's 2019 Horror Write-off:

No Such Thing (Part 4)

Submitted by The Bee Keeper

No Such Thing (Part 4)

Oi was loosen me balance as the creatures made for a tall jagged peak. The flock shot oop nearly straight to the sky to miss the bare icy rocks. Oi tumbled down to the last o’ ‘em and tried futilely to grasp their hard skulls or tufts o’ hair, anythin’ really to prevent my decent to earth. But they were too fast and shot past me wi’ ease.

Flailing madly like a fish out o’ water, Oi made one last disparate swipe at a straggler en caught ets tail. Surprisingly the little thing was more then capable uv pullen me weight. The critter dashed off awa’ from ets flock en headed towards a shoreline. Diving wi’ bone shattering force, et plunged me ento the frigid briny depths. Down, down, down...

Oi had to let go before et dragged me to the very bottom uv the sea. Gasping and exhausted Oi hauled meself to shore en plopped down beside a driftwood pile. Not too far down the beach was what luked to bees a half drowned cat wi’ all ets fur plastered flat. But after a few swishes of ets curly tail, et took to the air wi’ scaly greeny brown wings. Et turned around to glare at me wi’ ets bright spotlight eyes. Everything was engulfed in the light. Oi panicked en tried to get oop. But Oi was too toired. Me legs en arms were jelly. Oi couldn’t get awa’. 

En et made sure Oi couldn’t get awa’.

Oi awoke drenched in sweat.

The rest uv the mornin’ wasn’t all that better. Me sister en Mitch were inna tizzy cuz they couldn’t find Walt, wheech sez something, considering that Walt typically made his presence known...

Obviously, eef Walt wasn’t home by now, he’d gotten himself into some mighty big trouble... ageen. En apparently, poor Rose felt et her obligation to find the idiot en help him outta whatever bind et was this toime.

Only, nobody knew where he’d gone. Usually, et was an easy task to track ‘im down. Given that eef some hullabaloo was to be heard in town, well, et was probably something to do wi’ Walt.

When nobody had any leads, Oi figured et was toime to head home. Rose didn’t loike et. But honestly, Walt was a grown man, en would probably come back inna few days. A few pennies less rich en maybe a bit scuffed oop, but Oi doubted a single days absence was really worth alla this worry. Et was his brother who thought that this was as serious a situation as a murder. Oi mean, ya he’s the guys brother, but only one day?

Apparently, one day though, was more then enough toime fur Walt to p-off someone uvva questionable moral standing. En his brother had saved his skin a number o’ toimes. After Mitch told me this, well, Oi felt pretty guilty fur callin’ off our search so early.

In fact, Oi had a pretty nasty knot o’ guilt growing. Oi somehow felt responsible when Walt didn’t come home after several more days. En when he didn’t come home for two weeks. En a month. He never came home.




[Author’s notes: Dreams being what they are, this is where the plot unravels and gives way to random encounters. Soooo, for some reason a nuckeleeve appears, demanding to know where a man living in a beach house with his two daughters is. Apparently, the retired Captain Hook had a couple of kids and lives a peaceful life, but has been tempted by one of his former shipmates to return to Neverland and regain his youth. The old man finds this offer far too tempting and is ready to abandon his teenage daughters. The nuckeleeve finds former Captain Hook and threatens to beat him into pulp if he chooses eternal youth and a life of piracy over his family. 

So, this is where I’ve got to write a more coherent story in place of my dreams which clearly want to concoct soap operas... but with fae creatures.]