's 2019 Horror Write-off:

An Unwitting Encounter

Submitted by Shakara

Don’t pay me any mind. No, I’m not a deadbeat or crazy man. I just want to get as drunk as a lord. Bloody hell, is this wine or vinegar? No wonder you get few customers…
You want to know what happened? Really? … Alright, I guess. It, uh, started when I went into the woods for a stroll. I’d been having a bad week- the computer in the office was acting up and I’ve got blisters from my boots. I needed the fresh air.

I walked along a dirt path, listening to the birdsong. I picked some flowers. I didn’t find any weird, haunted cottage or a body hanging for a tree or any dead animals like that… Nah.


I found nothing. Some birds, a few foxes, a rabbit… Business as usual. I was walking back, and that’s when I saw it.

I’d been taking a photo of a group of magpies, and they flew away real fast. A flurry of feathers. The phone slipped and fell into the grass. I squatted down to lift it up.

I saw pale, long feet in the underbrush. Bare toes waggling in the grass. I saw these empty glass bottles. The smell of… milk?

Looking up, I could see a black-bobbed head above the treeline.

I blinked.

They blinked.


I don’t really remember when I got out the forest, but I do remember bursting into this pub and asking for the strongest drink. It’s blurry. I just know I may have sort of wept from the sheer confusion and terror of it all. And I know it wasn’t any statue or puppet or stuff. Because statues don’t blink. And they don’t walk, either! It was a very, very tall man. Or woman? I’m not sure. But men can have long hair. Oh, Jesus Christ, the face-!

No, the police wouldn’t believe me. I think they knew but are covering it up? Perhaps an alien invasion? …

It talked? I'm not sure. I could've just heard my phone or maybe some other bystander or some radio- I swear it said something about 'how good it was to be tall'? I can't tell... Fear took over me.

I don’t know if I was imagining it, but I saw the thing… dance. It, like, dance-walked away. A strange, lilting waltz. Or ballet? I can’t tell. It was horrible. So horrible…

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to vomit all over the counter.