's 2019 Horror Write-off:

Shadow Beast's

Submitted by bc

It started just three months ago in Tokyo Japan, when the shadow monsters first manifested and began there attack
on all of humanity. All around the world nobody could believe what was
happening as people were being attacked by what looked like small cartoon like shadow
creatures with yellows dots for eyes. These demons looked almost cute crawling
on the ground luring people into a false sense of security until they leaped
onto their victims. When the first video of an attack came out almost all the
world atrocity’s and people though it was a hoax as these creatures did not
even leave a corps just a wisp of black smoke. Soon Tokyo was a no-go area,
though the quarantine was all but useless, all around the world in the most
populated of cities of these monsters started reproducing like rabbits. As by
the day even more people were being attacked more verities of these monsters
started to appear some wearing what looked like a knight’s helmet and medieval
tights with curved toes which was adorable unless you counted their bright red
claws. Others were huge monstrous that were fat like a blimp but still
supporting arms like tree trunks while others were more beast shaped and some
even looking like cartoon cars and planes. Everyone knew they were part of the
same monsters as the only thing that they did not attack was each other often
standing slightly in places looking for more pray. Many attempts were made to eradicate
these monsters. Unfortunately, most conventional weapons did little to nothing to
them, otherwise they would disappear in a puff of blacken smoke only to appear
a half and hour later at the exact same spot they were thought to have been destroyed.
As the world fell into shadows different groups sought to understand these monsters,
trying to communicate with the creatures, only to fail miserably. Others tried
to study them with mixed results as we still did not know what the creatures
even were let along where they came from or how to protect ourselves and others.
Information was gained on how to avoid and trick these creatures from causing
even more harm to society for a time. Major cities were abandoned, but that
mean noting as the creatures would appear at the next highly populated areas or
eventually random places that made no sense like the middle of the ocean or the
reaches of the tundra, appearing out of thin air to attack anyone caught in their
territory. The human race seemed to be on its last legs, but just as they appeared,
they vanished and the many people that we had though the monsters had mysteriously
eaten or destroyed just appeared completely unharmed from where they vanishing.
Conspiracy theories along with wide ideas grew rapidly as no one had any idea
what the hell happened to the world for four mouths, even the victims had no
idea what had happen to them with there only memory, was a heart shaped moon in
the distance of a dark world. They later described their experience like going
into a deep dark dreamless sleep. With all the confusion and even one trying to
make sense of what the hell happened from theories of “The Government” experimentation,
parallel universes, to the end times from a variety of religions to even a few
new ones formed from the trauma and unknown of the shadow beasts. The only thing
I can think of that might be close to an expansion, was a video uploaded last
week from Tokyo from one of the few survivors of the first attack. Normally
this kind of video would be dismissed except for two reasons, first it was posted
two days before the creatures completely disappeared for good, and curiously
when the brown haired kid hit the creatures with his “blade” the creatures
would go up in smoke like an old fashion magic trick with a heart leaving the
dark smoke heading high into the sky just for a moment before vanishing. We may
never understand what the hell happened, but quite honestly, I ready to return
to my mundane and boring life. I am however keeping my lights on from now on.