's 2019 Horror Write-off:

Dust to Dust

Submitted by Xionahri

It had been a nice and peaceful sleep. That kind of sleep where one wakes up relaxed, but doesn't want to get up, and rather keep resting in bed, with the mind idly drifting in quiet reverie. That state of relaxation that would hopefully last forever.
Somewhere, right now, a person is exactly experiencing that. But something is bothering them, quietly nagging at the corner of their mind. It's a small feeling of physical discomfort, still small and able to be blocked out. But over time it grows. Please, not again. The person crinkles their nose. A temporary distraction, but a little further moment of peace.
That didn't last long. Soon enough, the comfort, the silence and the relaxation are harshly interrupted. A sneeze blasts through the haze, almost unbelievably loud. Followed by more of their kind. That is definitely the end of the peace for the day. The person sits up, wiping their nose with tactically placed tissues, exactly for situations like this.
"Damn dust mites", they think, as they get up and go about their day. "I should do something about them someday. Maybe that'll help, at least for a bit."

Somewhere else, far away and yet all around, a being swam though the apparent infinite of space. Its body, in and out, was covered in galaxies and nebulas. Star clusters shined from every corner. If any lesser creature could perceive its glory, they would be stunned with awe. But, as far as it knew, nothing lesser than it existed. It would know. The light, the dark, the infinite, and itself; it has known all, since the very beginning. And it was everything there is, all that has been.
Existence was good. The being was enjoying its existence for sure, peacefully floating through the infinite. It has done so forever, ever since its very existence started.
Sometimes though, it found itself distracted in its enjoyment. Nothing too bothersome, mere little moments of annoyance. Never lasting long. Just a few millennia, if it had any concept of time, or even was bound to it. Nothing compared to the span of its existence.
And it just so happened that such a moment came upon it. A shiver ran through it. Again? It was aware of what came upon it, and annoyed by it. Something had grown, formed inside it. Carboxyl. Disgusting.
The being stretched itself a bit, in an attempt to cool itself down. It felt soothing, and maybe, one day, it would rid it of this bother. At least for a bit.