's 2019 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Jac R. B.

They said that the world was poisoned. that it was beyond help, Human nature used up all the resources, put smog in the air, plastic in the oceans, lead in the water. They said that it was human nature to wither crops, to hoard medicine and to starve others.

Of course, it was said by he who Poisoned the air, said by he who dumped garbage in the water hole, he who would allow the sick to die while he could help them. Those who had food but refused to lend a hand to those in need. Human nature they claimed, again and again. When anyone asked for food, for shelter, for the medicine they needed to live, they were scoffed at.

"Not my problem!" they sneered, "Life isn't fair!" they jeered. All the while they had everything, and more. So so much more. More than any one human being should ever have. When the time came that the world could no longer handle it, when collapse was complete and total, the hordes came.

Those who starved came, "We are Hungry" they said, with forks and knives bared.

Those who were untreated came, "We are sickened' they said, their bodies oozed but did not die.

Those who were weak were carried instead.

They all came, hungry for those pigs who selfishly fattened themselves for the slaughter

It is unfortunate then, that they learned from history.

The pigs had themselves a plan, they would take to the stars. One world, ever so promising, covered in ice composed of water and CO2, only about 60 light-years away with their fastest ships. They boarded their new star sailors, packed to the brim with habitats, provisions, machines for mining, processing, constructing.

Their plan, to run from the earth they ruined, to set up on this new world, use special satellites, constructed and sent in secret to melt the ice of this new planet, increase the atmospheric density and air pressure, seed it with algae to produce oxygen. Only within a few generations and the time spent getting there it would be habitable for human life.

So clever, they thought. So smart they were. They lifted off just in time, the hordes at their heels. They only just narrowly avoided Justice.

Their Ships were loaded with centrifugal force habitats to maintain earth gravity, multiple in even numbers to keep the momentum of the ships steady.

Several hundred ships, with several hundred of the richest pigs the earth had to offer each. The earth watched coldly.

When they finally left, the earth was an orange marble in space. They cheered as they watched the hordes starve and die, as the biosphere collapsed, their oceans turned to acid. They shouted, they cheered. They had cheated death, they have avoided Justice.

It would take many years, many generations to make it to the new world. When the pigs fully realized this there was a lot of friction. They were angry, they thought they'd have the world to themselves, instead they are trapped in a cold box in the void, eating freeze-dried rations and flavorless lab grown meats.

"We Deserve better than this! Don't you know who we are!" they shouted.

Many of them split into factions. Old habits die hard. Provisions stolen, Personal items taken or destroyed for the point of petty squabbles. Racism found quite the purchase here. Even in space white supremacy found a home, and suddenly there was many more rations to go around. Make of that what you will.

They were nothing but hate, they felt nothing but greed, they wanted only to consume without limit, and now it was limit or die. They were angry about that.

Soon the ships stopped communicating with each other, they were better than each other, all of them. In some way they were richer than the other, more sophisticated, more civilized. eventually some of the ships stopped altogether. The hundreds of ships reduced in number under their own strain, the strain of an entitled, greedy populace who would rather kill and die than cooperate.

They were not even Halfway through their Journey when the depression set in. Left alone, cold, isolated, even when surrounded by each other. None of them trusted the other, all of them out to get each other. It was a sense of loss that spurred the first of the pigs to look back at earth. They still had their telescopes, their equipment to keep an eye on their new world, they turned it around to look back at their old home.

When they peered through the lens, they couldn't find the earth.

At first many of them thought this was some sort of trick, or perhaps the work of an idiot who didn't know how to use the equipment properly, but low and behold, when the more scientifically inclined of them searched, none of them could find the earth around sol. In fact, several of the planets seemed to be gone.

Sol had turned red, but it was not super giant, and its Worlds were no longer there.

This caused such a spectacle among the pigs that they hailed the other ships for the first time in years. It took a few months before anyone responded, it was a chain reaction after that.

Something was wrong. They were afraid.

The next Generation was only beginning, The habitats were filthy, Provisions were low, the Pigs consumed more than they produced and hoarded as much as they could. Their children lived in squalor, told it was luxury, promised that they would soon have a world of their own.

They believed them. The pigs taught their children the sins of old. War, avarice, theft, none of it too low. Children were rare now, rarely do they ask questions. Theyre taught false histories of earth. Lies about human nature,

"It was the Ungrateful, Unwashed masses. Consuming and demanding more and more from us."

The children believed it.

They never stopped searching for what happened to earth. It scared them. What could make a whole planet, no, Several whole planets disappear?

It took untold time before they found it, an object, flying towards them, towards every ship.

They saw a Big, Black Ball. A Black and Grey sphere the size of a planet, and it was heading right for them. Just as fast, maybe a little faster than their ships could go.

They panicked, they didn't know what to do. They tried to burn their dead as extra fuel, but the Idiot Pigs only destroyed their engines. the first ships fell to the sphere.

In time they saw, it was Home, it was Earth. Earth was angry, and she would have her Justice.

Her oceans churned into boiling tar, Her crust grayed and cracked, Her atmosphere, toxic and hungry.

Her core burned hotter than it ever had, the magnetosphere thrashed at the Pig's Arks.

She left messages for them as they Shot through space, as she scraped at their heels. The waves from the magnetosphere wrought havock on the ship's computers and let the Dead Planet's Voice in.

"Its Not Fair"

"We Still Remember You"

"We are Still Hungry"

"We are Still Angry"

"We Will have Our Justice"