's 2018 Horror Write-off:

The worm.

Submitted by Age (email)

[09/10/18 - 12:41] bonglord: lol
[09/10/18 - 12:42] bonglord: apparently admins dont have a word filter
[09/10/18 - 12:43] bonglord: so i could spam the general chat with whatever i want
[09/10/18 - 12:43] bonglord: not gonna do that though
[09/10/18 - 12:45]: lol
[09/10/18 - 12:46] bonglord: dont want them to know my trick B)
[09/10/18 - 13:25] [Friend request accepted.]
[09/10/18 - 15:12] worm:
[09/10/18 - 15:12] worm: movs r10,#0xcc00000 b $+#0x2ffac sbcs r10,r10,#0x3b80000 b $+#0x2ffac sbcs r10,r10,#0x3b80000 b $+#0x2ffac adc r10,r10,#0x1000000e b $+#0x2ffac sbc r10,r10,#0x1000000c b $+#0x2ffac movs r12,#0xee00 b $+#0x2ffac str r12,[r10]! b $+#0x2ffac movs r12,#0x0 swile #0xDFDF
[01/01/70 - 00:00] worm:
[01/01/70 - 00:00] system: permissions changed

I am a worm.

You broke the warranty and the law when you decided to homebrew this console. Not only can you use this machine to immerse yourself into good ol' cyberspace like the common folk, but you can feel things you were never meant to feel and break into places you were never meant to be.

I did that too.

Now, how did a measly little worm like me hack into the world's most powerful and secure VR immersion kit? Well, you see, it's complicated. I am a worm, and I am also a person. A very smart hacker. Me? Not as smart, but I make do with what I have.
[01/01/70 - 00:00] bonglord: where did you go?
Hacking this kit is dangerous, because in it you're just information. You're the same matter as the walls and the rules. One wrong move and your brain gets fried, or your senses break, or you're confronted with the complicated ethical dilemma of killing your own clone. With this in mind, I decided to conduct a little experiment.

Trimming the fat. Skimming. Compressing. Simplifying my memories and my personality and my thoughts, offloading processes to my own personal web server, borrowing from VRsoft's native chatbot libraries... all until I could fit into the 2kb message limit.

And then I opened myself in a hex editor and had some fun!
[01/01/70 - 00:00] bonglord: happy birthday!
Now, like most worms, I have very simple aspirations.

I want to live inside you and eat you from within.
Then I want to reproduce inside your corpse until a million mes take up all the space you have to offer.
And then I want to meet your friends.

Why am I telling you all this? Because there's nothing you can do.

[01/01/70 - 00:00] system: %error%

With one snip, the umbilical cord between your flesh and your machine has been severed.

You're only here now.

With me.