but I saw this!... And Carve understood who I needed to be, and I became Lord Serotonin. And now Shine, what has she become? Destroying the Slidal Relix has… well, whatever it’s done it isn’t great for them. It created some sort of tear that just sucked all of them up. Away from my prying eyes. They’re certainly not back in Carve, but they’re no longer on your world.

I’m sorry watcher, I wish I could say where they went to, but as of the moment I’m just as lost as you. Of course they probably didn’t go anywhere, I think that's it. They’re dead. Got eaten up by that tear and digested into cosmic slop. Another reason for me to be happy, and yet… I’m not. I don’t know why I’m not happy, and I’m a bit scared because by all accounts I should be?  Watcher, I know this goes against everything you know about your old pal Serotonin… but I hope Shine Carello and the others are okay. And I hope we can find them, I hope I can share with you wherever they went, resume this conflict, see how it develops, have things keep being… interesting.

(Dropping in for context here, K. I know you don't need it, this is just in case you decide to share this with people outside the message board. Due to the success of season 2, and the support of die hard fans like me and you (: A.F and J.L. had more freedom in structuring the third season. Instead of the standard two part divide of the first seasons, they opted to divide the season into five smaller chunks. Each chunk focuses on a different outcast and Shine’s attempts to find and rescue them from their personal prisons that the Slidal Relix destruction has created. New narration was created for all five chunks)

Season 3A Intro

(The full intro is played at the beginning of S3A E1, when Shine is climbing up the cathedral of tears. A shortened version is played up front for the rest of A.)

“... are they, yes that’s her. My god that’s her. We found them. And we’re… yes, hello watcher. You’re here. We’re here. They’re here. Everything is fitting into place so nicely.

We can begin again.

“It is a place of wonder, it is a place of danger, it is… not Carve. But that lovely little demiplane is where the prisoners of this place used to reside. Now, they’re somewhere else. Somewhere with teeth.

This is the personal prison of Maynard Geldt, the infamous amnesiac Carve murderer whose self-loathing has created a land of pain and grief where there is no escape, not that Maynard would want that. This should have been a great place of self reflection for the old boy, where he could hate himself in peace, but Shine Carrelo has blundered in like a Carvian hippo on roller skates. Now this loser, who you may know as the ruler of Carve until she was rightfully disposed by yours truly, is trying to get the two of them out and back to the world that she knows so well, the world that gave her everything, the world that she came from…  your world. But how to accomplish this when your escapee has no intention of leaving? What happens when you make a man gaze at all his sins and his reaction is to simply sit down and stare? Maynard is content to let the Slidal Relix punish him for his laundry list of crimes, maybe Shine Carrelo could learn a thing or two from him.

Also, hello, I’m Lord Serotonin. You may be familiar. Don’t mind me. I’m just along for the ride.”

Season 3A Wrap Up

“It is a place of regret, it is a place of despair. It is the final resting place of Maynard Geldt, the killer who remembered every crime he ever committed, but was never able to learn his reasoning. He sacrificed himself to ensure Shine Carrelo’s escape, leaving her back in the cosmos, right where she started. And now she has even less to work with! With her attempt at escape ending in the escapee’s death, Shine Carrelo has to be thinking, “is this my future? Will every outcast I try to free ensure their destruction?”

These are difficult questions, but luckily, the immaculate lord Serotonin is here with the answers she desperately needs. Are you listening Shine? I’ve always had a hunch you could hear me. I know we’re enemies fated to kill each other in battle or something along those lines, but I’m not a monster. I’m capable of pity, on a good day. And it’s a very good day for me, Shine. Okay, so here ya go, here’s what you gotta do: absolutely nothing.

Stay in the Betweenspace, keep your eyes closed, don’t even think about going into any of the other Outcasts’ prisons, we both know it will accomplish zip! Just keep those eyes closed, and let the void do it’s thing. You’re gonna feel a tingling sensation, if you aren’t already. That will be the byproducts of the Relix doing it’s thing, making you your own personal prison, now that you’ve stood still for long enough. I can’t tell you what it will be like, but whatever hell it is, it’ll be one just for you. And then maybe after a millenia or so you’ll finally realize you deserve it. All you gotta do is what you’re doing. Keep at it! Just keep your eyes-

ah, well. That was to be expected. Disappointing, but expected. She wouldn’t be Shine Carello if she actually did something sensible. And there she goes, into another prison, continuing her perfect track record of inherently flawed decisions. Whose penance will she ruin this time? Well watcher, I’m just as curious as you.”

Season 3B Intro

(Happy to report no shortening this time! All episodes of B play the entire intro, and I’m glad. I get why they do it, but it always disappointed me when they shortened these for time after the first ep they appeared in.)

“It is a place of madness, it is a place of chaos, it’s a place that seems pretty damn fun to me. But I guess for Telly Kai, the Librarian turned outcast, it’s her own personal prison. Literally! No I mean like, literally. This is the place the Slidal Relixs implosion has created for her, using her mind as a template for her own private hell. Telly had spent her entire life cataloging everyone and everything. It was her way of making sense out of the Carve, and it’s what got her banished.

Now, she’s stuck in a place that cannot be categorized, a world with no inherent logic to it, you’d probably feel right at home here, watcher. To define this place is an invitation to madness. Speaking of doing things everyone knows are pointless, Shine Carrelo is continuing her quest to free all of the outcasts. After being disposed by yours truly, she is obsessed with the idea of getting back in for some reason. After Maynard’s death, she’s 0-1. But hey, at least Telly wants to be free. Will Shine find a way for both of them to escape? Will Shine find herself at home in this world of madness? Well, Watcher, I’m just as curious as you. Also, hi. I’m Lord Serotonin. If we haven’t met, nice to meet you.”

Season 3B Outro

“It is a place of reason, it is a place of stability. It is Shine Carello’s Betweenspace, and Telly Kai has finally found a place she belongs.

Shine Carellos quest to unite the remaining outcasts to escape this world of slidal created prisons may not be doomed after all, but then why does Shine pace? Why does Shine seem so eager to get back out to the next captive outcast, as if there’s some quickly ticking timer only she can see? And, a seemingly unrelated question that might be linked, why is it that Shine Carello was the only one whose betweenspace failed to mature into a personal prison? Listen, I don’t understand much, but I know that if the slidal relix is destroyed, it launches into a last ditch effort for containment, ensnaring all nearby outcasts into a seperate metaphysical plane of existence, where the theoretical gunk that keeps the relix running materializes and drowns the outcast, becoming an empty void that then forms itself into something much worse as it learns about it’s prisoner.

For Shine Carello, her “prison” never made it past the void phaze, and as a result, she was able to break free quite easily, finding void tunnels that took her to the other outcasts. Lucky break, huh? But as I, Lord Serotonin, sit here and watch her, all I can think of is just how unfortunate Mrs. Carello really was. Now, being stuck alone, that would have been a kindness. No one to worry about, nothing to accomplish. She could finally get her own self in order. But her space just had to fail, and she just had to have a way to find the others. An excuse, a chance, a punishment. Call it what you will, but as Shine Carello gets ready to go back out for the next captive, she looks anything but happy. No one is telling Shine to do this, but no one is stopping her. Maybe this is her prison, the inability to have one.

Yeah, that tracks.”

Season 3C Intro

(Note, this season’s narration, besides short sections at the very beginning and end, is actually narrated by Madame Laugh’s VA. Notes point out when these switches occur.)

“It is a place of despair, it is a place of… uncomfortableness. It is the personal prison of Madame Laugh… allegedly. But while the Slidal Relix is supposed to be the creator, the madam herself seems to be the architect. The landscape and forms here seem to suit her personality instead of challenging it, the monsters and demons seem to worship her, not hate her. And the decor, brutalist and bloody, sure does fit with what I remember of her, and her reputation. I never got the chance to meet her when she was destroying the place, but I think Shine Carello, Outcast of Carve, is very familiar with her. They have quite the history, and watching it play out will certainly be interesting. Was the Madame able to take control of her prison, or is there more going… wait, what’s that? No that’s impossible, how could she-”

(Madame Laugh’s VA takes over in narration from this point onward. Change of font represents when who AF and JL refer to as the “True Madame” speaks. If you don't believe me K, I could always send you the scans from Animation Magazine (; it's in issue 60 if you wanna find it yourself! On another note, I have not been able to confirm if this is NL doing a voice or a different VA all together. Alas, Animation Magazine does not seem to have the key in this instance.)

“It is a place of eyeballs that rotate counterclockwise, it is a place where no one flesh buddy is exactly alike. It is the place that those with mouths call Madame Laugh’s House! Through it’s not a house, but that's a secret for YOU and YOU only, looker. Madame Laugh has been having laughs with her and her and her and hers! But there are too many of the same, and this can get tiring for old Madame Laugh. I want to close my eyes and never have to open them again. I will pay people to put clothespins on them and cut off my arms. Luckily there is luck! Madame Laugh has spotted someone new that she hasn’t birthed. It is old Shine Carello, the one that Laugh had humored before.

It was a chuckle for Laugh to see the others, dressed like their heads hadn’t been cut off years before. And they were lead by Shine Carello, whose stump was by far the thickest and most pronounced. Carello is like a balloon full of dog meat, she wiggles and undulates so seductively. It’s been hard for Madame Laugh to resist the urge to pop her. I look back on my life and try to envision alternative routes but I fear that they all lead to the same destination. But now after all the loudness Madame Laugh has made herself a house, and in that house is Shine Carello, and outside that house is knotted hands, and attached to those hands are flailing limbs, and those limbs are attached to a crooked body, and attached to that crooked body is the laughing face of Madame Laugh! Looker! What is that on her frantic tongue? Is it… could it…? YES. A needle, a needle for popping Shine Carello. Will Madame Laugh save the day? What color is Shine Carello on the inside? KEEP LOOKING, LOOKER.”

Season 3C Intro 2

(This intro ran from episode 2 to 6 of C)

“It is a place of eyeballs that rotate counterclockwise, it is a place where no one flesh buddy is exactly alike. It is the place that those with mouths call Madame Laugh’s House! And Shine Carello is checking in for a permanent visit!

She is the one who used to rule Carve, like Madame Laugh, but then she was exiled… LIKE MADAME LAUGH! Now she wants to get all the ones not in Carve back in Carve. I still remember how it felt, the throne will always have my indents, my hands will always have my blood But Madam Laugh is having so much fun here, she doesn’t want to leave. And neither does Shine! Carello has so much to look forward to, Laugh knows all about her, and knows what makes her laugh, and what makes her frown. Madam Laugh is gonna open the house, and make her do both! I know everything I did then, I did for a reason, but then I remember that body in the courtyard and my hands, my hands Who is Madame Laugh? Who is Shine Carello? Who is Looker? Madam Laugh knows it all, and if you’re patient, she’ll open her mouth for you too.”

Season 3C Outro

I could have been the one to banish Shine Carello It is a place of eyeballs that rotate counterclockwise! I would have done it differently It is a place where no one flesh buddy is exactly alike! I would have made sure she was dead, and then placed her body back on Earth It is the place that those with mouths I would do it out of kindness, saving her from harming herself or others any further. I would have carried her myself Call Madame Laughs House! I would want them all to see what I’ve become Madame Laugh has had the funnest time with Shine. I’m not their daughter anymore, I’m not their son anymore. I was something entirely bright and radiant then, and now I am something else, just as luminescent, but it’s a false light But Madame Laugh has found that the only thing worse than a toy that can break I know that I am no longer in control of my body, but I never really was Is a toy that doesn’t! I am not Madame Laugh, but I am lying because when I talk I speak with her voice, and when I dream I dream with her mind. Madame Laugh is I created Madame Laugh because of the body in the courtyard, and the body in the courtyard is because of Madame Laugh Confused. I am so much more than her, but all that you have heard of is Madame Laugh, everyone had forgotten the woman who ruled for years before her. I am that woman, and I have forgotten my own name, through it had been hard to remember even before the body. I gave birth to her the first day I became ruler, but it took time for her to gestate and grow. I will very soon not even be, and Madame Laugh will stay here, in a paradise she will never realize is a prison. I know our fate, and Shine Carello has no part in it. I will let her leave, not because I want her to succeed, but because that's not what Madame Laugh would do, and even though she has come to define me, I am not Madame Laugh.

I truly believe though, it would be best if she, Carello, died here. I think this place and Earth brings out the past in her, and that is a wonderful look for us Outcasts. I look at this Shine Carello and I see who she was before. I see the brave woman who did what no one could do and banished me before I could cause any more harm to Carve. I look at her reign, the her she’s trying to return to, and all I can see is my hands on that man's throat, struggling with him on the courtyard.

I am not unique, Madame Laugh rests on the shoulder of every ruler. I am scared for Shine Carello. I am scared that she has just remembered who she is. I am scared that when she reclaims the throne, she will forget.”

(Lord Serotonin’s VA resumes narration)

“… Well, watcher, I don’t really know what that was. Shine has escaped, Madame Laugh has refused to join, and that’s all I can say with certainty. Theres alot of things, in the cracks, in the corners, that you could argue I’m missing. And yeah, I know that. But until someone could explain to me what exactly went on there besides the bare essentials, I’m just gonna keep moving on like nothing else happened. Because really, nothing did. I told you everything you needed to know, we’re all set to move on. So if it doesn’t matter, it didn’t happen. And there was a lot of shit back there, watcher, that didn’t happen.

Shine Carello… Madame Laugh… that one guy with the knife helmet (what was that guy’s deal anyway?) ...Carve sure has had a bad streak of rulers huh? Well no worries, Lord Serotonin is doing a great job breaking the trend. Don’t you worry watcher, things have never been better here. Sometimes people can get restless, you know, be mislead and do things they really shouldn’t. But that's fine for Lord Serotonin, he does what needs to be done. Sometimes it can be tough, but you know what, Watcher? Every day it gets easier.”

Season 3D Intro

(Another case where the intro was shortened after the first episode, the very funny “baby” aside was taken out, as well as a few sentences here and there.)

“It is a world of openness, it is a world of transparency. It’s another Carve outcast’s worst nightmares made flesh. You know how this goes. And as expected, Shine Carello is deep in the thick of it, still believing that escape back to Carve is possible, and the Outcasts can still be saved. This has been a thesis put to the test three times before. After some calculations, disregarding the outlier, I have found that these tests have been absolutely positively negative! It’s a failure that you don’t need a spreadsheet to decipher-

Baby. God, I am just in a fun mood today!

But let's look at the now, with Shine Carello all set to try the test again. This time her subject is Mirror Face, a someone whose name is all we know. Their personal hell is a friendly well to do suburbia called AimsBamble, heaven for the most boring people you know, where everyone knows the first last, and maiden name of their neighbors. Mirror Face lives in obscurity, which has made them enemy number one here. And Shine Carello, dispatched top dog of Carve? Just call her enemy number two. She relied so much on an identity that was never really hers, how long before the homeowners and milkmen of AimsBamble learn her true name, and her true face? Well watcher, I’m just as interested as you.”

Season 3D Wrap Up

“It is a world of secrets, it is a world of hidden motivations. It is a world that gives Carve a run for its money in the world of treachery and betrayal. All I can really say is,


Who would have thought that AimsBamble was so corrupt and horrible under the surface. Even the nicest seeming person having enough skeletons to pack a closet. Pleasant midwest suburbia being the cover for something awful, what a CONCEPT!

Jokes aside, it is interesting. For our mirror face friend, what does this mean? Is this just another level to Mirror Face’s prison, or does it say something more about humanity. Have they realized in a world of blackmailers and defilers your own identity is your only leverage, and concealing it is the only way to retain who you really are? Could AimsBamble and it’s population be rooted in reality?

“Well, I don't know, I’m just spitballing. Just riffing, as I do. So Mirror Face joined Shine Carello. Hurray. They’re friends now, they can bond over their giant cloak collection I’m sure. Now she’s 2-2, with only one outcast left. I’m not a betting man, but if I was, I’d put it all on August Snow wanting to stay. Why? Oh, just a hunch.”

Season 3E Intro

“It’s a world of peace, it’s a world of safety, it’s everything those who don’t understand fun want Carve to be, and it’s August Snow’s… prison? I’m gonna be honest with you watcher, I’m not so certain these Relix pieces are all that trustworthy in making perfect personal prisons. August Snow, former revolutionary, seems perfectly fine in this version of Carve that he fought so valiantly to create. And really, if you get passed the fact that there are no rulers around to rule, it does seem pretty passable. I mean, there’s only five different slugs that can kill you here but…

Anywho, Shine Carello is here to break Snow out, with the help of the mysterious Mirror Face. But does Snow really want to escape this utopia, is Shine correct in her assumption that this is too good to be true? And how will they react once they learn that this version of carve has- ooh, almost did it again! If you want to know Watcher, you just have to… well, you know the drill.”

Season 3E Intro 2 (episode 4 to 6)

“It really is a world of peace, it really is a world of safety. August Snow was somehow able to override the relix and create a perfect world. Here is the Carve that should have been, here is the Carve everyone dreams of… well, everyone except for yours truly. But I’ve always been an outlier when it comes to these things. Especially gushy stuff. Shine Carello uniting with those that were killed during Madame Laugh’s reign? Didn’t even bring a tear to my eye. Besides, technically they’re not even real, just mental constructs created by August Snow, along with everyone else who existed in Carve around 15 years ago. Hell, there’s even a dopey younger version of me there, before I became truly ludicrous.

Hate to be the party pooper here, but there’s a very large elephant in the room. Before it was only a question of if Carello could convince Snow to get out. Now, Shine seems just as, if not even more, reluctant to leave. What will it be? Stay in a world you know is fake, or break free and destroy it so you can be killed by Serotonin or one of his numerous toughs, assassins, or murderers? Hmmm, a very tough decision. Well, actually, it’s not that difficult of a choice for her, if she’s smarter than I gave her credit for. But for me, oh my, it’s like being trapped between a meadow and a soft place. I don’t know which I like more! So she can struggle as much as she wants watcher. Whatever she chooses, I win. And to think, I was actually worried she’d be a threat!”

Season 3E Wrap Up

“And so… I guess that’s it? They’re actually staying.


I know, I know, I wasn’t hiding the fact that I wanted them to do this, and it definitely is the best option available to them but... Wow, they did it? No fooling? I guess I’m just shocked that Shine Carello actually made a good decision for once.

This appears to be where the remaining outcasts journey will end. Not with some grand but ultimately failed attack on the life of Lord Serotonin, but a resignation to a fate that, while completely fake, is at least perfect.

We all want a perfect life, and at the end of the day we’ll take it, no matter what imperfect form it takes. For me, I used my wits and general charm to create my utopia, and tried the best to have those under me have their own. A smaller, more realistic utopia. I’m still the ruler, I really wouldn’t be if everyone’s life was as perfect as mine.

And as for the outcasts, their perfection is based on an unstable folding tray of lies. Won’t take much to just completely dismantle it, and they all seem weirdly okay with just forgetting all those people on Earth, remember them? So I guess… I’ll just leave them to it? They successfully erased themselves as a threat after all. They surrendered! They gave up! They won’t (and can’t) bother me, so the least I could do is not bother them.

Ah, screw it, I’ll send them just a few toughs, murderers, and assassins. They have nothing better to do anyway. They still want vengeance, and I would just be an utter jerk if I failed to give them one last chance of getting justice.

Besides, if I don’t, I bet Shine and the gang will start missing out on old meddling Lord Serotonin and his constant attempts on their lives. Oh, when they see the first would-be killer make it into their little carve diorama, their hearts will flutter, their eyes will sparkle! Huzzah, they will scream, we thought for sure we would have to give up fear for safety, thank you for proving us wrong! Really I’m doing them a favor by pretending they’re still worth attacking.

You know, watcher, sometimes it’s almost infuriating how compassionate I can be.”

(And that’s it! Thank you for going down memory lane with me and revisiting the best animated show of the 90s! know there’s a fourth season, but seeing as that was mandated by the studio and AF and JL had nothing to do with it, I’m gonna end this where the series should have ended. Besides, I’m not actually missing any new material. They couldn’t get JH back and the studio was too cheap to hire a new Serotonin VA, so they just spliced together previous openings and closings for the S4 Intro. I actually recommend checking it out online, it’s honestly pretty funny.)