's 2019 Horror Write-off:

ant farm

Submitted by Queen Medb

Life on the ant farm is a simple affair, really. They scurry to and fro, grabbing food, milking the aphids. The ant farm is, if all is right, unaware that it is the ant farm. And to the ants, this is perfection, paradise. When done right, of course. Who is to say theyre wrong when it is? Sometimes, of course, something would go wrong, a messed up tunnel, some bored child adding ants who did not belong there, to see what would happen. And on the whole? most ant farms are improper.

The Native Americans are kept on reservations, these days, considered an independent nation, except they're not kept nearly as happy as ant farms are, and they're not REALLY their own nations, only when it can be used to inconvenience them. Just as a child aggravates ants for fun, these micronations seem to exist only to be desecrated, defiled, and tortured. Such is the way mankind is.

The Sentinelese are allowed to manage their own nation, their own people, their own life style. All who try to interfere are driven off, by them or by the government of india. The ant farm is left to its devices, but make no mistake, this is humanities obsession with their ant farms, allowed again to thrive. The Child does not tap the glass, or add foreign ants that are unwelcome.

There are those humans who also keep alternate ant farms: Jars of leeches, greenhouse venus flytraps, terrariums of worms and grubs and pillbugs for a classroom. These are called terrariums, but make no mistake, they are ant farms full of alternate ants. Mankind alone abides by this rule, the ant farm law. Anyone else, such as a wild ape who has only now began to think and craft tools, or the ants themselves, they merely farm.

Perhaps now is the time to take a tangent, an unexpected left turn: All across the world, all through history, humanity has seen things who are almost human, Grey, bulbous headed, ogreish with a horn, or perhaps sometimes even less inhuman, with elongated ears, blonde hair, pale complexion. They Abduct men, sometimes merely to play with, sometimes to torment, or dissect, or study. Sometimes, they PLANT men, people who just do not belong. Sometimes, they take and replace important children, leaving behind a new breed, though mankind always tries to tear it apart.

Yet they are always almost human. But why should we comfort ourselves? We say Almost, yet in history there are always missing groups of people, artifacts left behind, that are sometimes advanced in ways that are lost to us.

Why do we say its aliens? As far as I can tell, only humans have a fascination with keeping animals in ant farms and humans in simpler times, reservations, or as they really are, human ant farms.

The ant farm is, if all is right, unaware that it is the ant farm.