's 2019 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Shakara


People love me. 

That’s not an exaggeration. I tell you, they just can’t get enough of me! Every other day, I get more and more visitors. Oh, I tell you, it’s such a fuss. Such a riot for them to visit me and be with me. It’s loud, but I miss them when they’re gone.

It’s not surprising that they’re back again. Such very good friends. 

I’m never lonely.


Even when I am, I can make new friends. Nervous, at first. But that’s normal. I don’t want to rush things. A month later, they visit again. Then a fortnight later. A week later. A day. Half a day. I may as well have rooms rented out for my many friends. My phone is always ringing.

2 AM? Now this is getting silly. But I like the attention. The fact that people are willing to ignore sleep just to see me? Ah, you flatter me too much, people!

And sometimes it’s far more than sleep. Morning visits, they haven’t had breakfast yet. Perhaps a whole day without eating. Just fasting. Some don’t brush their hair or dress right. A fortnight without bathing. One hasn’t been back to the office in a month. I think they got fired?

They lost custody of their children. It’s a sorry sight to see. Sad people. Tired. 

They don’t know what to do.


But they come to me for support. I’m always here. My door is open. I can hold your hand. Take you in my arms. Bury your face in my neck. I don’t mind it. I enjoy it.

There’s no limit to who I can’t be with. I’m practically omnipresent! You don’t need anybody else, they can’t help you like I do. I’m wonderful. I’m heavenly. You’ll feel on top of the world when you’re with me.

What can they do? They’ll just shout at you again. Don’t look at them, let alone think of them. I’ll take care of it. It never bothers me. No more annoying siblings coming to rant and rave, no more finicky, fixated parents, no more overprotective neighbours, friends, teachers, doctors. 

Just you and I.

My name? Ah, nobody will blame you for being confused. 

Amphetamine. Morphine. Heroin. Nicotine. Cocaine. Mescaline. Ketamine. Ecstasy. PCP. Fentanyl. Alcohol.

I have many, many names. Just call any name and I’ll be there. 

I’ll always be here.


You’ll never want to leave me.