's 2019 Horror Write-off:

My dreamself is a monster

Submitted by nehemaonsupport

2. 8.

Lately, Malachite from Steven Universe has been haunting my dreams. The dream I had today started in my room at my dorm room (I’m at home). Knowing there’s a connection between scents and the quality of dreams, I sniffed some fruity shampoo and lavender shower gel at the same time (already dreaming) and went to sleep. I found myself running across some pale purple hills and saying some random stuff I don’t exactly remember, except the fact that it ended with some stuff about a “beautiful lady of green”. Soon I met her again. She was somehow lying on her belly. Since I was lucid, I asked her what she’s doing in my dreams. She said she was a manifestation of my brain’s cleanup protocol and was there to get rid of the memories I don’t need. I was like “force of erosion, eh?” She told me to come closer, and then she licked my face. It felt comforting, like I was a kitten getting licked by its mother.

It might sound creepy, but sometimes you look into the face of evil and find some sort of beauty. And when you’re dreaming, you can just decide that the thing you’re dealing with is a good thing that only has the same design as the bad thing. I’ve even had a good dream about Tetsuo’s transformation.

By the way, my mom just downloaded Eversion. I hope that I’ll get to watch and maybe provide some hints. No spoilers, just stuff like high-jumping and those eversion point locations where people wouldn’t normally go.

I like the concept of the princess being a monster or at least loving the monster. The latter is my main Mario ship.

3. 8.

There’s a kitty video in my recommendations that claims it will “make your world a brighter place”. Some commenters say it has made their lives “objectively better”. What does that even mean? Whatever benefit you get from watching cats being cute is subjective. Some people might not even enjoy it. Well, I’m gonna watch it because kitties.

I wonder how my mom will react to the establishing moments of world 5. Will she be scared? Amused? Disappointed? She might even admire how terrifying it is.  That was my reaction to Dead Hand from Ocarina of Time.

Anyway, had a dream about fighting some skeletons on boats by generating waves. Their admiral was a non-skeletal Delia Ketchum and she refused to get sunk.

4. 8.

I think I just dreamed up a Tasty Planet scenario. There was this glowing silvery spider that turned things into grey goo in order to eat them. The grey spread from the bite zone, and the food wouldn’t stop moving or lose its shape until it was entirely greyed out. The dream began with it intercepting a ladybug, and then it got captured by scientists. I could imagine a game starting like that.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone had a nightmare that played out like a good dream of mine. Well, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a certain affinity for creepy things. My dreamself is a monster and I love her.

I saw Mom play the fourth level. The rosebush was in the right spot, and she did enter the world of yellow skies upon hitting that face block. However, instead of eyeballs, pink petals came out. This world 5 is littered with cherry blossoms, the blocks have kitty faces, the water is still bright blue, and fish jump out of it instead of hands. Cute cartoon fish with fluffy bird wings. And world 4 is apparently a happy sci-fi world.

I asked Mom where she got the game, and she led me to the same place where I got it. So I went to my computer and turned on my already-won Eversion game, hoping to show Mom the real World 5. But when I turned on the game, I went from “Shiny happy game engine” straight to the initial title screen. I was somewhat annoyed that I’d have to start back at the beginning, but then I noticed that I had all the gems. I couldn’t go to level 8 though.

I immediately went to level 7 to correct this. Not only was the eversion point missing, but the sky was pink and the whole place seemed to be some kind of winter wonderland. The spikes were icicles, the bricks were made of snow, and the enemies were white and fluffy. There was even music. With bells in it. Still curious, I checked out world 6, and it was some jungle with vine-encrusted ruins. The music reminded me of cat planet.

Is anybody else having problems with TV Tropes? I can’t access Darth Wiki.

5. 8.

I had a dream about me and my cousin explaining the difference between Meganeura und Arthropleura to a shopkeeper. There was also some talk of Mighty Max, and it ended with “and that’s why us paleontologist wannabe kids have to stick together”.

There’s a surprising lack of spiders in the house. I think I would notice if my parents went to my room at night to remove them.

Mom was in level 6 today. You know that level where you die a lot? The blood mist was replaced with a bunch of flying saucers that shot lasers. We then had this conversation: Mom: I don’t know if this game is supposed to be horror.

Me: It sure is, but it looks like all the scary parts disappeared when you downloaded the game. It looks like this on my computer too. Maybe they didn’t like it and decided to secretly update it.

Mom: But sometimes there are scary things. Just before you came, there was blood and zombie hands.

I waited for the game to go back to normal for a while, but then I gave up and went away. And that’s when my mom said it:
“It looks like it gets scary every time you leave the room.”

She was probably just jokingly pointing out a coincidence, but it seems like too much of a coincidence to me. I think it will be better if I don’t watch.

6. 8.

I’m starting to speak Spanish in my dreams. In my latest dream, I had a grandma (different from both of my real-life grandmas) who turned out to be Izanami in disguise. I formulated the reveal to somebody as “mi abuela es una diosa muerta”.

I tried to look up that Mighty Max episode with the hands, but all I got was a bunch of broken links. I also get no results when I google Junji Ito. I know it isn’t just my computer, because it happens on every computer I use.

I got curious and explored my Eversion game a little. Here are some things I found out:

-world 3 is basically world 2, but cyan and the trees are gone

-the rock monsters are just moving trampolines and can’t hurt you

-in the ending, they just come up to each other in world 1, it says “congratulations” and you go back to the title screen

-the title is missing a shadow

It’s way too sunny outside. I have no clue how the grass still manages to be green.

7. 8.

I thought people just sounded uncharacteristically cheerful, but now it seems that their voices are changing entirely and converging towards something. For the male voices, it seems to be Patrick Stewart. Female voices… I don’t know, but it’s familiar. The good news is that my mom’s singing has improved, but it’s still eerie. Where do I recognize that tone from? I just listened to Stronger than You, so I know it can’t be Estelle. She’s affected too.

If there’s something wrong with my senses, it would explain why the colors just keep getting more intense. But there are things missing. There are zero cobwebs around the house, the roses in our garden have no thorns, and the cat’s tongue doesn’t scratch anymore.

At least I still have cool dreams. This time I was in some kind of sea monster factory with my high school crush and the rat guy that sings Potato Knishes, but he had hands on the sides of his mouth. I think he was the boss of the factory and giving us a tour. In one room, they were starting to assemble a kraken out of some goo, strings, and actual portholes from submarines. I feel like we might have been more than just tourists, because there were only the two of us and the way Mr. Handibles described the creature’s abilities sounded somewhere between advertising and a military engineer explaining a weapon he’d invented to a general.

Which reminds me, I can’t find that book on Norse mythology we have at home.

8. 8.

I had that dream where I got licked again, but this time it was Delia Ketchum in a field of big daisy-shaped flowers that were white all over, and she sounded like Christine Ebersole. That’s what everyone sounds like now. Even guys. Instead of calling her a force of erosion, I said: “You’re supposed to be green. And the flowers too.” I then tried to summon Undyne, but instead summoned Princess Peach, and there were some implications that she’s dating Mario. I was disappointed.

I think the world has hit maximum saturation and now it’s just getting lighter. Maybe I’m trapped in a holodeck or something. Or it's the end of the world. Some kind of Ebersole apocalypse. This is how the world ends, not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with a “how would you know”. Or would it be a “now they are me”?

I described the events of some Junji Ito stories to my parents, but there was no reaction. They just kept smiling.

Bulbabedia is broken too. Sure, I love Volcarona, but I also love Trevenant and Aggron.

I feel like I don’t belong in this shining new world. If there’s anything that Ito and Walking with Dinosaurs have taught me, it’s that getting exiled from your domain sucks. Yeah, I feel like the Thing that drifted ashore.


Have I drifted ashore…

…or has the sea receded unexpectedly?

This absence of spooky things may simply precede an overwhelming presence. Maybe there’s teeth behind this light. Look, if you want to drag me into the abyss, you should either get better sirens, or go straight for the net.

9. 8.

Hello, my Internet friends. Today, I had a beautiful dream about dancing with Disney’s Snow White and some adorable bunnies on a bright sunlit meadow.

The weather is particularly lovely today. There is none of that unsightly darkness that one might associate with summer. Even the dandelions in our garden are blooming white. I just want to go out and spread my happiness.