's 2019 Horror Write-off:

bug collection

Submitted by Anonymous

I don't get it, I have counted and recounted that collection hundreds of times over and it always contained 34567 specimens but today it only had 34566 only one off yes but the jars are in a vault underground only I know the code to so where could it possibly have gone to I just don't get it most troubling is that it contained a newly discovered and highly dangerous breed of wasp that might compromise the whole of my collection if not found so you must understand how important it is to me that I find that wasp and yes I already have checked with the servants and none of them have seen any signs of it yet it isn't in the jar so someone must have otherwise it got out which is unlikely as the swamps around the house is full of predators unless somehow the jar was switched for an empty one perfectly identical to it by one of the servants or even worse one of the experiments. Maybe I should go down check the locks.