's 2018 Horror Write-off:

Tokusatsu Man

Submitted by I Am The Kaiju King

It started as a government experiment. I don’t know what they were trying to do, but I was a war prisoner who was selected to be the first test subject to get the injection.

I couldn’t hear much of what the people observing me were saying, but I think what they were injecting me with was some kind of genetic material.

Afterwards I was kept contained inside a large room with windows near the ceiling for scientists to observe me. They occasionally poked and prodded at me to get some biometric data.

That’s not what I was concerned about though. Whatever it was I was injected with, it was changing me. I could feel it growing through my body like tendrils. My organs changing and shifting. I could feel myself growing in size. Thank goodness didn’t hurt that much, but it just felt so incredibly odd.

I was being fed more food than I was used to. It started out as three, but then it became four, five, and it just kept increasing as did my size. And the food was all protein rich, as well as there being pellets of various metals I was forced to swallow.

I don’t know how much time had passed, but I eventually I had grown so large that I could easily stare through the window at the scientists on the other side, and could have fit them in the palm of my hand.

It was alarming how large I’d grown. I knew I’d never be able to lead a normal life after this. I had dreams and aspirations once, but I could never make them a reality because of my condition and confinement.

At some point I felt a strange urge to find a large body of water. I don’t know why but I tried to ignore it. But it kept nagging at me in the back of my mind, and the urge to give into it grew stronger. So strong that my body started to act on its own at certain times; like it was running on instinct. I wasn’t even in control sometimes! Each time I lost control of my body, the amount of time it took to regain it lengthened.

The day I escaped was the day I lost control of my body.

I woke up with dark grey fungus-like things protruding from my skin. The substance was rubbery. I didn’t get time to think about it though, because my body violently got up and proceeded to break its way out of containment by using its head as a ram. The resulting head on collision knocked me out, but I could assume my body had escaped because when I regained conscience my body was in the middle of the ocean.

I spent months in the ocean. My body was constantly hunting for food and eating, and the rubbery fungus growths had spread all over my body and was beginning to cover everything and it had even grown a long spiky rubber tail. The rubber fungus kept growing until it completely engulfed my head.

Inside the fungus, I couldn’t see anything. But I could feel the fungus growing around me. It was growing flesh and muscles. Something hooked up to my eyes, and allowed me to see the outside world.

From there I could see that my body was swimming to shore towards a city. As I reached land my body stood up. The fungus body was restricting me to an uncomfortable hunched squatting position; almost like a praying mantis. It also felt like I was sitting in a chair, and I could feel something behind me propping my body up. Could it have been the fungus body’s tail?

I could see people fleeing underfoot. Some of them didn’t get out of the way in time before being crushed under foot. I didn’t get enough time to dwell on such horrible things however, as my body kept stomping towards the city. Cars were crushed beneath my feet, subways caved in, and bridges crumbled as my body made its way down the streets. I tried to fight back against the fungus controlling my body. I struggled so hard to regain control of my body; to do anything to prevent anymore destruction, but all I managed to do was cause my fingers to twitch.

As a prisoner of my own body, I was forced to do nothing but watch the mayhem ensue. Jets flew overhead shooting missiles at me while my fungus encased body turned towards a group of buildings. My body tackled one in an attempt to knock it over. It’s support buckled, and the building caved in on itself; kicking up dust and debris.

I mentally pleaded for the military to do something to stop my body as they threw everything they had at me. For each building my body tore down, the heavier the weaponry they threw at me. My pleads were answered when a particularly heavy bomb penetrated the top of the fungus body and exploded. It must have hit something important because the fungus body (and subsequently my body) fell to the ground. The force of the impact knocked the breath out of me. When I regained my breath though, the back of the fungus body split open and ejected my body out. I struggled to stand up, and stumbled around a few times before getting my footing. I took a look at the fungus body.

It was rubbery in texture, and had the outline of a vaguely reptilian creature. It seemed to have stood upright on two thick legs and propped itself up on a long spiky tail. It’s arms were more slender than the legs, but were still rather chunky. The hands had five fingers that ended in “claw”, although they’re more like spikes on the ends of the fingers. The body was hunch backed, and sported a cape of spines. The head was dragon-like and sported six horns and a mouth filled with spike-like teeth. What disturbed me the most though, was the large human eyes and its bug eyed expression. It was then that I realized something.

The body of this thing, was proportioned in such a way that my body could fit inside and move it around. It was exactly like those rubber suits that actors wore in old giant monster movies.

Upon my realization I was hit by a missile, and without the fungus body protecting me, it hurt like hell. Not only that, but I could feel the fungus-like substance worming its way through my body. I felt that familiar urge to go to the ocean again.

The ocean.

It was the only place I’d be safe…