's 2019 Horror Write-off:

Sea King of the Empty World

Submitted by Drew Finn (email)

Server 51 Mod Blog
September 5th, 2018
As with any big multiplayer game, a few trolls have reported some horror that stalks them when the server hits 0:00. Run of the mill online horror stories that only ever get traction so that they can launch a YouTube career covering made up theories or rumors. "Pirates of the Waking World" has various strange sea life, but none of such are as terrifying or powerful as a colossal sea monster, and having such beings prowl the seas would make sea travel far more inconvenient for players, especially at night where many prefer to hurry to a landform to safely log off for the night. The fact that the game only is currently playable around the EST timezones is likely the only reason why there's any sort of "boogeymen legends" sorted around night, as the active player count dies out a lot in the early morning. Likely said topics will die out as soon as more coverage occurs. ~~Adveantgarde_Toast~~

Server 67 Mod Blog
September 26th, 2018
Many players have reported complaints across multiple servers about being griefed by some sort of unprogrammed weapon hack around 1 AM - 6 AM EST. Given there are 99 servers, and there's only reported proof of one happening a day, it's unpredictable to find out which user it is. The system generally scopes out for any foreign components to a player's character with many failsafes and means of tracking them, so we must assume that this troll somehow has developer access to unreleased weapon/ship artillery? We've also considered the possibility that despite years of fine tuning, it's feasible that the ocean might cause players to simply fall through it at random during those times. ~~Pegleg_Peter~~

Server 13 Mod Blog
October 7th, 2018
Complaints have reached critical annoyance about some crazy sea monster that attacks at night in the game. Many have been already caught without any proof whatsoever just to be bigshots, but despite the code running perfectly, we haven't found a reason why so many players are attacked by it. While believed to be fake, the first video evidence back in August of what appears to be the result of a viperfish evolving into a vertebrae centipede that makes short work of the player that took said video may have some grounds. I suspect a developer is simply not admitting to having fun with the debug menu while secretly logging into random servers, which goes against what was promised in the user agreement. I've decided to forward an investigation of each developer. ~~Hairy_Squabblr~~

Server 99 Mod Blog
October 19th, 2018
The strongest players have been arming up to ambush the "monster" in an attempt to fight it, as we're moments from worldwide release and despite no developer admitting to such, there's many reasons to believe that this was a sort of "boss" for our region. We've ran through so many precautions and suspect tests but it appears that the monster, which we've dubbed "Typhon", is a normal, programmed being that can only exist within online servers, rather than a hacker, glitch, or a player with developer powers. The rigid system in which it appears seemingly confirms that it must be a coded event, despite nothing but a few videos and many daily reports to prove it even exists. There has been an unspoken curfew that we suspect is to prevent players from gaming too far into the night, similar to the World of Warcraft EXP system. Tonight, the players with the best weapons, ships and crew are going to battle it the best they can and isolate it in Server "87", as the devs agreed to shut down the others in order to "trap" it, persay. Many streamers will be recording this no doubt, and this is the first controlled event, so expect great developments.

Server 87 Mod Blog
October 20th, 2018
The influx of players hit the cap, yet somehow the server lagged, and completely wiped the scouting team. Typhon was confirmed today, a monster that was more similar to a god than a simple sea monster. Even through the lag, various video evidence shown it's might. It rose to the surface to combat the 50 players, and resembled a misshapen coral reef with various oceanic centipede fish that appeared to function as limbs, with the central body that looked like two enormous squids interlocked from their "mouths", and the overall beast resembled a sort of a wheel-like biblical angel moreso than a simple dragon or kraken. During the fight, it sunk into the sea and had the remaining players fight in a whirlpool like an antlion slowly dragging down it's prey. at the center, the two "squids" opened up and enlarged, swallowing everything in one fell swoop. All that could be seen after was the sight of Typhon appearing to "roll" away back into the water. We could fight it, yes, but we could fight it the same way a man could fight an earthquake, Typhon appeared to want to play with it's food in battle rather than ignore them. To prevent catastrophe, the developers are issuing a save state for all players at 1AM and are immediately logged off, until whatever it is is dealt with. ~~Captain_Backbeard~~

Server 54, Mod Blog
October 31st, 2018
The curfew and widespread proven evidence only caused Typhon to show up in broad daylight. People have reported that what we've seen of Typhon may only be it's head, or whatever would be equivalent, as there seems to be much more of the creature beneath the water, the "monster" we've seen appearing to be tethered to something greater. Playercount as dropped dramatically, and various news coverage has cited the game as "unplayable" due to the risk of losing progression completely out of your control. Typhon has even begun attacking mobs and NPCs, making various hunting and quests unable to be completed. The developers have done almost nothing to stop it directly. Has this all been some sort of means to mess with players around the country?

Server 02, Mod Blog
November 2nd, 2018
The developers of "Pirates of the Waking World" have been charged adequately for breaking the user agreement of not using their own status to grief users unprovoked. We may have no evidence of this, but it's all we can do to hopefully nip this in the bud before worldwide release. We can't afford to lose millions of dollars and hours making this game to be stamped out by someone treating it like a playground. They will find a new team to manage and create content for it, surely.

Former Developer Message
November 7th, 2018
I've never made this game for you. I never spent the money for you. I never spent years making it for you. Why do you think there's so much complex ecosystems underwater for NPCs when players have difficulty going underwater for long periods of time?
Making it an MMO was a necessity to have it passed.
Pirates of the Waking World would go extinct when the world itself finally awoken.
It's not your world. It's Lenny's.
I promised him the world. I was worried I'd never get that chance after he died.
But I never promised him this world.
Now Lenny rules the seas like he always wanted to in his own little composition notebook stories.
You may all abandon it, but the playerbase will never fully die out, because Lenny won't leave his kingdom.