's 2019 Horror Write-off:

Bean Bag

Submitted by Wick

A strange man is on the loose! The radio interrupts! It makes me awfully angry, I was listening to some country. I turn the radio down, it was blaring and I don’t want to wake my son. I should check on him. I walk out of the study and open the door to his room, it’s right next to my study. I pop my head in. He’s sound asleep, that's good. His floor is a mess, he left his bean bag right in front of the door, silly boy. Moving it to a more appropriate spot would make too much noise so I leave it be. Sometimes I feel so worn out being a single father.

Time to go back to the study. That annoying announcement has finally ending and my station is playing music again. Good. I’ve been working for a while now, but I can hear something strange. It sounds like rustling? I can hear it coming from the room next door in my son’s room. Little bugger might of decided to have a play in the middle of the night, he’s still quite young.

I get up and walk out the study again and step towards the door. As soon as I go to turn the handle, the sound stops. I open the door to check on him. The bean bag had moved, I can’t see it or my son for that matter, he must be hiding. Cheeky bugger. It’s late, get in bed I yell out. There’s no movement. I look under the bed, nobody’s there. I look in his cupboards, nobody there. Then suddenly, I swear I can hear breathing. Coming from behind the door. I slowly turn around and begin to walk over to check, but then suddenly I hear rustling again. It’s coming from the closet. I forget about the door instantly. Walking towards the  closet and opening it.

There’s the bean bag. I lean over the bean bag I pick it up thinking he might be hiding under it. It’s heavier than I expected, but still pretty light. Looking underneath, nothing is there. I put it back down, I think the cheeky little monkey tricked me, the closet is one of those walk in closets so it’s pretty big. BANG! The room’s door flung close, he’s definitely tricked me, yep there he goes. I call out his name and run search throughout the house, I am very annoyed now.

I check every cupboard in the kitchen, under every table, in every room. But there’s no sight of him anywhere. I’m started to get worried now, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sick of this irritating game right now. That's it, if he wants to stay up late and be a nuisance fine, he can fall asleep wherever. I’m so tired from all this searching that I just go to bed.

The next morning I wake up I decide to check his room again, when I walk into the hallway I notice that the front door is open. Has he gone outside? I look and can’t see him anywhere, maybe he just forgot to close it and came back in, it wouldn’t be the first time. I trackback to his room and look inside, he’s not there, but there is just the most awful odour I’ve ever smelt. I try to track it down instantly to see if I can remove whatever it is. I think it’s coming from the closet? I open it, and eureka, I’ve never hated being right before. I cover my mouth and nose with one hand and try to see what it is. I look around the closet trying to see if I can find an old mouldy sandwich or just anything. Whilst I look I start to think about why I didn’t smell this last night.

The bean bag catches my attention. There’s something leaking under it. I lift it up to find that the fluid is leaking from something inside the bean bag. What the fuck has this boy done? I’m going to have to give him a very big lecture about this I think to myself as I unzip the bean bag. Just wait til he finds out- 

I open the inside of the bag. I see my son cramped inside, he’s cold and has a knife in his chest. I found his hiding spot.