's 2019 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Shakara


We would never forget the event at baby Stephen’s baptism. He had only been 2 months of age, red-cheeked and with curious hazel eyes. He was lowered into the font, to the baptismal waters as the priest chanted the prayers. 

With a brief cry and a splash, Stephen fell into the font. Hurriedly, the priest worked to pick him back up, but he could not be found. 

The water went up to his wrist. His forearm. His elbow. Then up to his shoulder. 

He soon fainted.

His mother, quickly grabbing her umbrella, worked in vain to fish out her child, only to turn rather white as the font proved of impossible depth. But it had only been as deep as a basin!

His father jumped in, his feet swiftly disappearing into the dark water. He surfaced a minute later, tears mixing with blessed water, shaking his head. It was far too dark down there.

Dismantling the font proved fruitless. They couldn’t find the pool, not even a hole in the floor. No secret cavern or pipe as they had hypothesised. Rebuilding it again, it resumed its basin-like depth, reaching only wrist-deep.

They never did find out what happened to baby Stephen.