's 2019 Horror Write-off:

I can't leave my house

Submitted by Sadler Prine

I’m trapped and hungry. I cannot leave my house, and I’ve tried everything to get out, but it won’t let me. It knows I’m here and just about anywhere I am inside the house.

It knows, and hence it will not let me go. I’m so frightened; I only have a few more days worth of food. I might lose my job if I can’t leave, but that doesn’t frighten me as much as “It” does.

It’s outside my window right now just looking at me with those beady pinprick eyes. Every movement I make it looks as if it’s about to pounce at me but, I know it cannot. 

Thankfully, this thing is too stupid to figure out how to get in through the windows,

but I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time until it does find a way in whether through a crack in the wall or a pipe leading inside the house.

There was a UPS man not too long ago. I didn’t answer the door, simply couldn’t.

It was right there the whole time, for whatever reason it left him be but I know it was just waiting for me to drop my guard and open the door.

This last night has been the absolute worst. It’s like it won’t let me sleep now either.

It just keeps moving back and forth to each window, scraping its hooked claws and needle spiked arms against the glass;

the sound is nothing short of unbearable.

I’m just laying with my back against the wall writing this out.

Why the hell won’t it just go away!?

So this morning, it’s finally gone? It’s way too soon to feel relieved yet,

I’m gonna head downstairs and check update you when i’m back.


It’s getting smart now, I’d checked all the windows and that thing was nowhere to be seen;

So I go to open the door and have a little look around and turns out it had been hiding right over the damned door clinging to the wall in that sickening manner it has.

It almost forced its way in but I’d slammed the door tight and locked it before it had a chance.

This is getting bad though, because I’m running dangerously low on food.

I’m getting a real brainstorm though, if I can find out which door or window its near then maybe I can sneak out through the opposite end of the house. At worst, maybe I can lure it in and trap it inside.

Oh god. I’m in the basement now. I have made what is possibly my last mistake.

I thought I’d guessed right, I had thought it was by the bathroom window which is near my upstairs bedroom;

so I decided I’d slip out through the screen door to my sunroom.

But as I had gone to crack open the door, I hear the ungodly sound of its gnarled claws scraping against the tile flooring.

When I caught sight of it, it was poised to lunge at me; I dove across the room as it leapt and slammed into the wall.

The dash back into the house is a bit of a blur, but dammit I forgot to close the door.

It’s inside now. I can hear it rampaging through my house, searching for me.

I guess maybe I can wait it out. I’ll try to write a bit more. Have to conserve my laptop battery.

Hey, it’s me again. I can’t hear it. And I don’t think it’s on the door out of the basement,

I listened and I don’t hear that scraping screeching noise it makes while it’s idle.

I’ll try to get my courage up and head out in a minute, wish me luck.

Oh god oh, no oh fucking Christ. I knew I should’ve ran when I had the chance.

It’s in here with me now! It’s just sitting on the far wall staring at me with its black beady almost dead eyes.

It’s little pinprick pupils watching my every micromovement. I feel like if I move, that’s the end of me;

It’ll leap at me and I won’t be able to escape this time I’ll feel its spine clawed limbs dig into me and I won’t be able to pull them away. 

I’m sweating so badly, and I’m sure it’s enjoying every second of this welling dread.

No… this is it, it’s long legs are bracing to leap, and its leaf shaped wings are spreading in anticipation. I really, really hate katydids...