's 2019 Horror Write-off:

swim needs to know what this is

Submitted by Claude Turner (email)

Originally posted on a Subreddit for unconventional supernatural encounters that was closed to the public during October 2016

So, this isn’t the sort of thing that I’m usually comfortable with talking about, but a friend of mine once saw something in Canada that he can’t explain, so I kind of want his story out there in case anyone has ever seen anything like it. He doesn’t like to talk about it, but I kind of want answers. No, I’m not going to go into any superstitious BS, please, I just kind of want an answer that’s reasonable.  

Alright, yeah, so he was working on an excavation site in Northern Canada during the summer. Beautiful country, terrible weather. So, anyway, the excavation site itself doesn’t matter, I don’t think he even found anything interesting. So, anyway, the main site was on a cliff at the edge of a small river valley; if you fell off it, you’d slide into mud. During the winter you would just see a big dip in the snow, but during the summer it was muddy and lined with streams. 

So, my friend was up early in the morning, sipping coffee and overlooking the site, when he saw the worm, or what he called the camel-worm.

In hindsight, he said it might’ve been closer to a seal or even some kind of shark, but it was emerging out from the mud slowly like one big tree-sized turd, so I guess he considered it a ‘worm’ at first, and when he saw what looked like the head, he compared it to a camels head. It’s body was a dark grey, the same color as the mud, and whole body was tubular and ended with head with eyes the size of softballs with a V-shaped mouth. It was about ten feet long and about two feet wide at it’s widest and he couldn’t see any legs or anything at first. No ears, no horns, and no snout, it really did look like a worm or an eel, but my friend was looking straight down from his position on the hill, so he could tell that it had wrinkly skin and no gills or anything like that. He really did think it was a horse at first stuck in the mud, but it’s mouth was way too inset into it’s head, so it couldn'tve been that, and it wasn’t a real long moose or anything.

He said later it slowly emerged out from the mud fully, and it had two sets of limbs at the very end of its body; they looked somewhere between fins and legs, because they had clear elbows but they didn’t bend right, and there weren’t any claws or anything. When that happened, it looked up at him suddenly, like it was the first time it noticed him, and it opened its mouth, looking like a sock-puppet with googly eyes and granny’s dentures wedged inside. It’s teeth weren’t sharp, but they were big and yellow and looked like it could’ve chomped his hand clean off. It made a braying noise, too, and reared up in the mud while flapping it’s dumb little back legs like some kind of fucked-up puppet from a old 80’s kids movie they don’t show to kids anymore.

He didn’t pay attention to wherever it went, because he was running away when he heard the camel worm thing scrambling away, sounding like a piece of heavy machinery was just tumbling down the hill and taking out every tree it could. He went back to see the damage, and it looked like it turned the whole little valley into a muddy mess, like it thrashed around like a shark onboard a boat or something. Small trees and shrubs were uprooted, and a whole creekbed was totally ruined and only went looking back to normal a few days later. The local topography was a mess, but no one had taken a good verifiable photo or sketch of the land since the 60’s, so what it normally looked like was questionable, too. He sometimes thinks that it was some kind of hive, or the thing hibernated like an amphibian or lungfish.

Anyway, he quit his job with the government and is trying to move out to Nevada or something right now, and he’ll probably get the work visa studying cactus's or something. He doesn’t like to talk about it, but I know he draws it sometimes. I don't think he's ever going back, but any help identifying whatever this was would be great.