's 2019 Horror Write-off:

Broadcasting to anybody

Submitted by Queen Medb

"If there's anyone left to listen, I'd appreciate your calls. We could all be together, at least, when this all finally ends. So, listeners, you know the number, and if you don't, It's 0888-888-888.Please, Humor an old man at the end of the world, wouldja? You can talk about your life, your past, you can sing, anything like that."

"Susie? I know you listen to this show, and I just want to say I'm sorry we were so far apart when this started, I wanted to see you one last time, and even now i'd drive out but...I don't think im gonna be alive much longer. Theres one of the monsters walking around my house, it's blind and deaf but if I take even another step, it's gonna feel me...It's in the room right now, I just wanted to say I love you. I-..I can't let it get me, i've got a gun and--I can't let it catch me. Goodbye"



[. . .]

"I've lived on this earth for 87 years, and I always heard every year would be the end of the world. I can't say I didn't fall for it a few times, but I suppose this time I didn't fall for it either, Heheheeeee-Huh-...I suppose I was never a praying type, but...It's traditional, to say this as your final words, and the fellow in the window is looking awfully impatient, and awfully big, so here goes, if you don't mind me using your show for this, maybe itll comfort some people: though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me... You know, I could've recited And Death shall have no dominion, but i'm far too old to take up too much time. Good luck, out there."


"...Man, I'm not drunk enough for riding out the apocalypse, I just wanted to fuckin' go out drinking with my buddies, and i'm trapped here in the bar, there's a bunch of goddamn corpses clawing at the doors and slamming in, and theyre being thrown in by what looks like cthulhu wearing a skeleton like a mech suit with a beard. All I wanted to do was get a Drink, thats all I wanted. WHAT EVEN ARE THESE THINGS--OH CHRIST THEY'RE GETTING IN--"You should've buried me deep--"

[The call is hung up on]

"All this stuff is awful, folks, I won't lie, but...I can't blame anyone. Is there any hope out there? Not even these Aliens or Fairies or whatever they are seem to be able to do anything--hang on, we got another caller coming in. Hello?"

"Hey, Ross, I Won't lie, I wasn't exactly a long time listener, or anything, but, it's nice to call you to tell you what I gotta. Your stories you'd read were my daughters favorites, you know, the 9 pm stories, all that horror shit. She was excited, at first, you know, about all this, the ghosts being real, the empty graves..."

"yeah? it's nice to hear that, ma'am, and--"

"Fuck you, man. She ran out into the streets when the giants first started showing up, and she fucking got bit in half, the thing that ate her, whatever that is, with the god damned fish face, it took its time scraping her apart and it was staring at me making eye contact the whole time. She's dead because of you, and I swear to god it was the same one that was on the news, the one that flattened the whole goddamn school, but she was too excited to get a photo of one of the giants to show you and help "Save" people like theres any goddamn saving anyone in this. I saw what they did to the ships, it's over. you can't compete with these things....These are fucking gods."


"I Can hear one walking by right now, he's about my size, give or take a few hundred pounds of muscle. You said we could sing, right? this shit reminds me of a book I Read, so I'm gonna sing. BABY, CAN YOU DIG YOUR MAAN, HE'S A RIGHTEOUS MAN!



"Heyo, Ross-Daddio, I'm here to make a boast, because I gotta keep my pride, as it were. You know, here in the south, I'd say we held out pretty long. Back when some of those aliens started attackin, me and my crew, we kicked their asses. When they made peace with us, we added em to our crew, and the first wave of demons, we didn't kill any of them, no, but we pumped em so full of lead they didn't even limp back to the lava sea, they were that heavy. I'd like to think we did pretty good. Maybe in the future there'll be a statue of us. Ranger out."


"Ross, I want everyone to hear this: We Finally bombed a few of those sons-of-bitches to hell! we might be able to win this! WOO-HOO! And Finny, over on that side of the world, I Heard he's been doin great too! Alright!"


I'm sorry I Failed you all. I Killed my grandfather, but it Wasn't enough. Their kind, we should've wiped em down to our level. But we didn't, we wanted to be better. And now they're back. I Killed him, I lost my son, but my grandfather is back.

"Sir, your voice where are you?"

Soon, whatever afterlife awaits us tuatha de.

"Two aha what now?"




"You know, I studied all this. But...this ain't the apocalypse I was expecting. I guess I expected ragnarok, or those three worms, you know?....Speak of the devil....It's so beautiful, really, that we all got to at least talk one last time. I think I see something now, rising out of the british crater. but maybe...this is gonna be dumb, but can you play a certain lullaby, I sang it to my son while he was little, He was off in the military when all this went down, but I want to think he's hearing me, maybe papa's song will let him rest in peace. It's uh...Oro Mo Bhaidin. spelled Oh Ar Oh Em Oh B--"

"I got it, sir."

[A song is played over the radio.]


"Folks, I think this is the end of the broadcast. Everything is beginning to burn, and right now a hoard of the monsters is storming inside. I think they're either seeking shelter or finishing Their genocide--If anyone is out there, goodbye."

[glass shatters, There's a series of gunshots, and the broadcast ends, though not before one last spoken message is heard:]

And there was Silence upon the final dawn.