's 2019 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Shakara


“Pardon me! Oh, sorry. … Ah, geez, can I just get past- Oi! Don’t honk at me!”

Rush hour. It was a busy time in the road. Metal machines honking, people reaching a frenzied boiling point. Not a single vehicle remained unfilled with curses, with even the most mild-mannered hitting a fever pitch of manic swears. 

“I’m in a hurry, and I assume you are too, so let’s just… act like reasonable adults, work together and we can all get where we need to be. … Oh, again? Look, honking isn’t gonna make it go faster. … Well, speed on away! Drive like hell, you’ll get there. Lord… Some people… Sorry. Pardon. Oh, almost grazed you! I do apologise. I just can’t help it.”

The cars honked and revved, each one filled with eager drivers, terrified. They had to get away. Out. Anywhere. Any direction, as long as it was out of the city. They needed to leave.

“Ow! That’s my leg, you dunce! What’re you shouting for? You’re not even hurt! Yeah, yeah, run away. Run from responsibility. Lord have mercy…”

Some people were exiting their cars and just running. Eventually the message got through to the others. Cars wouldn’t be able to pass, too big and bulky. Heavy metal and rubber. Deciding to run, they left the city. Out. Away. Escape.

“Well… I’m alone? Huh. … Oh, did I do that? Did I scare you all off? Really, now, that’s just rude…”

The grey-skinned behemoth lumbered across the motorway, massive, calloused feet avoiding the small cars. With ease, they made it over the other side and onto the hill. Stretching down, the giant nursed their wound, picking out bits of glass and shrapnel from their ankle, tossing aside a dented license plate.

Sitting atop the hill, they could see far into the horizon, seeing the horde of cars, buses, crowds… All of them fleeing the city.

“Why are you freaking out? You’ve never seen a giant before?”