's 2019 Horror Write-off:

At the Dinner Table of The Reviled: An Inverse Short Tale

Submitted by aceotaku (email)

Within a realm made up of a desolate wasteland above which stood a massive block
churning sun of black flesh covered in numerous eyes and boils that would occasionally
burst drop newly reborn and born individuals down to the ground below....a
dinner party was commencing.

This was the land of the Reviled, known colloquially as the Vile for short, and they were
the failed creations of the evil goddess Vael, an attempt to create new
lifeforms to worship her and supplant the mortals that worshipped the other
gods, but were deemed too hideous for her sensibilities and were banished to
this realm forever, the goddess uncaring of what became of them afterwards. The
Reviled, unknowing of why they were abandoned, fell into despair before
rallying together becoming an incredibly massive, dense family who believed in
one cause: proving themselves worthy of their creator by destroying the mortals
who shunned her and the gods who harmed her beauteous form. For surely, if they
proved themselves worthy, their creator would forgive them for their heinous
sin of existence and give them the love they craved.

The Reviled were made up of three distinct groups: Demons, who were more physical entities
and thus closer to the mortals they so despised, and thus had the most ease in
traversing dimensions for a short period to attempt attacks on the mortal
plane. However this also meant they were the physically weakest of their kind,
as they were the most susceptible to mortal means of wounding and killing
opponents in battle. Though upon death, all Reviled would simply return to this
plane, reborn via the massive ‘sun’ that hovered above their world.

The second group were Daemons: beings of pure magic and thought, their forms were esoteric
and less restricted to the laws of nature more physical entities would have,
however this also meant they had difficulty traversing dimensions, with only
the most powerful of Arches being capable of the attempt.

The third were Devils: possessing the qualities of both Daemons and Demons, they however
found it even more difficult to travel to the mortal plan even more than the
Daemons and required specialised rituals and outside assistance to even make
the attempt and would be greatly weakened by the process most of the time and
thus only their Arches could do the deed and not face disadvantages.

The Arches were the nine most powerful, most important entities of the Reviled, three
representing each ‘tribe’ of Vile and acting as the leaders of their ‘family’
and helping bring unity to all three tribes.

It was at a large dinner table that the nine Arches sat, having a yearly meal as they
shared plans and exchanged pleasantries, gossip, news and small talk.

At the right most end of the table were the three Archdemons. Standing as the largest among
them was Moloch, a sagging mass of flesh with large curved black horns and a
bull-like face, his face a sickly green with a wrinkly, sagging texture that made
it appear that his flesh was melting, and from his skin dangled several round
balls of flesh hanging from thin strands of skin. These were Meat Fruit and due
to the nature of the wasteland housing the Reviled served as the sole food
source for their kind, Moloch sacrificing his own flesh to ensure this was so
and none would starve. Only Demons needed to eat anything due to their more
physical nature, but the other races would also partake as a symbol of
solidarity to show they ALL suffered together and would eat together as all
families must.

To Moloch’s right was Caim, a small demon with a skeletal, twig-like insectoid body and a
multitude of buzzing, black wings, sporting seven limbs resembling blades and a
long tail that ended in four large hooks, her head resembling a seahorse’s with
large pale blue eyes and a circular mouth on the end. Due to her fast movement
speed and incredible eye sight and hearing she was the top spy of their kind
and her usefulness had granted her the position of an arch after her predecessor
had been banished due to conflicting ideals and disagreements with the other

To the left of Moloch sat the armoured form of Asmodeus, crafter of armour and master of
combat. He sported a pair of curved horns, like a rams, and his entire body was
encased in jet black, pointed, segmented metal skin with his hands six fingered
razor sharp claws and his feet slightly curved and resembling boots, his face
sporting balls of flame for eyes that floated a couple inches in front of him
and a jagged, snaggletoothed opening that served as his mouth, gaping wide as
he ate some meat fruit while gazing longingly with flaming eyes at his master
and lover at the center of the table, as he served as the personal butler of
the supreme leader of the arches.

To the leftmost end of the table sat the Archdaemons. Floating several inches above the ground
and thus the only member not seated was Abraxas, a master magician and the
archdaemon of knowledge, having mastered the blueprints for various deadly
poisons, diseases and holding within him countless plans to destroy their
creator’s enemies. His body was made up of six square, steel locker safes
within each held several diseases, poisons, toxins and other weapons, but the
door to each safe was shut tight with a large dial in the center, the dials the
only way someone other than Abraxas could open them...though only Abraxas knew
the combination. The safes were all connected together via large chains, and
hanging from each locker were several feet long chains, each topped with a
pointed hooked blade and each chain sporting razor sharp barbs along their

Beside Abraxas sat Raminous Vermin, a deal maker and keeper of numerous secrets. His body was
formed of several corpses of rats, their tails knotted together to keep them bound
together, his fingers formed from bodies of five rats in particular, and their
noses were acting as his fingertips. The rest of his form was only vaguely
humanoid due to the material making it up, his ‘teeth’ were exposed rat skulls,
a tattered red cloak adorned over his back, which according to rumour was his ‘true’
form puppeteering his rat body for some reason. But that was only a rumour and
whatever truth it held has thus never been substantiated.

At the furthest end of this side of the table sat the last archdaemon: Halphas,
brother of Asmodeus, an entity whose entire body was made up black feathers
that made flapping noises constantly as they held up in the air creature the
vague humanoid form of a large body and a pair of what appeared to be rather
thick arms. Halphas was the master of smithing, capable of crafting weaponry
and armoured to Vile who required it, a skill he saw as an art he enjoyed
performing for the sake of it. He had also left behind several cursed weapons
in the mortal world in the hopes that the mortals would try and use them only
to end up destroying each other. How he ate or even spoke was a mystery to all.

At the very center of the table were the three Archdevils. To the right sat the twins Demog
and Orgon, who were counted as a single entity due to having been fused
together during the process that created them. The brothers were the ones who
initially brought the Reviled together, creating bonds of family and a powerful
belief in their redemption in their creator’s eyes and served as a spiritual
leader and mediator among their peoples. Demog’s form was made up of several
red intestines forming together to make a make shift face and an arm, his
middle section a bloated stomach that was tied like a petzel around the torso
of his twin, his legs a pair of black beetle-like appendages. His twin, Orgon,
meanwhile had a body up entirely of black, green and blue minerals that
sparkled when light shone on them, large lumps forming loose shapes denoting
his arm and two legs, while his torso was quite thin, his head formed of a long
tube with an wide opening on the end that served as his ‘face’, the hole constantly
emitting a bright red led from within and wisps of smoke that drifted upwards.

To the left sat Beelzebub, a curvaceous female devil clad from the neck down in a
glittering gold suit of full armour that clung to her curves. She had
apparently spent any years hiding her body in shame before commissioning
Halphas to make the armour for her and its rumoured he was the only entity in
the plane who knew what her body looked like beneath it, though everyone knew
that it was apparently so hideous it earned Beelzebub particular punishment at
the creator’s hands before being imprisoned here. She sported six legs clad in
golden greaves that ended in two-taloned feet, and a pair of arms ended in
nine-inch long razor sharp claws. Her head was a large maw of razor sharp
teeth, like an angler fish, flanked by large bulbous fly-like eyes each decorated
in the center with an image of a skull and crossbones that acted as her pupils,
six fly-like wings buzzing at the sides of her face like ears and allowing her
to constantly hover a foot above the ground. Atop her head she wore a crown of
her own dung that wrapped around decorated the massive, bulbous, bristly fly
abdomen that sat atop the top of her skull, and it was this she used to created
buildings and furniture of her own dung for their people use, as she was the
foremost architect of the Reviled.

In the very center, whom the other two Archdevils flanked, sat the grotesque form of the
absolute ruler of all the Vile, the Grand Archdevil himself, Juiblex the Proud.
His form was a massive pile of filth, slime and waste congealed together,
several eyes with large, thick lashes scattered throughout his form, several
puckers acting as mouths that constantly spat and spewed a vile filth from them
around Juiblex’s form and onto those around him. Juiblex was unaware this extraction
was caused by him, so proud and arrogant was he that he denied reality itself,
and was utterly disgusted by the filthy that he forced his servants, the
Lemures, to clean the mess. He similar was unaware of his appearance, believing
himself to be extremely beautiful. Such was his pride that if any dared defy
his assertions, beliefs or words he would fly into a murderous rage. As a fluid
creature some days he would be a male, and others a female, and rarely even
somehow both, seemingly dictated only by his whim. He was Asmodeus’ master and
lover and supreme commander of the Reviled’s army of tooth headed soldiers
known as Styx.

This bizarre family of hideous abominations ate together happily...and then their eyes turn
to you, the hapless viewer whose spellcasting accidentally gave a glimpse into
this world and its people. You, one of the hated mortals their kind declared
war on.

“How DARE you spy upon our PRIVATE meal!” Juiblex shouted angrily. “AWAY WITH YOU!”

Juiblex swung a massive golden staff, topped with a large round golden orb, and pointed it
directly towards you and you were unable to scream as you were forcibly
transformed into a pile of filth and waste, dying in horrible agony with no one
ever truly aware of your passing or even where you had disappeared to.

As for the Arches, they continued their feast together, satisfied in the momentary victory
against a hated mortal.

Now if that’s how they reacted to ONE mortal who accidentally spied upon them, imagine what
they’d do if they were ever able to escape their realm completely and encroach
on the entire world?