's 2019 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Kirby Mongerr

You know how people will be able to say what they were doing when a famous person died, or some big event happened? Well the current version of that is knowing what you were doing when the head appeared.

Everyone knew when it appeared. When you can hear clearly from all directions all said in perfect unison to the point it’s less one sound being said from every direction and more one sound that naturally surrounds everything, “I AM THE MOUTHPIECE OF GOD, HERE TO DELIVER TO THE WORLD THE PROCLAMATION OF THE DIVINE”, it’s a moment that sticks out.

And after that fuck all happened. Oh sure, every religion tried to claim it as speaking for their god, everyone was waiting for the proclamation, but nothing else happened. We were just left with the now famous ‘Mouthpiece’ itself. A big, square-ish green statue of a head, floating above New York. Eyes, that seems furious from one angle, amazed from another, though the angles varied from person to person. Mouth still open like it hadn’t quite closed it after bellowing earlier. It was kind of ominous for a while, until it got bird shit on it and someone manage to put graffiti on it. It just became a more normal problem. People were worried about it falling. Nobody official was willing to touch it, incase that suddenly made it experience gravity. People stood under it when it was raining. There were jokes about giving it different hats and such for holidays. Life went on, now there was a big green head that had yelled at everyone a while back. 

But it’s only made me more nervous, having it just hang there saying nothing doing nothing. Because, what does it mean when God makes sure everyone knows they have nothing to say?