's 2019 Horror Write-off:

Amusement Park Employee 9488575 Part 2 – Exploration of the Sewers and Sloppy Joe’s Diner

Submitted by aceotaku (email)

The young man and the young girl stared in disbelief at the white, hairless, teddy-bear like creature before them as it smoked a cigarette and held a gun a still smoking gun in one of its white stubby limbs, still processing what just happened.

“Who...what ARE you?” the young man blurted out.

“Like I JUST said,” the creature grumbled in gruff annoyance, “my name is Employee No. 9488575, or something like that, and as you can see I’m just one of the many employees at this fine establishment.” To emphasis its point the creature kicked at one of the bodies of one of the slain “Employees”.

“W-where are we...?” The young girl asked, voice quaking in fear.

Employee 9488575 tilted its head quizzically. “You don’t know?”

“We...uh...kind just sorta...found ourselves here.” The young man admitted.

“Well, first of all, how the hell did you two get in here in the first place if you don’t even know where you even ARE?” the creature asked irritably. “Second of all, I just introduced myself to you so you may as well tell me your names too.”

“I’m...Carol...” The younger girl answered nervously, looking downwards.

“Ron.” The young man answered, holding the girl close to futilely hide her from the horrors around her. “We just woke up in that room over there, that man was leading us out and then those...those THINGS...”

“Yeah...yeah they do that.” Employee 9488575 replied curtly. “Alright just...just don’t look at them, they shouldn’t be getting up. Right me this room you were in.”

“Why should I?” Ron said, glaring at the creature in suspicion.

“First of all I saved your lives when I could’ve easily let those guys kill you. Second, I have a gun and you aren’t armed so I would suggest maybe not try and start sh...stuff with me, alright?”

The man nodded, gulping. “G...good point...alright I’ll show you.” He gripped Carol’s arm gently as he walked with her, the pair leading their saviour through the sewers towards a large metal door, some bricks covering the wall it was inset in partially removed, broken bricks lying discarded on the ground showing it had been destroyed.

“Never saw this before, it was hidden well...” Employee No. 9488575 mused as they opened the door and walked into the room. “Of course, now I gotta wonder how he knew where to look...or how HE got in here for that matter...”

Inside, they found a large square room with mechanical apparatuses connected to what appeared to be large metal boxes, all of which lay open revealing they had empty spaces inside them.

“What the hell...?” Employee No. 95488575 wondered aloud, confused by what they found.

“We woke up in here where that man stood over us and lead us out and then....those things attacked.” Ron said from behind.

“Peculiar...” Employee  No. 9488575 shook their head. “Well, as I told you before, you wanna survive here you’re gonna have to stay with me till we get you out of here.”

The young girl Carol looked up at them. “You’re gonna help us...?”

“Beats just walking around smoking.” The creature said.

“Can...can we find my mum and dad....?” The girl asked. “I-I remember we were together before I woke up here...”

“We can try but...this place isn’t exactly a place you can just...wander around in.” Employee No. 9488575 said. “Just...stick with me.”

The girl nodded and gently held Ron’s hand as the pair followed along as their new helper lead them out of the mysterious room, walking down through the sewers and past the bodies lying still on the floor. “Just follow me, I know a path to the surface just...” They froze, suddenly pushing the two humans into a dark space near the walls as heavy footsteps filled the air.

Nearby, a black figure stomped around, looking around and growling audibly in annoyance. It resembled most other employees save for a few key differences: its body was a shiny, jet black, its stubby arms topped with spiked fists, its feet sporting boots lined with sharp spikes underneath and most of the thing’s body was covered almost entirely in sharp, jutting spikes, and instead of round ears it instead had a pair of long, pointed, barbed spikes that resembled thorny horns. A closer look revealed dried blood now decorated the spikes of its body, marring its otherwise completely black form, and a small metal badge was affixed to its chest and marked with only one word: “Prick”.

The creature silently looked around where it stood, stepping toward a couple of employees standing around listlessly. “Did you see two customers down here?”

“F...fleshh....” one of the employees hissed.

The black figure shook its head, sighing audibly. “Of course you stupid things have nothing useful to say.” Without warning, it suddenly punched at the employee that spoke, smashing its head flat and causing its lifeless body to slam into a wall from the force of the punch. The black figure turned to the other two employees. “Stand watch. And DON’T kill the customers, Management is interested in them.”

“Fl...flessh...fleshhh....flesh...” The employees groaned.

The figure snarled, bringing its hands together to crush the head of one of them, leaving only one behind as it walked off out of sight.

“What the hell...?” Ron muttered softly.

“That’s the head of security around here...” Employee No. 9488575 answered, slowly moving from their hiding place and peeking around the corner to ensure the black figure was gone. Seeing that he was, they lifted their gun and aimed for the remaining Employee’s head, firing a hole through its head and causing blood and offal to spill to the ground, the creature’s body collapsing. Ensuring the passage was safe they waved the two humans over and started to slowly lead them along.

“So...what IS this place? What are you creatures, exactly?” Ron asked, the young Carol clinging to his leg gently.

“This place WAS an amusement park, ONCE, but forgot its name long ago. As for what WE are...we’re the Employees of this ‘fine establishment’, plain and simple. You don’t really need to know more than that.” Employee No. 9488575 looked around, cautious for any more violent Employees.

“Why...why are you different?” Ron asked. “TH-those...Employees...they’re CRAZY! They...they ATE that guy!”

Employee No. 9488575 shook their head. “Nah. They don’t have mouths, let alone a working digestive system. They didn’t try to EAT that guy, they...were just trying to satisfy their Vice.”

“Their...their what?”

“Every Employee here has a Vice, something that keeps them....functioning, something they CRAVE above all else. For those freaks its ‘flesh’. “

“...Why do they crave uhhh...” Ron began awkwardly, unsure and uncomfortable with how to word the question.

“They think if they take it from people, it’ll replace what they lost.” Employee No. 9488575. “But what we lost...can never be taken back, no matter how many people they kill and try to ‘eat’.” They suddenly froze, holding up their gun. “Shit...”

Repeated groans of “flesh” echoed around them as a massive horde of Employees stood before them.

“Take the kid and RUN!” Employee No. 9488575 barked out. “I’ll clear the path, just run over there to that ladder, that’ll take you above ground!”  They pointed past the mob to a ladder inset into a wall, metal ladder leading up to an opening in the ceiling above.

As Ron hefted up Carol and held her tightly to his chest, Employee No. 9488575 dashed forward, firing wildly, trying to aim at the heads of the horde. However, while they hit a few square in the head, they missed a fair bit more, which tried to charge past them and towards the pair of humans.

Ron and Carol screamed as a couple of the creatures manage to get past No. 9488575, blood coating their speakers as they hungrily groaned and whispered, only to be cut short as No. 9488575 managed to fire a couple shots to kill them, the Employee grunting as its opponents pinned it down to so they could get at the humans. Ron and Carol screamed as the young man ran with the girl through an opening in the horde and to thee ladder, hurriedly trying to climb up as the monsters shrieked and tried to give chase, only for gunshots to fly through their heads, shoulders and torsos, earning the attention of those either minorly injured or unharmed.

Employee No. 9488575 got up to their feet, holding their gun out. “No. You pay attention to ME you FUCKS.”

As they got ready for a fight, a black figure ran through the shadows, punching through the horde, sending parts, blood and a red mist flying through the area. Employee No. 9488575 stared eyelessly, lowering their gun as they gazed at the black figure from early, now covered in the blood of slain Employees.

The black figure turned to Employee No. 9488575, speaking in a sadistic tone of voice as fresh blood dripped down their black body. “Of course you’d be down here, slacking off...and helping a couple humans escape.”

“Shut up, Prick.” Employee No. 9488575 said. “Those humans aren’t yours...”

The black figure, Prick, chuckled cruelly. “Of course not, if they WERE I’d have a LOT of fun. Especially with that brat...never DID got a chance to see how it felt to hurt a child...must feel so....EMPOWERING.”

Employee No. 9488575 shook in fear and anger, snarling. “You’re a SICK, TWISTED FUCK, Prick!”

“That’s not what you USED to call me, Employee No. 9488575.” Prick said, flexing his massive fists.

Employee No. 9488575 aimed and quickly fired, the shot missing entirely as Prick promptly dodged, charging forward to swing a haymaker hard into their face, sending the white creature flying back into a wall with a pained groan.

“No, those humans aren’t for ME.” Prick said, as if they were having a conversation still instead of a fight to the death. “Management wants them. And we gotta do what Management says.”

“” 9488575 said, trying to get back theur bearings only to groan in pain as Prick slammed a foot into their stomach, the spikes on Prick’s boots digging deep into the Employee’s body.

“Lucky me I just LOVE disciplining unruly, unreasonable Employees....” Prick said. “And I love it even more when that employee is YOU.”

“Shut...UP!” Employee No. 9488575 pressed their gun into Prick’s chest, firing several times, causing the black figure to gasp and cry out, his body being pushed back by the force of the forces.

“Y-you little...” Prick managed before 9488575 grabbed his arm while he was distracted, firing until something broke and tore the limb off Prick’s body, causing him to scream out as black oil spilled from the stump. 9488575 then followed with a sharp kick, pushing Prick onto his back, the Employee grabbing a broken pipe lying nearby and jabbing it deep through both of Prick’s legs, pulling hard on it until both limbs were torn off by the force, Prick screaming out louder. 9488575 then lifted their gun to the black figure’s head, panting.

“W-wait...” Prick wheezed, terror in his voice through the tinny tone of his speaker-face. “C-come one...come one, wouldn’t KILL me, w-would ya...Y-ya know it’s not like I meant any of that..this place...i-it fucks with your head. C-come on...i-it’s ME...remember, Mel...?”

Employee No. 9488575 sighed after a long while and started to walk away from Prick, heading to the ladder....and heard a scream, soon scrambling up, terror rising in their chest.

Prick meanwhile lay still on the sewer floor, growling angrily  as he signalled Management to come fix him up.

When 9488575 came up to the surface, the twisted landscape of the brightly coloured, well lit amusement park greeted their site, the sky pitch black as night had fallen a while ago. They also Ron and Carol struggling in the distance as a few Employees carried the pair towards a large building with a burger shaped sign reading “Sloppy Joe’s”.

“Oh FUCK.” 9488575 ran towards the building, hefting their gun. As they entered the building they found the inside was a typical diner/fast food restaurant, with some of the park’s Employees standing in front of a takeout counter wearing red aprons and cute burger shaped hats, their heads tilted to the side and their limbs hanging limply and clutching cleavers and large forks. The many seats of the diner were filled with the more generic looking Employees of the park that just sat quietly as if waiting for their meals.

“Welcome to Sloppy Joe’s...” The Diner Employees droned in unison. “Wait while we take your order....”

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY GODDAMN WAY!” 9488575 shouted, firing upon the creatures, sending one falling back as its head was burst to smithereens by the gunfire, blood spraying everywhere. The seated Employees just quietly sat and waited silently while The other Diner Employees screeched and ran over swinging their weapons as 9488575 rushed past them, firing wildly at them while leaping over the main counter of the dinner and running through an open door at the back of the building.

Inside, they found blood smearing the walls of a massive room filled with blood stained machinery, Ron and Carol struggled as their arms were wrapped in chains placed around sharp meathooks.

“I’m getting you two down from there!” 9488575 said, stepping forward.

“Mister!” Carol shouted, tears in her eyes. “Watch out!”

As 9488575 walked forward, a massive gout of flame burst forward in front of them, causing them to step back as something huge suddenly popped up from the ground. This “something” turned out to be a massive double-patty cheeseburger with tiny unmovable arms holding a knife and fork on its sides and a pair of large googly eyes atop the seeded bun of it’s “head”, a relatively small square speaker inset on the base of the bottom half of the bun.

“Welcome to Sloppy Joe’s!” A voice spoke excitedly from the burger thing’s speaker. “I’ll be right with ya after I’m done preparing the meat! Nice fresh burgers, just what a hungry Customer needs!”

“Those are PEOPLE, not FOOD!” 9488575 argued. “We don’t even have anyway of EATING anything anyway!”

“Oh now,now, don’t be like that!” Sloppy Joe said in a condescendingly childish manner. “Just be patient and we’ll be servin’ up some DEEEEE-LISH burgers!”

9488575 had enough of this and fired a shot, destroying one of the thing’s googly eyes, nothing happening as Sloppy Joe didn’t seem fazed at all.

“Well if you’re gonna be unruly guess I gotta cook ya up to! More meat for the customers!” Sloppy Joe said, half of its form rising up, revealing the hydraulic poles lifting it up as well as the razor sharp sspikes hidden between its pair of patties. “Let’s TENDERISE!”

Its body tilted forward awkwardly, but surprisingly quickly, as it tried to catch 9488575 between the opening its body formed. As the rogue employee tried to jump, Sloppy Joe’s body slammed shut and with a sickening, metallic crunch 9488575’s leg was caught in between.

“Dammit! Let me go!” 9488575 fired widly onto Sloppy Joe’s “head”, perforating the foam bun with holes but causing no serious damage. 9488575 yanked their leg, tearing it from the rest of limb that had been trappd and screaming in pain before limping away, the torn “skin” of its limb revealing a metallic skeletal like structure underneath.

Sloppy Joe turned back, laughter crackling from its speaker as it lifted its “head” once more, revealing the spikes and preparing to attack, the floor shooting more bursts of flame to strike. “Smooch them up, grill em up, flip them up good! No one does it better than Sloppy Joe’s food!”

9488575 looked up at the towering monster....and then looked down, gasping in realisation, firing rapidly at Sloppy Joe’s speaker, the “chef’s” blood and flesh exploding out as it screamed in pain, before collapsing still, the flames dying down and disappearing as 9488575 ran towards the two humans, using their brute strength to tear chains off and let the pair down to the floor.

Carol looked up at the friendly Employee, tears in her eyes. “Th-thank you!”

“Don’t thank me...” 9488575 said, panting. “Just doing what I should, make sure you two get out of here...”

“How are we going to get out?” Ron said, eyeing the corpse of Sloppy Joe warily, as if worried it could come to life and try to murder them at any moment. “Those monsters are everywhere, no offence. The front gates, I guess?”

“No, those have been shut for YEARS.” 9488575 looked at its legs, assessing that the damage was only “skin deep”, as it were. “It IS the only exit far as I know, but there’s only one way TO open it.”

“And what is that?” Ron asked.

“We go and visit Management.” 9488575 said icily.


Prick lay still on a metal table, Management watching over, ensuring the process to repair him was going smoothly. The park had lost a lot of Employees in a short amount of time, and it needed Prick to ensure that the Park went back to continuing to run smoothly, otherwise the Higher Ups would be upset, and Management’s job was to ensure that the Higher Ups plans went smoothly.

As they regarded the pair of humans strapped to another pair of metal tables, Management couldn’t help but muse that at least the non vital Employees could be easily replaced. They had a lot of spare parts, after all.

Management would make sure the Park would continue to run as intended by the Higher Ups, by any means necessary. That was their function, and that of the Employees, and nothing would get in the way of that function, not even  Employee No. 9488575.