's 2019 Horror Write-off:

No Such Thing (part 3)

Submitted by The Bee Keeper

No Such Thing (Part 3)

We deedn’t have anythin’ to say really. We both knew. Oi wanted her to bees healthy en get some wheell deserved rest. Oi wanted her to have toime to bees herself ageen. To enjoy what fleeting toime we have. 

We both wanted Walt to pack his bags.

Oi helped her finish the chores after a spot o’ tea and cleaned up the endless swine sty that constituted Walt’s part o’ the house. Even so, et steel looked loike a herd o’ billy goats had a big ole shindig inna row uv rubbish bins. At least et deedn’t smell so rank en now we’d got et all confined to Walt’s space, instead o’ literally allllll o’er. Ack, he’s a filthy beast, but Oi couldn’t say that to Rose. Not when he be our brother in law...

That night Oi had another strange dream. Massive spotlights blinded me as Oi cautiously approached the shaggy mane uv vines, moss, en other stringy bits o’ woodland bedding, that concealed their source. Oi felt oddly at ease in their light. Loike nothin’ was wrong wi’ this. Nothin’ was wrong wi’ me life or Rose. Et was all gonna be ok. Not just ok...


Suddenly the great round lights split into two!

En two ageen en ageen, unteal the scruffy giant bouldery head was completely bespeckled by dozens o’ pairs uv pin pricks uv unnatural clean white light. 

They exploded out from beneath the tangled mats o’ dying vegetation loike bats hurrying awa’ from their cave to gather food. Dark blurs, so fast, Oi couldn’t possibly decipher their form as they jetted awa’, wi’ me in tow!

Higher and higher Oi zoomed through the air. Et was loike the worst roller coaster ride. Oi was helpless as Oi was so easily whisked o’er town en farm en lake. 

En at anytoime Oi could tumble out o’ the sky as the swarm moved into a more cohesive mass further en further ahead o’ me. Oi was essentially skating on their backs as they moved along an unseen path. Soon Oi’d be at the tail uvva flock. 

Wi’out their support Oi would simply splatter on the ground below.

[Author’s notes: I took a break, writing this down a week or so later, forgive me if Dwoogle Smith’s narration is inconsistent with parts 1&2.]