's 2018 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Eve Q (email)

[Record of content on the deleted Instagram account “”, owned by Elisabeth “Beth” Caputo. Images have been removed, although descriptions have been provided; captions, comments, and dates remain.]

[At the start of the record, Beth held 292 Instagram followers, and had been active for two years prior.]

October 2, 2017

[A selfie, taken in what appears to be a high school bathroom. Beth’s phone (Samsung Galaxy S6, with clear case) obscures her face, although her hair and upper torso are visible: her hair is curly, brown, in a high ponytail; she is wearing a mustard yellow sweater and a silver necklace.] anyone have any costume ideas????

bowlingallison a crab

lamunede missandei! @lamunede whats that

lamunede game of thrones

October 15, 2017

[A candid shot of Beth; she is wearing a bulky green jacket and a pinstripe romper, holding a to-go box. Her appearance seems normal. The box is presumably from the Chili’s she is sitting in front of, on a bench. The photo was taken around 8pm, based on lighting.] fuck off kate

kate_jankowski fuck you too dude @kate_jankowski kate jackoffski

October 18, 2017

[Two photos: one of two muffin tins, filled with uncooked batter; the second is of the finished muffins, still in the tin. The muffins appear to be blueberry. The second photo is incredibly blurry and unfocused, especially compared to the first.] someone needs to come wife me up already

October 28, 2017

[A selfie, taken with the front-facing camera; Beth’s face is reddened and puffy, and seems incredibly uneven - her left side seems more swollen than the right. Her hair appears much curlier.] of course i get sick RIGHT BEFORE hallowen :^/

kate_jankowski get better soon!

kate_jankowski ur still comin to the party tho right?

October 31, 2017

[A group photo, of Beth alongside two friends, one of whom is labelled as kate_jankowski (identified as Katherine “Kate” Jankowski), the other as (identified as Aya Demirkan). Kate is dressed as a nurse, splattered in fake blood; Aya is wearing a large black t-shirt with an embroidered alien head; Beth is dressed in a black shoulder-padded blazer and skirt, with tights and a large blonde wig.] tess mcgill reporting in!

lamunede shoulda been missandei lol @lamunede No she really shouldn’t have

November 6, 2017

[Another mirror selfie, in the high school bathroom. Beth is wearing a grey flannel over a white t-shirt. Her face is obscured, but her hair is now blonde, and her shoulders seem wider.]

[No caption.]

November 11, 2017

[Three photos: a candid shot of Aya, working in a sketchbook; a picture of Aya’s sketch, which appears to be Beth; a selfie of both Aya and Beth. In the selfie, Aya appears as normal, while Beth’s hair is now short, brown, and straight; the left side of her face is swollen again. The sketch of Beth is “normal” Beth.] youre the realest bitch

bowlingallison are you sick again? Thanks

Seattle.4993 sexy girl rrr

November 29, 2017

[A blurry photo of a toilet, presumably Beth’s.]

[No caption.]

November 29, 2017

[A selfie, with the front-facing camera. Beth’s skin is incredibly dry, to the point where her lips are cracking and her forehead seems to have bled in her expression lines. Her hair is much shorter.] who wnts to go christmas shopping with meeeeee

kate_jankowski jus text me bitch

January 18, 2017

[A mirror selfie. Beth is completely bald, and the fingers holding her phone are almost twice as long as before. Her skin is still dehydrated, but seems no worse than before.] merry christmas!! Christmas was three weeks ago, Beth?

bowlingallison huh. i like the bald look actually @bowlingallison what?

January 23, 2018

[A front-facing camera selfie. Beth appears to be at a high-end spa, sitting in a mud bath. The dryness is no longer an issue - in fact, her skin seems over-hydrated. She is visibly wet, and her under-eyes and cheeks appear to be developing edema. She is apparently trying to smile, but her skin is too loose to hold a proper smile; she remains bald. The photo is unfocused.] spaa daay

seattle.2482 feet pics?

lamunede u look refreshed lol

January 24, 2018

[A front-facing camera selfie. Beth is outside, dressed in a puffy black bomber jacket and a green knit cap; she is laying on the sidewalk, her right cheek touching the ground. Frost is forming in her eyelashes and on her lips; her skin is particularly pale. The lighting suggests this photo was taken early in the morning, probably 4am.] mornign

bowlingallison are you okay?????

seattle.2482 feet pics?

seattle.23494 hey

February 1, 2018

[A screenshot of an Amazon listing, labelled as “Mehron Makeup Premium Character Kit (Clown)”.] should i???????

February 9, 2018

[A front-facing camera selfie; Beth seems to no longer have a nose, which has been replaced by smooth skin. She remains bald.]

[No caption.]

February 10, 2018

[A very blurry photo of Beth’s toilet.]

bowlingallison beth answer my texts

February 11, 2018

[A photo of Beth’s hand. She is missing her ring finger. What looks to be product from the Mehron clown makeup kit has been applied to the back of her hand.]

seattle.3923.4 blowjob?

bowlingallison please beth

seattle.4993 mmmm baby

[A gap of several months. During this time, Beth’s account lost 285 followers, down to a mere seven.]

August 14, 2018

[A pure white image.]

bowlingallison where the fuck have you been

seattle.2482 hey babe...feet pics?

seattle.3923.4 hey sexy

August 28, 2018

[A mirror selfie of Beth. She is back in the high school bathroom. She has propped her leg up on the counter, so that her shoe is visible. Her appearance seems to have returned to normal.] last year of high school here we come!!!

seattle.4993 hey cutie

seattle.693 c’mon you sexy

seattle.4786 ;-)

seattle.23494 feet pics?

September 3, 2018

[A mirror selfie of Beth, in the same pose and location as the one 6 days prior. She is bald again, retains only three fingers on both hands. She is not wearing shoes. The image is high-quality, but Beth herself has compression artifacts.] missin my girls

seattle.4786 feet pics!

seattle.2482 sexy babe sexy

bowlingallison you wanna send feet pics?

bowlingallison mmmm sexy

[Two weeks after this post, the account has been purged of all posts; the only recent activity has been a comment on a post that has been archived below.]

December 23, 2018

[A photo posted to the account, operated by Aya Demirkan. It is a graphite sketch of holly berries.] Happy holidays feet pics????