's 2019 Horror Write-off:

Data Log of the MarineHelp Console, May 17th 2056

Submitted by Jvirus

Dear Captain Cohen,

It is unfortunate to bring bad news, but I need to inform you of a dire situation that is unfolding.

The following is a data log from the Datamax-219 MarineHelp Console, which was recorded just yesterday and has recently come to my attention. I believe it would be best for you to read through the transcript to understand just what we’re dealing with here. Please do note that the Console in question was accessed by an unauthorized crewmember, and it has since been shut down for investigation.

Here is the full log.


System loading…

Console running…

Please wait… 

Welcome to the [DATAMAX-219] MarineHelp™ Console, giving your crew the most accurate and up to date advice possible aboard the [XERXES DEEP SEA AQUATIC RESEARCH HABITAT], the center of research and mining in the Pacific.

Much of what is included should have been taught to you in training, however, we know long stays under the waves can cause our crew to be forgetful. Please use this system to resolve any training that may slip your mind.

Choose any option below







> ΩN∏´Pߪ¢˚¬N˚D P^∆†≥E%

Reloading page ∞

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Reloading page ∞

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Option [UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA] has been chosen

Please enter passwords

>___________ >__________

>178423           >TheSunIsShining

Password correct, now opening [UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA]

Unexplained Phenomena are any manner of occurrences that are unknown in origin. Though it may not be known what causes them, it is known how to resolve any issues they may create. 

Unexplained Phenomena can range from harmless to catastrophic to both the structure of the [XERXES DEEP SEA AQUATIC RESEARCH HABITAT] and the health of its crew.

Unexplained Phenomena are categorized by how often they occur. From [A LEVEL] happening with frequency, to [D LEVEL] happening rarely aboard this habitat.

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Option [A LEVEL] has been chosen

[A LEVEL] Phenomena happen frequently aboard [XERXES DEEP SEA AQUATIC RESEARCH HABITAT], many of which are reported to have been seen by most crewmembers.

It is important to convince said crewmembers these Phenomena are caused by simple tricks of the mind due to the darkness and pressure of being in the abyss, and are entirely harmless optical illusions and hallucinations that should not worry them.

Discussion of [A LEVEL] Phenomena is permitted, but not encouraged among crew.

Reported [A LEVEL] Phenomena


Unidentified Sounds are common auditory anomalies occurring within deep sea structures which have been beneath the waves for several years. 

The most common sounds which have been reported and occasionally recorded are as follows.

  • Creaking metallic sounds in structurally secure areas

  • Soft yet constant metallic tapping

  • Walls being scraped with a sharp object

  • Sounds of static in the airlock

  • Scuttling like that of a large crustacean

  • Muffled speaking and shouting

  • Distant sounds of machinery heard by divers while outside of the habitat

These sounds are heard entirely at random, sometimes by one crewmember and other times by multiple. They are entirely harmless beyond potentially causing paranoia in those who hear them.

If a crewmember reports such a sound, inform them they are simply common auditory illusions caused by long term residence in a deep sea environment. 

To our knowledge, these sounds cannot be prevented, and no source as to what causes them is known.


Figures are common visual anomalies occurring within deep sea structures after being in use for several years, which the [XERXES DEEP SEA AQUATIC RESEARCH HABITAT] has been. Figures are less common than sounds, but are still frequently reported by crewmembers.

Figures come in many forms, but the most common are as follows.

  • Small, amorphous shapes appearing to “scuttle” just out of view

  • Unidentified fish appearing in any amount of water, notably cups

  • Figure similar to a naval mine appearing to float across halls and through walls

  • Ray-like figures quickly floating in groups across halls and through walls

  • Fish identified as Argyropelecus gigas floating motionless in groups or individually

  • Long tentacles appearing just beyond the outer reaches of the habitat or divers’ handheld lights

  • One or several figures similar to that of an early diving suit walking around the outer reaches of the habitat, encountered by divers.

Figures are harmless if avoided by crewmembers, but prolonged viewing of or simply being too close to a figure can cause several ailments. Ailments can still be caused through viewing a live broadcast or recording of a figure for a prolonged period of time.

  • Slight to extreme nausea

  • Constant ringing in the ears for up to 5 hours

  • Feeling of one’s lungs filling with liquid

  • Parts of the body losing bloodflow, as if a rope was tightly tied around them

Figures appear entirely at random, but most often in areas unoccupied by any crew. They can be perceived by an individual crewmember, several crewmembers, only on video, or all three at once. 

If a crewmember reports such a phenomena, explain them as simple tricks of the eyes or visual hallucinations caused by being in the abyss that are entirely harmless. If a crewmember reports an ailment after encountering such a phenomena, rationalize that they were having strange visions due to being ill and direct them to the medical station, the nurses will understand.

If a diver reports any phenomena while in the water, explain they are effects of nitrogen narcosis and immediately call them back to the habitat. If a diver becomes subject to ailments while diving, attempt to call them back or get another diver to assist them, then send them immediately to the medical station. 

Ways to prevent Figures are not entirely known. However, there are certain methods that are believed to stop or at least dissipate their numbers.

  • Having several people in an area

  • Bright lights

  • Terrestrial animals in an area

  • Warm rooms

  • Areas being devoid of any liquid

End of category, do you wish to go back?

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Option [Yes] has been chosen

Returning to options ∞

Please choose any option below

> « ¡E•E–


> π L«V•%


Option [B LEVEL] has been chosen

[B LEVEL] Phenomena happen infrequently aboard [XERXES DEEP SEA AQUATIC RESEARCH HABITAT], some are regarded as ghost stories among crewmembers.

Discussion of [B LEVEL] Phenomena is permitted in the context of them being simple stories, however, any discussion pertaining to them being real are prohibited.

Reported [B LEVEL] Phenomena


Abyssal Rooms are rare phenomena occurring in deep sea habitats for unknown reasons. Most Abyssal Rooms are harmless, but rare cases end in a harmful interaction. 

Abyssal Rooms occur randomly throughout the [XERXES DEEP SEA AQUATIC RESEARCH HABITAT], most commonly in rooms that are seldom entered. They manifest until a crewmember fully enters the room, in which they disappear along with the crewmember. Within the room, the crewmember will find themselves floating helplessly at the mercy of the current in an environment similar to that of the open abyss, besides being able to breathe and a lack of crushing pressure. Crewmembers have been recorded being in this state from as little as 5 seconds to as much as 10 hours, however short stays are more common.

Within an abyssal room, most of the surroundings are entirely pitch black, although visibility increases after a prolonged stay in the room. Once visibility increases, those who have experienced such an event have reported viewing abyssal animals of abnormal size or appearance. Many have only been recorded once and cannot be reliably listed, however, several appear with frequency and are listed below.

  • Unidentified Jellyfish, large swarms, nonvenomous, 5 to 20 centimeters

  • Unidentified Crinoids, unknown but gargantuan size, stretch from unseen seafloor

  • Thaumatichthys pagidostomus, individuals, 2 meters long

  • Cyclothone microdon, large numbers, 50 centimeters

  • Dosidicus gigas, small groups, bone white, 3 meters

  • Unidentified Chimera, pale blue and white, 12 meters

Crewmembers usually exit Abyssal Rooms after a certain amount of time without any harm. Those who encounter abyssal animals are usually unharmed, as most display little concern for crew. However, in the rare occasion that a crewmember is attacked by these creatures, they quickly lose interest and the crewmember is left with only minor injuries, although the disappearance of several crewmembers after entering an Abyssal Room suggests fatal encounters are possible.

The only way to prevent abyssal rooms is to have all rooms be frequently occupied, and the size of the [XERXES DEEP SEA AQUATIC RESEARCH HABITAT] dictates this impossible. There are, however, ways to prevent crewmembers from entering an abyssal room. This is because the appearance of a room can be shown by several factors.

  • Security cameras in a room all turning off at once. 

  • Sounds of flowing water from behind a closed door

  • All sounds of machinery in a room ceasing

  • Water pooling under a door

If one or multiple of these signs are shown, it is important to restrict all crew from entering the room by any means necessary. If not entered, an abyssal room dissipates in around 10 hours. Inform crew of these signs by explaining they may indicate a leak or loss of pressure in a room and tell them to report it if they notice it.

If an abyssal room is entered, those who entered it will return in the room they entered after the Abyssal Room dissipates. Those who exit will likely be terrified or confused, so it is of utmost importance to immediately come with them to the medical station. There, explain a gas had been accidentally accumulated in the room that, in large numbers, causes severe hallucinations. Let them remain in the station for as long as necessary to “dissipate the effects”.  Those who are injured after exiting an Abyssal Room should be explained to that they suffered injury after being unaware of their surroundings while hallucinating. Let the nurses patch any wounds they have.


Hooks are a rare phenomena appearing throughout the deep sea, but with higher frequency near Marine Habitats and other inhabited structures. They are indefinitely long tethers extending down to the seafloor from an unknown source, ending in a hook. 

It is of utmost importance that divers never touch a hook.

If a hook is spotted, do not let divers exit the habitat. If divers are in the water when a hook is spotted, immediately call all divers back, saying one or more of them had experienced the effects of nitrogen narcosis. Keep all divers within the habitat until the hook disappears, which takes an indefinite amount of time.

On incredibly rare occasions, hooks can appear within the marine habitat. Several life threatening head injuries have occurred as a result.


Stains are a rare yet harmful phenomena that manifests within marine structures used to harvest oil. The [XERXES DEEP SEA AQUATIC RESEARCH HABITAT] has extensive mining and extraction program, which does include the extraction of oil.

Stains appear to manifest randomly throughout the habitat. They begin as small stains of a black substance identified as oil on the wall, floor, or ceiling that are entirely harmless. In this state, it is recommended to break up these stains with the use of a high powered water hose, although if not available matches or lighters can be used effectively.

If a stain is not broken apart or burned, it will continue to grow larger over time. In 1 hour it reaches 5 cm. In 2 hours, 10 cm. In 3 hours, 20 cm, and so on. Once it is around 80 cm, the Stain will begin moving on its own. In this state, it is likely to enter pipes, vents, or other small entryways unfit for a crewmember to travel through. Here, a Stain will continue to grow until it can no longer fit in its pipes, to which it will begin roaming the halls.

If a large Stain is reported, immediately contact management and inform them of the manifestation. Then, convince those who witnessed the stain that it was a hallucination caused by a gas leak. The rest of the station will be informed by management to exit the area the Stain was reported due to the aforementioned gas leak, and the section will be entirely airlocked.

After 24 hours the Stain will naturally dissipate, leaving only normal, unmoving oil in its place. However, it is highly possible for accidents to happen in this timeframe, and to minimize this, [STF-45] is instructed to search and destroy the Stain using a mixture of high pressure water hoses and fire.

If the Stain encounters a crewmember, it will envelop them before letting them go soon after. The effects of such an encounter are as follows.

  • Extreme nausea and migraines occurring sporadically long after contact

  • Skin permanently dyed a pinkish color

  • Eyes dilated for up to 2 months

  • Loss of around 2 weeks of memory

  • Loss of all teeth

If such an encounter happens, [STF-45] will recover the crewmember and deposit them in the medical station. Nurses will inform them that they had been exposed to a nearly deadly gas, and explain the symptoms. Immediately relieve them of all duties and attempt to get them to the surface as soon as possible. Management can pay for all lawsuits.

End of category, do you wish to go back?

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Option [Yes] has been chosen

Returning to options ∞

Please choose any option below

> « ¡≠•§–

> ∆ LÍV`∏

> ¬ µ«ƒ•%


Option [D LEVEL] has been chosen

[D LEVEL] Phenomena happen very rarely aboard [XERXES DEEP SEA AQUATIC RESEARCH HABITAT], crewmembers have very little to no knowledge of them.

Discussion of [D LEVEL] Phenomena is prohibited among crew unless under very rare special circumstances.

Reported [D LEVEL] Phenomena


The Admiral is a phenomena which manifests once a year in the captain’s quarters of the [XERXES DEEP SEA AQUATIC RESEARCH HABITAT]. It has been reported to manifest in other structures with a captain’s quarters in a similarly annual fashion. 

The phenomena takes the form of a Balaenoptera musculus heart. When crewmembers travel near the phenomena, they will have a strong urge to deliver certain items to The Admiral. The phenomena will dissipate after enough items are given to it.

Items cannot be delivered simply by placing them within the room, they must be placed directly into the heart’s arteries, whereafter it is unknown what becomes of them. Despite the possible size and amount of items, The Admiral has never been filled, leading to the theories that it may be much larger on the inside or that items put into it travel somewhere else.

There are several common items which crewmembers are urged to deliver, though there are many that have been urged only once. The common items are the following.

  • Miscellaneous Engraulidae genus

  • Hand carved Scrimshaws

  • Several gallons of saltwater

  • Specimen of genus Opisthoteuthis, dead or alive

  • A small amount of Balaenoptera physalus milk

  • A small amount of Physeter macrocephalus oil

  • Several pounds of Krill

If The Admiral urges any crewmember be delivered, place any mannequin from Storage Closet 3C within its arteries. The Admiral will ask for far more deliveries, but this is worth the potential loss.

Authorized crewmembers are allowed to come in contact with The Admiral’s effects, where they can be given the items they need in a safe and covert environment. However, If any unauthorized crewmember travels near the captain’s quarters during a manifestation and are not turned away, they will have the urge to deliver. Those who do this will be seen travelling across the habitat frantically, demanding the item they must deliver from whoever they meet. Escort them to the medical station, explaining they are having a stress based delusion. After several hours they will recover completely.


Submarines are extremely rare phenomena which manifest sporadically in the deep sea. Though they are very rare, the phenomena have become increasingly more common as the deep sea has been explored and colonized more and more. 

The phenomena take the forms of submarines that had been sunk or lost in the abyss. These submarines vary in appearance, with some being modern day submersibles and others dating back to World War 2. What is the same is that they look dilapidated, as some have been beneath the waves for decades and others even an entire century. Many will bear the marks of what had sunk it, with torpedo holes or jagged wounds from hitting rocks. Strangely, some have markings that are unidentifiable, with some having clean cut holes going through them and others having uniform gashes along their sides.

Submarines patrol the abyss seemingly at random, and can be found extremely rarely anywhere within the water column. On rare occasions, a Submarine can find its way to the [XERXES DEEP SEA AQUATIC RESEARCH HABITAT]. If such a situation occurs and divers are in the water, immediately call all divers back with the threat of a possible dangerous current approaching. Submarines can be detected using sonar, so incidents can easily be avoided.

In the case that divers are unable to evacuate the water on time, instruct them to avoid the damaged marine vessel that has been blown in by a strong current. Inform divers to ignore the voice asking them to enter the Submarine, explain it is only their microphone’s malfunctioning in the strong current. In the case that a diver enters the vessel, they are to be presumed dead. Inform other divers to not acknowledge their gasping pleas and to return to the habitat as soon as possible. It can be explained to divers after that it would have threatened their lives to enter the vessel after the lost diver, though this explanation has varying success.


Red Tides are an extremely rare yet catastrophic phenomena that travel throughout the depths of the abyss. Due to their rarity, very little have impacted the [XERXES DEEP SEA AQUATIC RESEARCH HABITAT], but those few that may come in contact must be taken with every precaution and preparation possible.

Red Tides are large aquatic “storms” similar to that of a hurricane made up by an unknown substance. The substance does appear to be in some way alive, appearing much like a very large algal bloom. However, the potential damage a Red Tide can cause if one comes in contact with a deep sea structure is what separates it from simple algae.

Upon receiving definite reports that a Red Tide event is headed towards the [XERXES DEEP SEA AQUATIC RESEARCH HABITAT], the habitat must be evacuated as quickly yet orderly as possible. Several submersibles are available near the surface in case of such an event, and are to be used to evacuate crewmembers to the surface or to other nearby habitats until the storm has passed.

The arrival of a Red Tide can be signified by the following phenomena, and if any are seen they are to be immediately reported to the captain.

  • Water inside and outside the habitat appearing slightly reddish in color.

  • Marine life showing up dead around the habitat, decaying into a red substance.

  • Figures made up of the red substance appearing outside and occasionally inside the habitat, many appearing vaguely like abyssal marine fauna or humanoids

  • Vision being tainted red while exceptionally close to a storm

  • Skin appearing to turn slightly red on some crewmembers

  • Walls appearing to decay into a similar red substance

  • the sun never shines

Evacuations may be explained in many ways, from a major chemical leak needing cleaning, a loss of pressure in the habitat, or a weakness in the structure that could lead to collapse if not fixed. It is of the utmost importance that crewmembers are unaware of the phenomena.

After the storm has passed, [STF-45] is to be sent into the habitat before anyone else. There, they will repair any damage done to the habitat. The amount of time this takes varies depending on the amount of damage done to the base, which can range from several damaged walls to the complete loss of the structure, in which case recovery is impossible. The [XERXES DEEP SEA AQUATIC RESEARCH HABITAT] is considered too large of a structure to be entirely lost in an event, but the total loss of the similarly sized [ODYSSEUS DEEP SEA MINING PROJECT] has suggested the sun never shines.

Red Tides are unlike atmospheric storms as they do not appear aimless or random in nature. It has been observed that Red Tide phenomena are far more likely to affect habitats that are occupied by many personnel in management that are aware of the existence of Red Tides and other the sun never shines unexplained phenomena. This effect seems to follow these personnel no matter what habitat or structure they enter. This manifested most surprisingly in the case of retired captain Adam Mudd, who reported all the water in his home appearing slightly red in color, as well as experiencing other common [A LEVEL] phenomena. Due to this, the sun never shines it is of utmost importance to keep crewmembers unaware of the sun never shines Red Tide phenomena and other phenomena that may the sun never shines

the sun never shines

the sun never shines

The sun never shines here

in our new world, we cleansed ourselves from the endless blaze

we embraced the warm, welcoming dark

we never turned back to the flames

no matter how the water crushed us, no matter how morbid our bodies became

It was all worth the freedom from the light

we found solitude in the depths, away from the haunting eye

but then you came

first we saw only bodies, drifting to their eternal slumber in the dark

then only your broken rafts of wood penetrated the abyss

then you began with simple vessels, probing what little you knew of our world

but you would only grow more curious

you came with machines moved with oil, and your sprawling structures constructed of metal

you came to our world and took it as if it were your own

you came with light

you brought the sun where it was never meant to be

and with it you saw what your kind should have never laid eyes upon

the sun never shines here

and all who lay eyes upon our world will shine no more



Error solved

System loading…

Console running…

Please wait… 

Welcome to the [DATAMAX-219] MarineHelp™ Console, giving your crew the most accurate and up to date advice possible aboard the [XERXES DEEP SEA AQUATIC RESEARCH HABITAT], the center of research and mining in the Pacific.

Much of what is included should have been taught to you in training, however, we know long stays under the waves can cause our crew to be forgetful. Please use this system to resolve any training that may slip your mind.

Choose any option below







Are you sure you want to exit the Console?

[Yes]  [No]

Option [Yes] has been chosen

Shutting down…


I'm sure you understand that all of this is very bad news.

Our protected systems were somehow accessed on an unauthorized MarineHelp Console. The unauthorized crewmember who accessed it obviously knows exactly what they're doing, as they knew not only how to access the Phenomena section, but also the two passwords that lock it.

It appears that we may have a rat in our ranks, but I'll need your call as to how to go about investigating this matter quickly. We need to figure out why this person wanted this information, what they plan to do with it, and most importantly who they even are before anything bad happens. God forbid this bastard has already alerted a tide.

Now, to address the elephant in the room, there is something here that I am entirely perplexed over. The strange message near the end of the log is entirely unknown in origin, and it took several system reboots for the entire message to appear uncorrupted. I’ve had all available researchers review it, and none of them seem to understand what it means or where it could have come from. I'm going to ask for your help in understanding this matter.

To say frankly, no one knows what the hell is happening in this entire transcript and we need to change that fast. I eagerly await your response regarding the investigation and message.

With utmost respect, Joshua Davis.