's 2019 Horror Write-off:

my friend baal

Submitted by Rabbit (email)

my friend baal i made a new friend. he came late at night when i wasn't able to sleep. he is funny but also a bit shy. he only talks to me at night and he never shows himself to me. he visits me every night now. he has a funny name, it's "ball" or something like that. but he pronounce it weird, like "bahl". Mr.mittens don't like ball. he's always hissing and running away when ball is about to visit me. mommy told me to "let the damn cat alone" and stop telling lies. daddy said it's it's okay, and that kids often have "imaginal friends" or something like this. I'm not sure what that means. ball likes to play a strange spelling game with me. he tells me weird words and want me to say them out loud. I really try, it's not funny but he seems to like it a lot. I'm not good at it and he gets mad at me when i mess it up. mommy is mad at me... she said i should stop sneaking around the house at night. but i was in bed all night! that's not fair, mommy is not fair... ball said so too. I'm so sad, Mr.mittens ran away. I was looking for him everywhere and he didn't even touched his food. daddy said he will come back to us when he's hungry. it's been days now and Mr.mittens is still lost. i heard that mommy said to daddy that the "stupid cat probably got run over by a car". I would cry, but ball said he is okay... tonight i heard daddy talking to someone, but mommy was asleep. i shouldn't listen, but i got bored because ball wasn't here to visit me. today daddy asked me how i met ball, but i can't really remember, he was just there. mommy got really angry, she said daddy shouldn't support my stupid ideas. I think, daddy is talking to ball in his room. I can't hear much, but there were some of the words from our spelling game.

mommy and daddy are fighting a lot lately. mommy yelled at daddy he was talking to "his bitch" on the phone. daddy wasn't on his phone, i heard him talking to ball. they play the spelling game... ball isn't talking to me that much anymore... i'm sad. daddy is so much better at this game but i want to talk to ball again. today, we found Mr.mittens! he was in the basement... he was all bent in strange angles and his fur was red... mommy dragged me away and said Mr.mittens is not feeling well. I'm not dumb, i know Mr.mittens is dead... i cried a lot but daddy said it's okay, that he is fine. but he can't be fine, his blood was all over the walls and the ground in strange shapes and lines. tonight, daddy came into my room. he said we go visit ball. I asked him if mommy won't be mad but daddy said mommy won't mind anymore. I asked if we will play balls spelling game together now. he said yes, and that the name is baahl or something like this. it sounds funny. daddy took me to the basement. I asked if mommy will come with us. daddy said she's already there. I'm excited, tonight we will see baal...