's 2019 Horror Write-off:

My Dog (F[7]) is Sick. Any advice?

Submitted by TreeFrogSoup

So my dog might be sick, but i'm not sure if it's lungworm or something worse. You see, we have a large hilly area nearby, with lots of trees, rabbits, paths and so on, and I let her off the lead to chase them and run around. A few nights ago (I can't really afford the vet atm, but I'm visiting tomorrow), I let her off and well, she didn't come back when I called her. She ran off around a path on the hill and I ended up finding her after she caught this rabbit or something for the first time.

I think she ate it and maybe the bone's hurt her? idk. She doesn't seem to respond when I call her name, she hates the usual dry biscuits I give her, she's stopped barking and every night she's just refused to get into her bed - she's just scratching at my door all night.

I changed the handles to knobs a few years ago because I was worried she'd open the pullable ones, so like, that's a relief. She'd make a mess of my room if she got in.

Anyway, I'm just wondering if it's a stomach problem. I'm going to the vet tomorrow anyways, I have some money, hopefully it's nothing too serious.

Edit: On advice of everyone responding I agree. I'm going to treat her, and let her into my room tonight. I'll visit the vet tomorrow if I can.