's 2019 Horror Write-off:

Here comes the light

Submitted by Mefista

For a thousand years, humanity had existed in darkness. What was left of the sun never got bright enough to penetrate the black, so only the words remained as a reminder of what once was.

Shaheses stumbled through the sand, idly registering the poisonous crabs scoot away from his steps - they weren't unedible per se, but he had no energy left to prepare them properly even if he managed to catch one. What he looked for were softer plants, or atleast something already dead - the island he was imprisoned on didn't offer much choice, and he rejected the sheer prospect of eating one of the other prisoners. It wasn't right. Not to mention others would have killed him for that.

He realised something new have appeared nearby - something that wasn't familiar, or recognisable, - but the weakened state couldn't even emote properly, so he mentally shrugged and tried to progress as usual.

That was when he felt the smell.

It was really strong, and its presense reminded him of the hot winds of upper hills - but at the same time, it tickled the senses in a soft, pleasant way...almost food-like. Shaheses shuddered, his long-empty stomach rumbling.

After the smell, came the touch.

Warm, and tender, something brushed his face, first the forehead, then, rather abruptly, the lips, and, in two pinpoint motions, the eyes - his large, almost blind, shimmering eyes.



...Shaheses realised he was seeing. He couldn't describe how it was, but one thing he knew - the light!

"Light is the opposite of darkness" - he never put any thought into it, one of the first things babies were taught, but here it was! Mind-bending, all-overpowering presense, nothing like any other feeling.

And there, in the light, was someone. Someone who was touching him before - too small, and upright, and not smooth where one should, but, in some incomprehensible way, familiarly human.

Suddenly, figure extended is hand - too short, why? - and the man felt something edible be pressed to his mouth. Without thinking, he extended the proboscis and grabbed it, something porous and soft, but dry, and started crushing it with his larger teeth, chittering softly.

He didn't care what it was, just that it was food. Once he was done, he was given another, bigger slice, and so laid down to hold it with his hands, tucking other extremities underneath.

Unbeknowst to him, figure watched him - not judging, not hateful, but loving and caring.

In a language not a single human understood anymore, the figure sighed:

- I returned too late, didn't I.