's 2019 Horror Write-off:

It came at night

Submitted by Sadler Prine

My summer has been the usual mix of party and drinking that usually occupied my free time.

Though during “that day” in August  I was mostly left to my own entertainment.

And so I had planned to use a telescope I had bought the previous summer. 

So I could just pass the hours that evening, but I am getting ahead of myself.

That evening would be something I’d carry to the grave, all of us would.

It was roughly 5:30 pm when some of the odd things began happening;

at first there was a low grade noise that was just out of earshot,

everyone heard something different, but the most common description was a hum or something akin to TV static.

Of course a lot of the local college kids had been drinking so maybe that’s not completely connected.

So I met up with a few friends chatted up about some chick my bro had been seeing, then it was home sweet dorm after that.

So at about 6:45 was when the next weird thing happened.

The power began browning out. Every time the lights would go dark there was what I can only describe as whispering in some nonsense language.

I think that was what scared everyone the most about it.

I left my dorm shortly after the brownouts began. The halls seemed to reverberate with a mix of incoherent sounds. I met up with my best friend, a guy named Mike.

We tried to make sense of what was happening but couldn’t be sure of anything solid.

We’d run into a lot of scared people. 

When it stopped, we’d all mostly blown it off as some sort of solar flare or something; but it was clear a lot of people were beginning to get uneasy. 

They even ended up reporting a few of the incidents on the news.

Apparently there was an unusual amount of violent assaults that evening,

but they speculate it’s more to do with some sort of adverse affect the whispers had on people who were schizophrenic.

At around 7:00 we saw the first apparitions. Bright bluish lights appeared after the power browned out for the final time;

They would move in swarms and occasionally break off into erratic patterns. Anyone who came into physical contact with them experience symptoms of frostbite in the exposed area,

but after the first three hours or so they developed a rash that would lead to weeping sores and in some cases rapidly spreading sarcomas. 

Sometime between the first sighting, and what would come next many people panicked looted and rioted.

Fear of the unknown is a powerful thing, and honestly, I don’t blame a single one of them; If I hadn’t been so utterly dumbfounded I likely would’ve gone a bit mad, myself.

So anyway me and Mike we decide to head to the roof of our dormitory.

We go out and notice there are other people that gathered on the roof. 

At first we thought they might’ve been some of the crazies like this was some kinda mass suicide or something Mike says to one of em that turned to us “what’s everyone staring at?” this girl turns to us.

She says with tears in her eyes “we’re looking at God.” I look at Mike and he just gives me this oh great we’re screwed look.

But that’s when we hear it the whispers start sounding like a babbling crowd, like a million friggin people crammed right into your ears till you felt like your head would burst.

Then at roughly 8:06 pm the noises and the apparitions stopped like a switch had been flipped.

That was when Mike got my attention and without a word pointed at “It” I tell you now I’m not even embarrassed I soiled myself.

Looking into the night sky, I saw a figure that towered beyond any measurable scale we have.

I’m telling you, and the reports and vids can confirm it too this thing was so big our planet was a mosquito in comparison.

It was blacker than the space around it, and it made this loping gallop that kind of jerked it off balance. The torso on this thing was disturbingly human as were its arms.

Its head if you could call it a head was a mass of deep black fronds kind of like underwater plants just billowing in an ocean current, with these red orifices spaced haphazardly across the fronds.

I think there wasn’t a person who saw it that didn’t cry out in the most primal fear we have as a species.

In that moment a third of the people watching from the roof threw themselves to their deaths...and yet this thing.

It’s unlikely that it ever even noticed this little speck world we live on as it just for lack of a better word “walked” past us.

I’m sorry for that pause, I just get very emotional remembering that night.

I can’t imagine what it really was or if we’ll ever see something like it again.

I’ve heard a lot of speculation ranging from whether it was some form of macro organism we cannot yet categorize, or that maybe it was in fact a god like some people claimed.

I just hope I never see something like that again in my lifetime.

And sometimes… I still hear the whispers when the lights go out.