's 2019 Horror Write-off:

It's Perfectly Normal

Submitted by Dandelion Steph

At this age, you may have noticed strange new things about your body, and feelings you don't understand. It's perfectly normal! This is all a natural process for human beings, like a caterpillar making a cocoon. And from the cocoon of your transforming body will emerge a beautiful wasp.

As you grow, you'll start seeing teeth growing in funny places! Don’t be scared if your teeth grow in different places from your siblings. Wherever teeth grow is a natural place for teeth.

Pustulent sacs shall grow from your chest. This is a perfectly normal part of life; it's for feeding creepworms.

Sometimes they wiggle. It's totally okay if they emerge from your skin in little bumps. It won't hurt forever.

Soft webs will cover your neck. Eventually, your neck will be a nice white stump, like a grown-up! Don't be scared if your head still holds on by a thread. That is perfectly healthy.

Some kids have more pain than usual in their legs. It might make it hard to sleep. But this is fine! It just means their legs will eventually fall off.

Later in the process, you'll feel strange urges to put your new tongue-tubes in some people. By the time the process is ready, you'll be able to suck out the organs from inside other people's bodies. If you're not sure how to eat other people's organs, ask your parents how they did it.

Your feelings for other people will change. You will see whether people are good or bad for you. There is no need to cry over the empty husks. Because they are empty husks, that means they were bad!

While going through this process, you might find yourself doing silly things and wondering why you did them. Don’t worry. When your brain is all grown-up, you won’t wonder about it any more.

There is no medicine you can take to stop the process. Why would you want to? You are not sick, even if you feel a lot of pain and discomfort and feel bad about yourself. This is all a part of growing up. You don't have to fight it. In the end, you'll be a beautiful grown-up, no matter what.