's 2019 Horror Write-off:

Something big

Submitted by EbrithilBowser

Something big has been coming through here. Well, maybe big isn't the right word. It wasn't physically big, but dimensionally. This thing existed in a lot of dimensions, most of them unheard of around these parts.

It isn't uncommon that travelers from higher dimensions come through. There are often people who exist in one or two dimensions more than this plane supports. Most of them can move through our dimensions just fine. Those with even more dimensions often use five-dimensional avatars when they travel through. All of this is nothing new. But this entity just phased into our plane in one piece, and it wasn't just somebody from the sixth or seventh dimension.

Maybe it wanted to take a shortcut. Maybe the dimensions it usually exists in were blocked in some way. Maybe it just didn't know better. It will be impossible to ever find out.

It came through slowly, looking at the creatures running around with a combination of amusement and mild curiosity, but ultimately it didn't really care for them. Maybe it sneered at creatures which only existed in five spatial and two temporal dimensions, seeing all those dimensions at once and watching every one of the ants around it from their birth to their death and from every angle in a single glimpse. We cannot be sure, since it didn't attempt to communicate and didn't really answer to anything the customs officials and security guards tried.

What we know for sure is that it quickly got caught up in the five spatial dimensions with its multitude of dimensions. When it got slower and slower, time behind it came to a grinding halt. Space also stopped behind it, and the resulting dimensional jam blocked the interdimensional customs agency for many layers.

Experts from higher dimensions were called in, and slowly they were able to unravel the fabric of space and time around the thing. Finally, they were able to free it, and it phased out of our plane without a single word of gratitude. But the damages it caused are still present. Most dimensions around the fifth spatial one are suffering from gravitational anomalies, and the second temporal one still hasn't caught up with its usual speed. In some dimensions, space time is still curved and nobody knows how to fix it...