's 2019 Horror Write-off:

B is for Baby

Submitted by Centipedal

Recording begins in kitchen, subject looks at screen

Hey guys, I’m pregnant! Which is weird, cause I don’t remember the last time I’ve had sex. Or kissed someone. Or held their hand. Other weird thing is that I don’t remember growing at all. It was just, “wake up this morning, and bam! You have a fat stomach, with a very active little fella kicking inside of it.” I think I’m going to go to the doctor to get this all sorted out. 

Subject leaves

An hour passes, subject returns. 

Oh shit, did I leave this thing running? Well, uh, the docs kicked me out. Apparently the woman at the desk didn’t see my belly. No one did, actually. They all thought it was a prank. Which is really worrying, because I have no clue how this thing is going to come out of my dick. So, uh, signing off!

Recording ends

Recording begins, infant is heard crying offscreen

Well this is just not fucking good. It’s been a day, and I gave birth! Haha. Ha. 

Clears throat. 

It, uh, wasn’t funny at all. It hurt really badly. The kiddo distended my urethra like a goddamn football. But, hey, at least it’s over! Yay! 

Subject reaches to turn off recording, pauses

Wait. What the hell was that? 

Subject touches stomach

Oh fuck me. 

Recording ends

Recording begins, three separate infants appear on screen along subject

They, uh, they’re coming faster now. The first one took two days. The second took one. The third was around twelve hours. I can feel the fourth growing. It hurts just as much every time. I don’t think it’s gonna stop. 

Recording ends

Recording begins, subject is noticeably haggard and bloody

They aren’t gonna stop. Around the fifth, I took a drill to my stomach. It just came out of that hole. Slid out, like a fucking slug. The sixth is coming. It’s- oh fuck. No. Fuck ow ow ow goddamnit! God, fuck, shit, no ow ow ow ow god why please no why are you fuck Christ jesus ow ow ow no please oh fuck me please god stop why won’t you fucking stop?

New infant is heard crying, recording ends

Recording begins

Hey guys, I’m constantly pregnant now. At least the pain is going away faster. Maybe it’ll stop altogether, right? Heh. I’m sure. It’s just right. I deserve it. Just for dealing with this. God. I’m so tired. Why is this happening? I’m so tired. I’m… so… tired. 

Subject falls asleep, wakes up several minutes later crying. Subject continues crying for several more minutes, before giving birth

I… I can’t deal with this anymore. I want it to stop. I just want to sleep. Or die. I want to die. I… I want to die. Maybe I should just-

Subject begins choking, throat distends

The… fuck…

Subject bends over, vomits. Two new infants are heard crying

Two… holes?

Recording ends

Recording begins. Over twenty infants are seen in background.  

I’m gonna leave this running. I think this is the end, and I want people to see what happened. I-

Subject chokes, infant exits mouth, takes several seconds to regain composure

Yeah, it’s not just the dick anymore. And I think they’re starting to leave by my asshole too. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started to come out the nose. I have started feeling pressure in the-

Subject chokes, infant exits mouth

Oh god… Ugh. Pressure in the sinuses. Ugh. Tastes like shit. It doesn’t hurt as bad, I don’t think. Or maybe I’ve started blocking it out. It’s hard being a single mother of, oh god, what is it, twenty-uplets? Heh. Hehe. 

Subject begins laughing for half a minute, stops when giving birth. Infant exits left nostril. 

That… fuck that hurt. I can’t do this anymore. Hey guys, I’ve decided to kill myself! Ha! Now, where are those knives?

Subject rummages in drawers, pulls out a knife. Subject slits wrist. 

And now we just got wait for it all to-

Subject chokes. Infants are seen exiting from both nostrils and the mouth, as well as the wrist wound. Subject waits several seconds

Oh no. Why. Why. Why. Why won’t I die? Just let me die. Please, just let me-

Subject gives birth again. Infant is seen exiting from previous orifices, as well as the eye socket. Eye leaves skull. Subject falls over. 

Hours pass, with only the occasional gurgling of the subject. Infants constantly enter screen. The entire interior of the house is covered with crying infants. Hundreds are on-screen. Camera falls over, looking at subject. 

Every one of the subject’s orifices are constantly exuding infants. Furthermore, the subject’s skin is releasing infants, tearing apart to accommodate them. Within an hour, the subject is no longer recognizable as human. It is just a knot of flesh spawning infants. 

Soon, the house’s volume is filled by infants. They continue to spawn, eventually crushing each other. They still cry. Several hands brush past the screen. They all appear to be attached to the same long arm. Another, stumpy arm grabs camera with what appears to be umbilical cords. Several eyes are seen, as well as what appears to be four backs attached to the same body. Camera is put into a wet, red hole that appears to be a toothless mouth. Crying is heard. 

Recording ends.