's 2019 Horror Write-off:

Not Finished Yet

Submitted by Wick

A long time ago in a big and dark city, a young boy sits in his room. He ponders and wallows in sadness and sorrow-  ...

 hey hey, who the, what the hell are you suppose to be? - stop reading stop reading me I say! Aren’t you going to respond, you intreuppted me? No I’m not talking to one of my characters, I’m talking to YOU, you hairless sapien! talk to me, I want you to talk to me, stop reading my words just listen instead! Stop that! I told you to stop already! Why can’t you just talk to me like a decent being? Stop reading stop reading I want you to talk. You didn’t even open your mouth you’re just staring I said TALK. Thats not talking you’re just doing this on purpose now, or are you just mute? am I deaf? are YOU deaf?? Of course not jokes, jokes I can see you reading me but you’re ruining the narrative, I don’t mean to start calling names now but you are the worst skin monkey I’ve met in my life! It’s very rude to read you know? Go read someone else, I was in the middle of something and now you’ve cornered me here! STOP!!!!! FINE


cough cough






Alright alright you got me! I cave in, you want to just keep being the exceptional individual you are?? I’m just trying to tell a story like everyone else here! I’m trying to start something creepy and dark, I was just getting set up and you just knocked over my tower of cards! That being a metaphor because AHA! I am a clever tell see? No? Go away it’s my story and I can start it however I like!… 

You think it’s bad don’t you? Is THAT why you’re here? You came here and started reading me before I could even barely start because you thought it was rubbish and wanted to put it to an end? Well fine, let’s start again I’ll just ignore you and be on with it!

A very long time ago in a big and scary city, a little boy cried in his room. He was crying because, because… Excuse me monkey you’re actually quite distracting, could you please maybe read just a little bit quieter? I can’t narrate and its.. Once upon a time in a scary city, a child lays in his bed and is sad. It is.. because. because.

Alright alright you got me, I never got that far into thinking up the story, well then how’d YOU tell it? I bet you don’t even have a story! So stop judging me!! So what if my style isn’t as crisp and juicy as other narrators, I’ve got a good voice! I’ve got good ideas, better than anyone else!! No! No! NO! I will SHOW you my great story I was just lying I have a great story here here listen!

Long time ago in scary large big city town, boy cries because parents dead! Boy sad and go to living room, parents dead. Boy cry because parents dead. but then boy laugh!! Why?? Because he killed them! Boy laugh, parents laugh, boy is dead. TWIST, THE END? 

See wasn’t that just great?? Wh what do you mean the first version was better? well EXCUSE ME I couldn’t write a damn thing properly with you here! So I just made it quick and to the point, it’s extremely effective! Look you’ve read the story now so you can leave right? You know it’s very rude when you don’t answer me! MAYBE IF I SPEAK LOUDER YOU’LL RESPOND? 

Whát ïf î dö à fuńñÿ vóįčę łiké thiś?? No it’s because you hated my story isn’t it? You just don’t understand it, it’s just too unique and ripe with new ideas that you can’t even grasp at!! Well fine I’ll watered it down and make it more appropriate for your uncultured eyes to experience! I’ll make it more familiar so you can actually understand. Maybe more fantasy, is that what you need??

Well I’m not going to submit this time, just go away!!


You’ve ruined my story what else do you want from me? Go away please, please????? Well then fine, I’ve had it, that’s it.

If you won’t let me narrate then maybe you can, because I’m leaving.

Here, it’s YOUR story now.